Our Naughty N’awlins 2021

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Our Naughty N’awlins 2021

Hi Loves, I’m Dragonfly, and I would like to invite you on a pleasure journey like no other! My work specializes in a holistic path towards whole-body health and sexual wellness, with the most orgasmic outcomes-one being mind-blowing body tingling toe-curling orgasms! It’s such an amazing pleasure path to be on, and who said it was just about that…cause I have found it to be so much more! As a Holistic Sexual Wellness Educator, my training and experience started with becoming a Med Tech in the world of substance abuse and mental health. Oh, and I also played in the beauty industry, which definitely supported my choice to shift directions to specialize in sexology because I soon realized that overall health and sexuality were often the foundation of many people’s needed education. So I went into holistic health and shortly after became a Somatic Sexologist, trained as a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Somatica® Practitioner. I spend most of my time helping others like you clear out damaging messages and beliefs (that we ALL carry around with us), understanding our bodies, and the available pleasure that our bodies hold for us. Teaching sexual techniques and developing a deeper, more passionate relationship with each other. My teaching is rooted in neurobiology and is trauma informed-not very sexy, but what comes from understanding it allows for the most profound sexy to happen. It lights me up to see you feel and discover what is possible for yourself. I have developed a way to achieve a complete sexual awakening and a more profound connection to yourself and your partner(s) through my Orgasmic Members area. I also host intimate pleasure retreats worldwide to further deepen your experience of pleasure and play within yourself and your partner(s). You may have also seen me speak or attended one of my offerings, maybe even an infamous PleasurePlayshop™, at a variety of sex-positive conventions like Naughty In Nawlins, and other lifestyle cruises. Or on podcasts like The Sexy Lifestyle, magazines, and TV, including Nusa Sun, ASN, and XR University. When I am not educating and traveling with sexy people expanding their pleasure. You can find me taking early morning walks naked (Yes! I’m so happy to live in a nudist community), nurturing my flower garden, and enjoying the blooms. Discovering new beautiful nature hikes with my partner E, sitting on the beach reading with my toes in the sand, indulging in self-care practices, snuggling my furbabies, creating my pleasure jewels, and painting. Spending quality time with other beautiful humans, I love, and let’s not forget continuing to expand my orgasmic pleasures. Can you guess my favorite room in the house? Yes, it’s my bedroom, the space that is warm velvet purple, accents of my hanging pleasure jewels, feathers, and delicious sensations to wrap yourself up in. Oh, and the most comfortable bed-truly a safe, loving, passion inducing area, my very own pleasure palace! I look forward to meeting you wherever you are on this magnificent journey of relationship, sex, and connection. Wherever that is, open your mind and allow the sensations of real orgasmic pleasures to flow through you. Every day, I have an immense amount of gratitude for the health I currently have and the orgasmic connections and pleasures that I can now have since learning and embodying the necessary skills. I invite you to head on over to my membership area. A space where you, too, can start to learn about everything you need to know to have Pure Orgasmic Love in your life. Something I do so desire for you to have… Huge Orgasmic Hugs~Dragonfly



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