Jeff Abraham: CEO of Promescent’s Absorption Pharmaceuticals

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Jeff Abraham: CEO of Promescent's Absorption Pharmaceuticals

I am so excited to share my latest podcast interview that I released recently with Jeff Abraham, CEO of Absorption Pharmaceuticals.

Jeff Abraham is the CEO of Absorption Pharmaceuticals, whose lead product, Promescent, is addressing a global need for men suffering from Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction. He and his team are dedicated to bringing innovative products to market that solve sexual performance issues for both men and women. With over 10 years of experience in the field of sexual wellness, Jeff has seen and heard from thousands of couples and is a great thought leader in the space.

I am delighted to share my latest podcast interview that I released recently with Jeff Abraham, CEO of the company Promescent. Wow, what an engaging interview and fascinating conversation. This man has truly led a remarkable life, meeting challenges with courage, wit, and eventually wisdom. I could talk to this man for hours about his unusual and entrepreneurial life. It really takes guts to charge forward on the path of sexual wellness for all, and Jeff is doing just that! Though most of their products are geared towards male-identified persons with sexual concerns, I was very excited to hear that they also have products geared towards female-identified persons as well. There was a time in my life where I struggled to achieve orgasm, if I may share vulnerably. And I remember being disheartened at the time at the lack of products and concern it seemed for the female orgasm. Well done, Jeff and team! He also expertly shared illuminating statistics about average sexual arousal rates per gender and such. Tune in to hear! Jeff, thank you so much for your tireless work in the sexual wellness realm, keeping the dream started by Promescent alive.

Some topics we discuss in this fun, informative, and entertaining interview:

  • How and why he moved to California at a young age and got “started from scratch”
  • His numerous “light bulb” moments that indicate how different he was from his family and their small-town mindset
  • How he raised his son to be open-minded
  • Why his belief with regard to sexual and romantic orientation is “Live and let live”
  • The origin of his current business, Promescent
  • A discussion on the arousal gap, statistics on premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, and destigmatizing issues of sexual health
  • His thoughts on pleasure and expectations within the context of relationships and partners

Tune in to listen to this fantastic and fascinating podcast episode!

Thank you Jeff for being so awesomely generous with your time, and for sharing your story with us via the podcast interview! It was enlightening, interesting, and so fun! Connect with Jeff online via Twitter at @JeffAbraham111

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