What does it mean to be Bi-curious?

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Dice labelled to indicate bisexual people who like men and women

The best way to think of sexuality is as a big rainbow-hued spectrum. On one end of the spectrum, you have people who identify as 100% gay/lesbian, while at the opposite end, you have people who identify as straight or heterosexual. In the big, juicy, colourful middle, you’ll find a whole range of delicious persuasions, possibilities and sexual identities which include: queer, pansexual, asexual, demisexual, heteroflexible, bisexual, bi-curious and many more.

What does bi-curious mean?

While the concept of bi-curiosity is complex, nuanced and unique for each and every beautiful bi-curious babe to ever exist, put it simply, the word bi-curious refers to people who are interested in exploring their sexual and romantic attraction to people of all genders. 

According to Merriam-Webster “bi-curious” is defined as “curious about exploring or experimenting with bisexuality.” 

Typically, when people talk about bi-curiosity, they are referring to people who are (or were) heterosexual or straight, and are interested in hooking up with or dating people with genders similar to their own. When in fact people of all sexualities, including lesbian, gay and queer people often utilise the bi-curious label too.

While bi-curiosity and bisexuality are somewhat similar, bi-curious implies that a person might be asking questions about their sexuality without having all the answers yet.

When it comes down to it, you can have any sexual identity you want – no matter whether you have explored it romantically or sexually or not.

How do I know if I’m bi-curious?

Only you can know if you’re bi-curious, but a good indicator is that if you don’t think you are 100% straight, or find yourself actively sexually or romantically lusting over someone of the same or a similar gender, you might be bi-curious or bisexual.

For example, if you are a heterosexual woman who has only ever dated men, and you are suddenly struck with a glimmer of attraction to another woman that has you wondering what it’s like to have your head between her thighs, you might be deeply bi-curious. 

Why do some people dislike the term bi-curious?

The term bi-curious is often seen as controversial in the queer community for a couple of reasons.

Some people believe the term reflects a belief that to legitimately identify as bisexual means you have to have romantic or sexual experience with people of the same gender, which plays into bisexual invisibility and bi erasure. 

Put it this way, we never see the words lesbo-curious and gay-curious when we talk about sexuality, so by creating a label for a pre-stage to bisexuality but not others, can feel bi-phobic to some people.

Sexuality is a personal thing

And while some people are averse to the word “bi-curious”, it’s the perfect fit for others so who is anyone to judge? Sexuality covers a broad spectrum and is deeply personal. It can be very confusing and take time to figure out the sexuality that fits you best.

While bi-curiosity might be a short-term thing for someone who needs to explore their sexuality before they decide to commit or come out as bisexual or another label, others might continue to identify as bi-curious for eternity.

Sexuality has different meanings for different people and ultimately, only you get to define who you are attracted to and how you identify. You should feel comfortable to choose what label feels right for you, or choose no label at all. You might find that the label changes over time, or you change your mind – and that’s okay! That’s for you to decide. 

How do I meet other bi-curious or bisexual people?

When it comes to meeting other bi-curious and bisexual people, Adult Match Maker is the number one adult dating site in Australia. In fact, one Adult Match Maker survey that interviewed 7600 sexually adventurous Aussies showed that 36% of females on the site said they identified as bisexual.

Adult Match Maker was also the first Aussie adult dating site to add lots of LGBTIQ+ friendly gender identity and sexual orientation options, making it inclusive for bi-curious and bisexual dating.

Whether you’re looking for friendship with other bi-curious or bisexual people, hot dates or you’re seeking a relationship, every shade of the rainbow can be found on Adult Match Maker.

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