Late Night at the Office

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Late Night at the Office

You’re at your desk and winding down from a long week when your office fantasy walks in and catches you pleasuring yourself. What will you do next?

One of our SDC members submitted the following story to one of our Erotic Writing Contests.

It’s late. You’ve officially been here all day now, and you’re completely exhausted. Your assistant had left early because he’d had a family emergency, something about his little brother needing him, which had meant more work for you. Brian was a hard worker, though, so you’d, of course, let him go. The office is so quiet now, though, and you realise that you can’t remember the last time you’d been here alone. You hate how often your mind goes to him and the way he looks and those subtle looks you give each other, but unfortunately, tonight is not different. You’re his superior, and you know you shouldn’t think about getting him alone. Just so you can see if the bulge behind his pants is as impressive as it looks, but that isn’t stopping you from thinking about it. It certainly doesn’t hurt that he just so happens to be the best-looking man you’ve ever seen, especially in this office. He looks like someone who belongs on the cover of a magazine. And that voice, good lord, that voice had got you through some very frustrating lonely nights — not that he would ever know that.

You shift in your seat and wiggle a little. You sigh to yourself and pull your skirt up a little higher around your hips so that you can rest your feet on your desk. You bite your lip as your heels cause your legs to spread a little further, and you feel cool air ghosting over your heated and extremely damp center. You quickly glance out of the glass windows surrounding your office and swallow thickly as you remind yourself nobody is there. But the possibility of someone catching you doing what you’re about to do only makes you squirm a little harder in your seat.

There’s Just Something About Him…

You shake your head and close your eyes, and rest your head against the back of your chair. Your fingers brush your inner thighs as you imagine Brian walking through those big glass doors and demanding to speak to you. You pop the buttons on your blouse as you imagine his voice telling you all the things you want to hear. Your chest is heaving as your fingers brush over the front of your slowly dampening panties, and you just barely press against your bundle of nerves. 

From his demeanor around the office, you’d assume he’d be eager to please, and he’d do exactly as he was told. But there was just something about him when you would see him after work that told you that wasn’t the case at all, and perhaps the opposite was true. You’ve always had the vision in your mind of him throwing you down onto your desk, bending you over it, and fucking you hard. Demanding that you apologise for everything you’d ever made him go above and beyond for. How he’d use you until he got his fill. Your fingers are now sliding easily through your slick, circling your clit briefly before teasing your entrance. You can feel the beginning of your orgasm fizzling at the base of your stomach.

“Well, fuck, boss lady. Didn’t know you liked to spread your legs in the office. Gotta say, that’s fucking hot.” Your eyes snap open, and you instantly find him. Brian. Standing there staring at you, leaning against the door, chewing on his bottom lip as he watches your hand move between your legs. But then your hand stops moving, and you swear you can’t breathe. “Brian, what the hell are you doing back here!?” He chuckles and steps closer. You don’t dare move; your body is frozen as you stare up at him, waiting to see what he does next. “I came back to see if you needed any help… with anything,” he answers vaguely as he closes the door behind him and walks in, resting his hands on your desk as he leans in. “So, Miss Williams, can I help you with anything?”

Will He Be Eager to Please, or Eager to Use?

His smirk is almost promising everything you want to happen, even all of those things you’d dreamed about. You clear your throat and gather all of your confidence as you stand on your shaky legs, finally coming to a stop when you’re standing directly in front of him. You rest your hand on the desk beside Brian’s and bite your bottom lip as you look up at him. “You sure you’re up to the task, Brian?” you purr, hoping you sound more confident than you feel. 

Brian grins down at you and gently tucks some hair behind your ear as he leans in. “I’m more than up to it, sweetheart. So, here’s what I think… for once, you should relax and let someone else take control,” he whispers as he cups your chin, brushing his thumb over your bottom lip. “For example, I know you want me to bend you over this desk, right here and right now.” “You think so, huh? You seem awfully sure of yourself, for someone who’s hitting on their boss, in her office,” you smirk, feeling the adrenaline coursing through your veins; you want to poke the bear, you wanna see what will happen if he snaps. Brian doesn’t speak for a moment, but there’s no missing the way that his eyes darken as he steps right in front of you. 

He rests a hand on either side of your waist, and then he presses in closer as you lean back against your desk for support. He shrugs his shoulders as he steps between your parted legs. You bite your bottom lip as you scoot back onto the desk, trying to give him room to get closer, and you tighten your knees around his hips. But Brian gently pries your knees apart and leans in closer so that his lips brush yours as he speaks. “Take these off,” he rasps, tugging at the sides of your panties, “wanna see how fucking wet you are? These little panties are soaked anyway.” “Go ahead,” you smirk at him, the challenge clear in your voice as you lift your hips slightly. He doesn’t hesitate for a second longer. Before you know it, he’s pushed your skirt up so it’s gathered over your hips.

He Dives In

You feel a shiver of anticipation run up your spine. Brian licks his lips as he hooks his fingers back into the sides of your underwear, roughly tugging them over your ass and down your legs. “I’ll keep these. You won’t be needing them anymore tonight anyway,” he tells you as he tucks them into his back pocket. “I always wondered what you wore under these tight little skirts,” he tuts quietly, “such a little fucking tease.” You shake your head at him, but you can’t hide the smile that emerges. “Are you gonna fuck me or what, Brian? Or would you rather keep talking about my underwear choices?” His eyes darken further than you thought possible at your words; he drags you off of the desk and quickly turns you so that his chest is pressing against your back. He grabs your wrists tightly in one of his big hands as his lips brush your earlobe, “oh, don’t worry, sweetheart. I’m gonna make sure I fuck you until you can’t walk straight,” he growls from low in his throat. You barely have time to take a shuddered breath before your face and body collide harshly with the hardwood of your desk. 

His hands are so big that he has no trouble keeping yours pinned behind your back. You hear shuffling feet and the obvious sound of his belt buckle as the leather snaps back against itself. Then you feel something soft and silky being wrapped around your wrists. He pulls it tight enough that it bites into your skin a little, but you relish the feeling. “Brian, please,” you whine pathetically as he kicks your feet apart with his booted foot. You’re doing your best to ignore how much you’re shaking, but your heels aren’t making it easy to forget. “Fuck. You just have the most incredible ass, baby girl.” The statement comes right before you feel several smacks come down on your ass, all in quick succession of each other. You have to bite into your bottom lip to quieten the needy whimpers bleeding past your lips. Your ass stings perfectly, and you feel his body heat as Brian steps in closer, and his big hands grip both of your hips bruisingly. You arch into his touch. Every subtle brush of his thumbs over your hip bones causes you to shudder. You try and push your ass back into him, but he holds you still. Then you feel it. The brush of something hot and hard against your ass, and a whimper slips free when the wide head of his cock moves against your pussy with ease, slowly moving through your slick, only narrowly avoiding your clit. 

“You want me to fuck this tight little cunt, sweetheart? You’re so fucking wet, practically begging to be filled with my cock.” You gasp, unable to form a response as his cock presses against your entrance; the head starts to slip inside and cuts off anything you were about to say because your mind has gone blank. Brian grabs the tie where it binds your wrists and tugs until only your nipples are brushing the smooth surface of the desk, and you let your head drop forward slightly. “What’s up, Boss? Cat got your tongue?” he mocks, just before he thrusts forward with a deep grunt, and his cock fills you in one movement. You wish you could answer back; hell, you wish you could cling to the edge of the desk and rock yourself back against him. But you can barely move under his grip as he starts to pick up a brutal pace that has you making noises you didn’t know you were capable of making. “Shit. You’re tight. So fuckin’ wet dripping all over my cock, perfect little slut, just for me.”

Begging for Release

Your head is spinning, and his words aren’t exactly helping your state of mind either. “Brian, p-please! I’m so close, h-harder, please!” you all but scream, your voice much louder than you’d intended, but you don’t care; you just let your sweaty forehead drop onto your desk, just for a chance to feel something cool against your skin. Your bound hands clench into fists, and your nails start to dig into your palms. You can already feel your orgasm burning at the base of your stomach. You let out a moan of protest as Brian stops moving, but it doesn’t stay that way for long. 

He leans over your body, wraps your hair around his fist, and pulls you up off the desk so that your back is pressed against his chest. He quickly tugs the tie from your wrists and drops it to the floor. You grip the desk so you don’t fall since your legs are shaking like crazy. “Hold on tight. I want you coming all over my cock,” Brian growls against your ear, and you feel a shiver roll across your entire body. Your head falls back against his shoulder when he lets go of your hair, moving his hand to wrap around your neck gently instead. You feel Brian’s cock throb inside you when you drag your teeth over the side of his neck, following the gentle bite with your tongue. “You’d better make me come, Brian, or you’re gonna pay for it tomorrow,” you smirk against his neck, and you feel his fingers tighten around your throat, forcing you to face forward again. He chuckles as his free hand settles on your hip, and you feel his fingers dig in, “don’t worry. I’ll make sure you’re more than satisfied with my performance.” “You’re such a cock-” your words are cut off as Brian pulls out and thrusts back into you roughly, and you can’t even moan; it’s like all of the air has been ripped from your lungs. 

“Mmm, that’s what I thought,” Brian grunts, as the hand on your hip slips around your waist and he starts to pound into you; with every thrust, you hear the desk scrape along the floor. Almost all glass windows surround you, so when you look up, you can see just how roughly he’s fucking you; the look of pleasure on his face and the filthy picture of you pressed against your desk is only adding to the pleasure. Tonight is by far exceeding any fantasy you’ve ever had. You turn to face him and immediately find yourself looking into his now dark blue eyes. “You’re so fucking beautiful. Next time, we’ll have to make sure the office is full; let them know who’s little slut you are,” he groans as one of his hands slips between your legs, and he starts to rub featherlight circles into your bundle of nerves. You bite your lip as you take everything he’s giving you, uncontrollable whimpers and moans muffled behind your lips. You lean in as much as you can, and it’s like he reads your mind as his lips roughly claim yours in a bruising kiss. It feels like flames are licking at your skin. You pull away and gasp for breath before you let out a whimper. “Brian, I need to come, please.” “I know, sweetheart, come for me. Want you to scream for me while you come all over my cock,” he grits out, his fingers pressing against your clit harder, tighter, more precise circles forcing you to cling to the strong arm still tightly wrapped around your waist, keeping you upright.

Screaming, Blinding Pleasure

Once again, it’s like his voice commands your body. You feel your muscles beginning to tighten and your pulse is hammering in your ears. You hear the echo of your voice as you scream his name, still clinging to him tightly. You can feel your juices leaking between your legs as your mind-numbing climax hits you, like a speeding train. Brian’s grip tightens on you painfully, but right now, you don’t care. It’s only adding to the blinding pleasure. You’ve barely come down from your high when Brian pulls out and turns you to face him, placing a quick but passionate kiss against your lips, before he encourages you onto your knees. He cups your jaw as you blink up at him expectantly, his thumb brushing over your parted lips. You lick your lips as your eyes drop to his cock, still rock hard, coated in your climax. “You want a taste?” Brian asks, a smirk curling at those perfectly plump lips again. Your tongue darts out to lick at the pad of his thumb, and you nod your head, “please,” you whisper, already leaning in closer. 

Brian’s hand falls from your face and cups the back of your head as you take the swollen red tip into your mouth. You flatten your tongue against the thick throbbing vein that runs along the length as you start to bob your head over him. You keep your eyes locked on his, watching as he throws his head back and his fist tightens in your hair, encouraging you to take him deeper. You do your best, taking him to the back of your throat a few times, but he’s so thick that you can’t stop yourself from gagging. You stare up at him when he pulls his cock free of your mouth, and you gasp for breath. Your eyes are fixed on his hand as he continues to stroke himself, slowly picking up the pace. “Want me to come all over that pretty little face, baby girl?” You bite your lip and flick your eyes up to his face. “Mmm, yes, please,” you rasp, your voice just barely audible, still a little hoarse.

You Get Your Delicious Reward

You lick your lips before opening your mouth and sticking out your tongue. Brian’s fingers tighten in your hair as he steps a little closer, you can already see the way his grip has tightened around his cock, and his tip has reddened further. He’s close, you’re sure of it. You rest your hands on his thighs and feel them tense beneath your touch as a groan slips past his plump lips when you dig your nails into his skin. You can feel your slick running down your thighs and do your best not to squirm, but Brian notices. “Is this getting you hot, my little slut?” Brian growls, his breathing ragged as he gives you a lazy half-smirk. “You want it?” “Yes. I’ve wanted this for ages,” you reply honestly, “please, Brian, come all over my face.” You’re fully aware of just how broken and breathy your voice is. Brian’s thighs shake under your hands, and you can feel the spurts of warm come land on your face seconds later. He stares down at you with hooded eyes as you lick the corner of your lips, catching a drip of his salty climax on your tongue. 

He carefully releases you, and you feel the tension leave your body. Brian passes you his shirt with a slightly shy smile, considering what you’d just been doing and what’s currently on your face. “You sure?” you ask, a slight giggle lacing your voice as the craziness of the night hits you. “Yeah, of course,” he replies as he pulls up his boxers and pants. You quickly wipe the remnants of his climax from your face, only to find him staring at you.

You’re… More than Okay

“We’re okay, right?” he asks hesitantly, somehow managing to look completely adorable as he does up his shirt buttons, a slight blush covering his cheeks. You quickly lower your skirt and get back onto your shaking legs, as soon as you’re close enough you wrap your arms around his neck and press a gentle kiss to his lips, feeling him sigh against your mouth as his tongue brushes your top lip as you pull back to look at him. “We’re more than okay, Brian. In fact, I was hoping that we might revisit this on a regular basis. If you’re interested?” you practically purr, feeling his strong hands cupping your ass as he pulls you closer. “Yeah, I’m definitely interested, Boss. As it turns out, I might have extra files for you come Monday. So maybe the blinds should be closed, just so we have the privacy we need to discuss them.” “Well, I’m sure that can be arranged. I’ll keep the morning clear for you,” you smirk as he releases you, and you pull on your bra and shirt. Walking over to your desk, you grab the wipes from your top draw and finish cleaning your face as Brian heads for the door. “I’ll see you on Monday then,” Brian grins, grabbing the rest of his things. “Don’t be late, Mr. Smith. I’ll be waiting.”

This story was submitted by one of our members to one of SDC’s community erotic writing contests. Our editor made minor adjustments to this story for length and clarity.

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