Best Sex Toys for Women Who Love to Squirt

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Ilustration drawn to give the impression of a woman squirting

While the jury is mostly still out on what it’s all about and what it’s all made from and where it all comes from, there is no confusion around the fact that squirting is fast becoming one of the most exciting and sought after ways to orgasm, even if just to try it once. 

Sure, not everyone who has experienced it enjoys it, and a lot of people wonder if they’ll ever even be able to achieve one no matter how hard they try, but if it is something you want to try, and you’d like a little extra help on the way, we’ve asked around and come up with some of the best sex toys to get those floodgate opening. 

Happy experimenting! And don’t forget the towels!

Njoy Pure Wand

Smooth, heavy, curved, and solid, the Njoy Pure Wand is one of the most popular and raved about sex toys for G-spot and squirting orgasms that I’ve ever come across (pun definitely intended). Made from solid stainless steel, and curved to the ultimate perfection, this incredible toy is like a weapon of mass orgasm. Forget batteries and chargers. Forget what you think you know about how your internal bits respond to sensation, the Njoy Pure Wand will absolutely change your mind on all of that. Is it the curve? Is it the thick or thin knobbed end? Is it the weight? The smoothness? It really is a combination of all of those things that create the most amazing internal sensations for almost every vagina it comes into contact with. You can pull and push it or rock it back and forth, or a combination of the two. Warm it up under the hot tap or cool it down in the fridge. Hand it to your partner to use on you or just try it yourself. While yes, learning, or training your body how, to squirt can take a bit of time to work out, this is one of the best and most fun ways to spend that time.

“Holy shit the Njoy Wand. I didn’t think I could even have an internal orgasm until I tried that. Then I not only came harder than I ever had before, I squirted! Now I only want to use that!” – Karly

“I can usually come from internal sex, which is great. But I never squirted til I used the Njoy” – Jenna

“Bought my girlfriend one on the recommendation of a friend… I had never seen a girl squirt before we used it. Hot tip. Towels. You’re gonna need a lot of them” – James

We-Vibe Rave

There are two big differences the We-Vibe Rave has that hardly any other internal vibrator has, and these are the reasons it has made this list. Firstly the vibrations. They are thick and full and not at all “tinny” or just concentrated in the tip. They sort of thump and rumble along the shaft creating a far more pressured feeling internally, which is what really gets the G-spot humming, and the second thing is the shape. While to look at it briefly you may not notice it, a closer look and feel reveals its slightly asymmetrical shape. It has a gentle curve along it and one side is a little bit thicker and more angled than the other. This means that instead of the sort of pulling/rocking motion you use with most G-spot stimulators, all you have to do is give it a small twist and you change the angle and sensations inside you. Matched with the thumpy, rumbly vibrations along the shaft, this is a brilliant toy for squirting and internal orgasms.

“Gonna rave about the Rave. Little twist as I’m about to come and I flood. Literally. Got my boyfriend in the face once!” – Heather

“I was a bit iffy about the shape at first. I didn’t quite ‘get it’, and then I used it and did the twist. Wow!!” – Dana

Body Wands

While most of the toys that professionals such as myself will recommend for squirting are used internally, there are a few exceptions and body wands are probably the most popular external toy for getting that elusive spurt. You know the ones, those big-arsed, plug-into-the-wall, muscle massagers like the Hitachi Magic Wand. These toys have serious vibrations. I’m talking teeth-rattling, body-shaking, is-it-a-jackhammer-or-a-sex-toy vibrations. Because the surface area of the toy is so big, and the vibrations so strong, when pressed up against the clitoris and vulva these incredible toys can get the whole body orgasming, including allowing the vagina and internal bits to open, loosen, and ejaculate hard. 

“I reckon it’s the strength of the vibrations blended with the strength of the orgasms from those vibrations that gets me squirting. No other clit toy does it” – Haley

“I squirt pretty regularly and easily, but I get the best ones when I use my wand” – Jill

Satisfyer Pro

While it’s the all over surface rumbles that gives the wands their power, you could say almost the exact opposite for the Satisfyer range. These innovative and (mostly) unique toys work by concentrating on the clitoris, but in a very different way to other clitoral toys. Using airflow instead of vibrations, these little beauties cap right over your clit and stimulate it without even really touching it, making it perfect for people who find direct contact far too much to bear. Also, because the area doesn’t get as overly worked as it can with direct contact, it’s also brilliant for creating multiple orgasms which can, as I have found out both personally and from my talks with other people, lead to squirting when you have never even thought about it or expected it to happen.

“I didn’t even really know squirting was a thing until I used the Satisfyer and omg I’ve never come like that in my life” – Louise

“Bought one for my wife and we had to throw out the doona from the amount she squirted. She’d never done that before!” – Bill


While I am usually remiss to recommend LELO toys (don’t get me started, but they’re a bit crap what with their weird Charlie Sheen love and their Very Bad Hex condoms just to name a couple of irks) but when it comes to G-spot and squirting stimulation, the LELO Gigi is pretty spot on. Curved and smooth, and not too thick or thin, the Gigi ends in a sort of thick, flat head which is perfect for that pressure and G-spot surface area contact which gets those squirting juices flowing. With a whole range of speeds and pulses, and all the great warranties and guarantees that LELO provide, it’s definitely a good buy for those who enjoy not only internal stimulation, but external too as the flat tip can be great for clitoral stimulation as well.

“I love my Gigi. I reckon it’s the flat end that makes it work for me. One little push and I can fill a paddling pool!” – Kylie

“Bought one for my girlfriend on the recommendation of a sex shop girl and we’ve never looked back. It took maybe three goes to learn how to squirt and now she’s like the shower queen!” – Mark 

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