Sandy Becomes a Hotwife

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Sandy Becomes a Hotwife

Thomas and Sandy invite a new friend from SDC to fulfill the specific desires of a hotwife.

Sandy Becomes a Hotwife

     The front porch is dark as the doorbell rings. Thomas opens the Ring app on his phone to see a handsome, athletic guy in view, “Yes,” queries Thomas.

“Hello,” from the younger man, “I’m here to fuck your wife.”

     A decade or so ago, that would have drawn Thomas into a fight to defend his high school sweetheart bride. But, that was then. This is now. Thomas checks the expression on Sandy’s face. His wife draws a nervous breath and makes serious eye contact to see what Thomas would do, “Ready?” He asked.

     It takes a moment for her apprehensive nod, and Thomas rises to answer the door.

    “Hello, Tommy,” the guy says.

    “Thomas, not Tommy, not Tom, it’s Thomas.”

     “Oh, good to know,” I would never want to offend. Okay?”

     The man introduces, “I’m Patrick. Not, Pat, just Patrick. It is a real pleasure to meet you after we have shared so many emails on that site SDC. Your profile states you two are newbies. So, I don’t want to start off on the wrong foot.”

     Thomas gestures the man in and leads him to the living room, where Sandy waits on the sofa. She rises and greets him, “May I sit with you?” He asks.

     The move leaves only an armchair for Thomas, “We’ve never explored this before,” he says. “It’s scary meeting someone from the internet.”

     Thomas is a nice-looking man as he and Sandy are an attractive couple. He has a few extra pounds but not fat. The gray hair gives his sixty-two years away. Sandy seems taller than she is with her thin frame, long legs that look inviting in those skinny jeans with the torn knee/ Her tight swimmer’s body shows off perfect perky breasts with large nipples showing through her tie-front eyelet blouse. The knot in the low-cut plunging neckline draws attention. Her curly reddish-blonde hair frames her face making her blue eyes bigger and gives her that deer in a headlight look.

     “Let’s talk about that,” offers Patrick. “We should know more of each other and treat this evening as the beginning of a friendship.”

     That statement relaxes Sandy. “Have you done this with other couples?”

     “My wife and I have enjoyed others. But, very few and mostly solo dates as she has her friends and I have mine. So, we have not swapped or swung with couples together.”

     “So, you are not swingers?”

     “Well, having sex with others kind of makes us swingers; we are just not big party people. The good thing is we never have secrets, and we always let each other know who, where, and what we do.”

     Thomas stands, “We should have a drink. You care for wine?”

     “Yes,” Sandy quickly says, and Thomas heads for the kitchen.

     “You seem nervous,” says Patrick.

     “Of course, I am,” she says.

     “But, you are on board; you’re okay with this?”

     “It is something we have fantasized about for years. Thomas is very persuasive about trying this. He says it’s for me.”

     “How’s that?”

     “It’s been about five years since Thomas came down with, what do they call it when he can’t get or keep a full erection?”

     “E.D.  Erectile dysfunction. Has he tried any meds?”

     “Doctor gave him Viagra, but the side effects with headaches is too much.”

      “What does he do for you?” asks Patrick.

     Thomas returns with a bottle of red wine and three classes, “What did I miss?”

     Patrick is not shy about the subject, “We were talking about why you two have me over. Sounds as if Sandy may be wanting more.”

     “That’s putting it mildly,” says Thomas, “I want her to have great sex. Not an affair. Not fall in love.”

      “A good long fucking,” says Patrick.

      That shocks Sandy but gets a positive reaction from Thomas, and he offers, “I am really good with oral.”

      Sandy blushes and moves into a more standoff position as her husband, the only man who has seen her naked, be so forthcoming. And, in front of her. Thomas pours the three of them wine, “Cheers.”

     “So, you are good at going down, are you?” asks Patrick.

     “You know what they say about athletes having great hand-eye coordination; well, I have extremely good tongue-to-finger coordination.”

     The visit continues drawing them closer.


     Thomas’s mind raced when Patrick so boldly stated, ‘I’m here to fuck your wife.’ Now, this friendly situation seemed to delay what he had fantasized about year after year from their first years of marriage when porno was cool. Thomas remembered the movie Behind the Green Door with Marilyn Chambers. It was the one that really turned Sandy on. The publicity about the Ivory Snow model had been intriguing to see the film. Thinking that a wholesome woman next door would be in porno boosted the ticket sales for sure. At the time of release, the film was only shown in theaters that promoted ‘Art Films.’ Yeah, right, soft-pedal the XXX stuff. The publicity stories explained the model’s picture was removed from the soapbox. The story also shared how she and her husband were involved together in porn movies. Thomas remembered the scene when Johnny Keyes entered the stage, glistening ebony skin with only white leggings that offered a cut-out front to showcase his large cock as he moved close to Marilyn Chambers stretched out on the floor, being served by a group of hooded women. It was a hot scene, and when the man on the stage started fucking her, Sandy leaned over to Thomas to ask, “How would you feel if you were her husband and had to watch and film what he is doing to her?”

     That question echoed in Thomas’s mind over all the years and made for great fantasies that used to make him rock hard. Hearing in his mind over and over, Sandy asking about the feelings that would arise when seeing your wife fucked by another man. Even more intense was the idea that she would be on stage and others seeing what happens to her.  Now, all these years later, he was introducing a young hard guy to do just that to his childhood sweetheart. Thomas took his seat across from his wife and the stranger about to learn all about her. His mind raced. He took inventory of the younger man with his six-foot-plus stature, his neat looks like a college student, his frame with his flat stomach, the long manicured fingers that would be exploring his wife, and staring at the area where a bulge was sure to appear. Thomas imagined if he was out of the room, the guy would make a move, so he offered wine.

     As he uncorked the bottle in the kitchen, he strained to hear if there would be noises. Maybe some talk; maybe a belt un-buckling. The intensity grew for Thomas, and he could hardly handle the bottle opener.

     Then, when he returned, and they just sat there in a conversation interrupted.


     As she watched her husband go to the front door to allow a stranger in, her breathing increased with pounds of her heart. Her mind raced to wonder if Thomas would really go through with the plans for this evening. How would he react at the actual moment in real life when he sees his fantasy happen? How would she react in front of him as she releases a dark fantasy of her own that she had held secret from Thomas? She had often thought of a friend of theirs to the point of masturbating on long hot nights in the bath while Thomas slept idly by in the master bedroom. Her fantasies had increased over the past few years as her only satisfaction from Thomas was the times he would go down on her and grind his hips against the mattress, trying to get hard. She loved Thomas and wanted him in every way. But the thing that was missing was only images from porno movies, some erotic fiction online, and her near-obsession with feeling one huge hard cock.

      She never told Thomas that she wanted this night as much as he has. Now, this guy sat beside her, asking about the way Thomas made love to her. She wanted to kiss this young guy. She wanted to see him naked. She wanted exactly what Thomas wanted. The challenge now was how to get from this point of fascination to the point of no return. When Thomas returned with the wine, she was saved by the interruption, and that made her want Patrick even more.


    “What do we do now?” Thomas asks.

     Patrick becomes his bolder self and replies, “Do you want to watch or leave Sandy and me alone?”

     Thomas gulps his glass of wine and pours another as he makes eye contact with Sandy, seeking approval, “I want to see it all. Sandy?”

     Hearing the words, Patrick leans over to kiss Sandy. He takes charge and pulls her gently with his left hand placed on the nape of her neck. Thomas sees Patrick’s tongue lick into Sandy’s mouth. The embrace lasts. They kiss deeper, and then the first move as Patrick moves his right hand to Sandy’s breast with his fingers under the loose fabric at the opening by the tie knot. Thomas sees Patrick’s fingers rubbing over and exciting her sensitive nipple.

     Thomas takes a deeper breath and relishes this sight he has so long obsessed over. Another guy feeling his wife. He thought it would make him hard. The tingle was there. Just no hard-on. Not for him. However, he begins to see a definite bulge in Patrick’s pants.

     Patrick whispers to Sandy, “Do you want to see what happens next?”

     She has lost all interest in anything that Thomas is doing across from them and concentrates her eye contact into Patrick’s deep brown eyes as she lays her hand on the emerging bulge in his pants, “I want to see it as well.”

     Patrick leans back from her, pushing his back into the back of the sofa. He has no problem being in charge, and he unbuckles his belt. Then, he pauses to take in the reaction from Sandy and Thomas. He sees Sandy breathe heavier and what looks like a hard swallow. Patrick smiles and unzips. Thomas stares as Sandy watches Patrick raise his hips to slide the pants down to his knees. The bulge is larger now, and all can see a sculpted image of his cock in his briefs.

     “This is going to be fun,” he says as he slowly slips the briefs down, showing inch by inch the shaft of his cock. He stops and teases, “Should I stop?”

     Neither Sandy nor Thomas says a word.

     The elastic of the briefs stretches as he slips them down to the point when his cock springs out. This is the moment of truth, as both men take in the fixed stare Sandy has on Patrick. The man is not fully erect yet and is still much larger than Thomas. To Sandy, it is a porno image in real, living flesh. Her eyes take in the view of the large rocket shape, the foreskin disguising and hiding the beginning and end of the head, the swollen extended fuselage shrinking in size at the base.

     Sandy looks at Thomas, “He is huge.”

     She looks at Patrick, “Can I touch it?”

    Thomas must adjust his seat at seeing the excitement in her face turning red. Patrick takes her hand and places it on his shaft. Her breathing seems uncontrollable as her hand slides up and down, pulling and pushing the foreskin back and forth over the head that now drips with sparkles of pre-cum. Patrick returns his left hand to the nape of her neck and pulls her to lean down toward it.

     “She wants it,” he says to Thomas. “You want her to have it?”

     “Please,” answers Thomas.

     Then, that special moment he has visualized thousands of times unfolds in front of him across the room in real time. His wife. A strange cock. A hunger in her eyes.

     Sandy turns to Thomas, “This is what you want, right?”

     He nods yes, and she looks up to Patrick, “Take me to the bedroom.”

     They stand and look to Thomas as Patrick teases, “You are coming or just want me to tell you later?”

     Thomas stands and leads the way for the trio. Once in the bedroom, the curtains are pulled, one lone nightlight reflects off the mirror by the bed. Patrick says, “Be right back after I wash up.”

     With him in the bathroom, Thomas kisses Sandy passionately, but she stops him, “Just a minute,” and she turns to pull the comforter and sheets down on the king-size bed.

     They hear the bath door open. The turn of the lock and doorknob turns. “This is it,” she whispers to Thomas.

     Patrick slowly walks in, stripped naked, the nightlight bouncing off his skin, his cock hard and much larger than it was downstairs, “That will never fit in me,” she says.

     Thomas remembers Johnny Keyes walk across the stage to fuck the Ivory Snow bride in front of her husband and the audience. His mind races at the thought of what Patrick is about to do to Sandy. Once he catches his breath and some composure, he unties the knot of Sandy’s blouse and pulls it off her shoulders and down her back. Her nipples perk straight ahead, already hard and swollen as she knees her way onto the bed. “Thomas,” says Patrick. You want to be on the bed or watch from the chaise lounge?”

      He has no answer, just frozen in the moment feeling his heart pound faster in his chest. Patrick then knees his way onto the bed, the mattress sinks, he takes Sandy in his arms, “You really don’t think it will fit?”

     She shakes her head as she breathes much deeper, “Thomas,” Patrick says. “If you are so good at eating her out, why not get her ready for me?”

     Sandy leans back on the bed with her legs spread and she raises her hips for Patrick to finish stripping her. He slowly pulls her jeans down and over her thighs, over her knees, off her feet. Sandy is quick to rip her panties down and off. Her vulva is beautiful with thick lips trimmed nicely, a pink clit, and a very tight slit of a vagina.

     “Your turn over here,” Patrick motions to Thomas.

     Thomas lurches toward her on the mattress and lies down close to the indents where Patrick kneels and positions himself between Sandy’s thighs. He can’t wait to begin to treat her, kissing the inner side of each thigh and moans in passion, “I love eating you.”

     She spreads wide and holds the lips of her vulva open for him to begin tasting and flicking his tongue softly across her clit. It is magic for her lying there with closed eyes. “Finger,” she whispers.

     Thomas inserts his middle finger to her G-spot and offers it pressure, then begins to massage it as he licks her clit. She gets wetter and just a fraction wider. Sandy then feels weight on each side of her head on the mattress. When she opens her eyes, she sees Patrick is kneeling over her with a knee pushed into the mattress on each side of her face. She takes in the full close-up point of view of Patrick’s cock hanging over her just inches away from her lips. That is the moment she cannot stand the wait another second. She grabs the shaft, pulls the foreskin back, and forces his head into her mouth in one fast ravenous move like she is starving. With her eyes closed, she tastes his pre-cum and realizes she can only get just past the head in her mouth with lots of room to stroke his shaft back and forth.

     Thomas grinds his soft but excited cock against the mattress, loving every second of the view of the blow job his sweet wife is giving this new guy they just met. He breathes heavily and moans at the sight of how much she is into it. He sees her eyes closed, and her nipples swell even more with his licking her wet pussy, and the size of his cock in her mouth as she mouth fucks him more aggressively. “Damn,” Patrick says, “your wife really knows how to suck cock.”

     The statement drives Sandy and Thomas wild. She pulls his shaft harder as Patrick cradles her curly blonde, red hair. He gently moves her head up and down the length of his cock, making sure that she and Thomas understand he is in control of her. She breathes in heavily as her chest turns blood red. Her abdomen swells hard, she trembles, Thomas feels the swelling inside her, and she opens wide enough for two more of his fingers rubbing in and out, finger-fucking her as he speeds up licking her clit. Then, she explodes. She squirts warm sweet liquid as she cums hard. Thomas is mesmerized by the taste and how wet she and his face is.

     “I’m ready,” she says in a deep, nearly-audible voice.

     “Move,” Patrick orders Thomas.

      Patrick changes position with Thomas and kneels between her long thin legs, stroking his raging cock. Sandy is completely red and squirming. Thomas moves to the chaise lounge for the view.

     Patrick looks over at Thomas, “There’s no turning back now. Too late to change your mind.”

     Then Thomas’s mind goes slow motion as his heart jumps into his throat.

     He sees Patrick holding his cock close to his wife.

     The view of his head getting closer, stroking the shaft, the foreskin extending over the head and pulling back, pre-cum dripping.

     The three of them, alone in this new world in a soft glow of night light, watch together as Patrick rubs the head of his cock against her clit.

     She seems to cum more with the touch of that velvet magic wand about to go in her.

      It is the very moment that his head starts to part her vulva that Thomas cums in his pants — not hard, fast. This is just the beginning for Sandy, as they see together Patrick’s head pushing inside, slowly, deliberately teasing her pussy. She wants his cock in her, all that she can take. She wraps her long legs around his ass and pulls him in as far as she can take. Then, the evening becomes surreal for Thomas and Sandy as Patrick works her over and over, hard jabs, then very slow in-and-out moves as if he has known her all her life and what she craves. Her legs now move down his thighs to spread herself wide and add pressure to his lunges into her. He fucks longer and lingers. Thomas can see Patrick’s bubble butt ass of his grinding into his wife. He won’t stop. He lifts her legs over his forearms and drills deeper — first long, and slow, then hard and fast, over and over. This action sends her into multiple orgasms she has never felt before. Thomas watches as her legs are spread wide and wave in the air above them up and down, flopping as Patrick’s ass drives faster and harder. Sandy puts her right foot on the headboard of the bed to help her gain some traction to hump her hips into him with each lunge. Thomas leans up to see the view between Patrick’s thighs as he watches the thick shaft of his cock drill in and out of her stretched pussy. The view is driving Thomas crazy as he sees Sandy engaged like she’s never been before, and to add to the view, he hears a slushing sound made by the cock pounding into the wetness filling her. Each move pushing in her seems to splash along with a slapping sound made by his abs smacking against her stomach as he fucks harder and harder. She tries to say something, but it is muffled into a groan or grunt as he digs in. Her hands are now on his ass, digging into him, as if she begs to take more cock in her. His back is arched, and Thomas cannot see Sandy’s face under them as Patrick cradles her curly crop of red, blonde hair. He hears both she and Patrick’s breathing, some gasps, some breathing in, and explosive exhaling, as the fucking intensity increases.

     Thomas begins to feel his cock still in his pants begin to get hard. Then, just as Sandy feels she can’t take any more of Patrick’s thrusts in and out, he stops. He groans. He pulls his cock out with drenched in Sandy’s juices. Then, an unexpected treat.

     In a kneeling position, Patrick moves knee by knee up over her stomach, past her swollen nipples, up to his position over her face, “Suck it.”

     Sandy does not hesitate and pulls him hard into her mouth.

     This is something she has never done with Thomas, so he leans closer to the bed to see Patrick’s stomach abs tighten. It seems so easy for him. He doesn’t even moan; he just unloads the largest load of cum she has ever felt. There is a firehose pressure that fills her throat and overflows her mouth, and she swallows breathing intently.

     Patrick falls over on the mattress, exhausted.

     Sandy sits up, staring at Patrick without paying any notice of Thomas. Her focus is on his lean, hard body, and she stares into his eyes, making it obvious there is a new fire in her.

     She is blood red from her breast to her checks.

     Her hair is a mess.

     She is drenched in sweat and cum.

     Her breathing is heavy but begins to slow as her deep stare at this new man burns an image into Thomas’s mind he will never forget.

    “You happy?” Patrick asks her.

     She nods.

     Patrick gets up for the bathroom.

     Sandy then moves to the edge of the bed and reaches for Thomas’s hand, “You cannot imagine how much I love you.”

     He sits back on the chaise as his blood pressure begins to regain some rhythm of a normal heartbeat. He wonders how he will ever satisfy her after this.

     “Are you okay?” she asks.

     It takes a moment or so of recovery, and he answers, “I started to get hard. But I have to confess it was so exciting I came in my pants like a wet dream.”

     She smiles just as Patrick comes back from the bathroom and plops down on the mattress. “That was incredible,” he says.

     “Now what?” Sandy asks.

     “Well. I’ll go home to my wife.”

     “And,” Sandy probes, “She is okay with this?”

     “Of course, she has her fun too from time to time. When she hears the details, she’ll go wild the way I do when she tells me all the intricate details about some guy she was with. It makes our sex life better,” he says as he looks over at Thomas. “You’ll see Thomas. You two will fuck like bunnies from now on.”

     “How’s that?”

     Patrick shrugs, “Not sure. Maybe the taste of the forbidden fruit has something to do with it.”

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