Allen’s Corner: Sexy Staycation with Mr & Mrs O

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Allen tells the hot tale of he and Brandy’s full swap hotel room staycation with Mr & Mrs O.

This one is a staycation that Brandy and I had. It included having a sexy couple over to our hotel room for some amazing and incredible sexy fun. Before I get into this story, all I got to say is “oh my god.” It was incredible, hot, sexual, and outstanding, and the written version can’t compare to how the real thing was! Beginning of the week, [we heard from] a couple that we played with in the past. Brandy had the opportunity to play more with the husband than I with the wife, and we told them we would like to meet up soon (and again and again). We wanted them so badly that we went to get a hotel room on the strip so that we all could fuck our brains out.

Well, on that Thursday, the couple (Mr & Mrs O) texted us and asked if we had any plans for the weekend. At that time, we had no plans, and they promptly replied, “now you do.” We couldn’t wait, so we messaged back with, “when and where.” Brandy and I booked the room at a casino on the strip for the weekend and confirmed, “ok room booked, see you Saturday.” On Friday, we took our boys to their grandparents, packed our stuff, and headed over to start our sexual staycation.

Warming Up with Delicious Teasing

After we got into the room, we unpacked our stuff and went to find something to eat. It was only 10 pm, and we could not find a damn restaurant open in the casino to sit down and eat. Because of COVID-19, all the restaurants closed earlier than normal, even on weekend nights. So, we got stuck getting something from the food court and taking it to our room. We let Mr O and Mrs O know we got into the room and that we couldn’t wait to see them and have a wild sexy time. They totally agreed and said the same thing back to us.

Brandy and I got undressed and into bed and started kissing (now, mind you, we had been thinking about all the things that could happen, so we were horny as hell). Brandy was feeling all over my dick and teasing it, and I was teasing her amazing clit. Brandy looked at me and said, “I don’t know if I just want you to fuck me or lick my clit.” I told her, “you tell me what you want, babe.” Brandy looked at me and said, “eat my pussy good.” As you can bet, she was already super wet, and I went down on her so hard that she immediately started moaning and cumming.

After about 30 minutes of that, she could not take anymore and started screaming, “fuck me baby, fuck me now!” I then slowly kissed my way up from her wet pussy, inch by inch, to her beautiful red lips. We kissed a little, while at the same time, I was teasing her clit with the tip of my dick. After just a few minutes, she could not take the teasing anymore. So, she grabbed my dick and guided it into her dripping wet pussy. When I was in her the deepest I could go, she let out this moan that was just incredible to hear. After over an hour of that, we both had cum so hard that we had to catch our breath. We looked at each other and said, “I love you” at the same time. We started to fall asleep as we laid on our sides. I was holding her with my still-hard dick pressed against her ass and dozed off with a big smile on my face (she had a big smile going as well).

We woke up early Saturday morning because we wanted to go to the hotel pool, and we were super excited about meeting up with Mrs O and Mr O and badly wanted to fuck again. She rolled over to look at me, and we started kissing wildly again. She then wrapped her legs around me so that I could fuck her. We started, and it was getting wild. I was grabbing her hip hard and her ass. She grabbed my ass hard, started scratching my back, and then grabbed my ass again to roll me on top of her. She wanted me deeper inside of her pussy. So yes, I fucked her as hard and as deeply as I could.

I looked deep into her eyes and said, “babe, I am going to cum.” She smiled the best she could because she was breathing heavily and moaning, and she said, “cum on my clit.” So, I did what she asked of me. Then she started to masturbate by rubbing my cum all over her clit (Brandy loves to play with her clit when you cum on it). After she did that for a good 20 or so minutes, we jumped in the shower and got cleaned up (to tell the truth, it might have been longer than that but, while watching her play with herself, you lose all sense of time). When we got out of the shower, we started talking about all the things we would love to do with and to Mrs O and Mr O.

Anticipation is Piqued

I know that Brandy could not wait to fuck Mr O again, as she has always enjoyed being fucked by him. I could not wait to fuck Mrs O, and the thought of that woman’s sexy lips and amazing pussy wrapped around my dick even right now as I write this is making me want her at this very moment. During the time we had been getting ready, Mr O texted us saying they were going to arrive in about 20 to 30 minutes. We wrote back saying, “awesome, can’t wait to see you both.” To tell you the truth, knowing that the two of them were going to be showing up soon got us both so hot and bothered that Brandy and I had to stop making out and finish getting ready. After about 20 minutes, Mr O called and said they were heading to the main floor from the parking garage. So, I went to meet up with them because Brandy was finishing up getting ready. I was at the bottom of the escalators waiting, and I saw Mrs O, and all I could think to myself was, “oh my god, I cannot wait to eat her pussy and fuck her as hard as I can.” 

I gave Mrs O a hug and kissed her and then gave Mr O a handshake. As you can guess, the people that had been behind them who saw Mrs O and me kissing probably thought that she was with Mr O. It was kind of funny seeing them trying to figure out what was going on. The three of us then headed up to our room to get Brandy. When we were walking into the room, Mr O gave Brandy an amazing kiss. Mrs O and I had been enjoying the show. It was hot! Well, after all the kiss-teasing, we left the room to go eat dinner. You know, one of the great things about the lifestyle is (some) of the people that you play with also become amazing friends. Mrs O and Mr O have very much turned into amazing friends to us (also, we will say that we will play with many more times to come). It is the people you have conversations with more than just sex, talks like those about family (Brandy and I always talk a little about our two boys), or anything that comes up.

After we finished dinner, we headed back to the hotel room with big smiles on all our faces. Part of the reason was that all four of us always have unfinished (sexy) business. While walking back to the room, the four of us had been laughing the whole time; I am sure people thought we all had been nuts!  What we all had been laughing about was how Mr O might have made our server at dinner a little shy because he had offered her to join us all in the room. The way that he did, it was just funny as hell and had us all going. Brandy and Mr O had been walking very close to each other the whole walk back, as Mrs O and I had been doing at the same time. The anticipation was kind of driving us all wild and get us all super hot. I think Mr O kept feeling Brandy’s ass, but I am not sure because I was enjoying the touch of Mrs O. Even in the elevator, we had all been flirting with each other — you know, doing whatever more we could do to get each other even more turned on and bothered.

The Passionate Full Swap

When we all got back to the room, we talked and laughed a little more and even enjoyed some more tease-kissing. Brandy could not wait to fuck Mr O, and I could not wait to see her get fucked, and also could not wait to fuck Mrs O. After a few minutes, Mr O had to use the restroom. Brandy, Mrs O, and I talked a bit more. When Mr O got back, I had to then use the restroom. Well, at the time I was in there, I guess everyone was done talking because when I came out, Brandy, Mrs O, and Mr O were naked.

Brandy walked up to me and said that I needed to get naked and then started undoing my belt and pants. After Brandy got all my clothing off — which, I will add, was hot as hell because Mrs O was watching and seemed to enjoy the show. Shortly after, Mr O grabbed Brandy and started to kiss her and play with her clit. I could see that Brandy was in heaven and loving every touch. I then walked over to Mrs O and started kissing her, and then she put me on the bed so that she could start blowing me. I will say that it felt great having her soft, warm lips wrapped around my dick. The feeling of Mrs O’s tongue rubbing up and down my dick was just orgasmic, to say the least.

I looked over and saw that Brandy had put Mr O’s dick in her mouth and was going to town on it. I then grabbed Mrs O and put her onto her back so that I could eat her pussy and lick every part of her clit. Let me tell you — her pussy is beautiful and tastes amazing. Mrs O was breathing heavily and kept saying, “oh my god, you are so good at that.” She then started grabbing my head so that I would not go away. I did not plan on moving ’til I made her cum with my tongue in her pussy. See, one of the things I love to do is suck on a woman’s clit and then fuck her with my tongue. Getting my tongue as deep as I can in a woman’s pussy turns me on, and I have yet to have a lady not love it.

I had a moment to look over and saw that Mr O was going down on Brandy, and she seemed like she was in ecstasy. The sounds Mrs O and Brandy had been making would turn anyone on. All the heavy breathing, moans, and ‘oh my gods’ were awesome. Brandy then started riding Mr O. I will say that one super hot thing to see is watching my wife ride another man. The looks she gives just drives me crazy. I then grabbed Mrs O, turned her around, and started fucking her doggy style. Mrs O let out this long moan the minute I was inside of her. I would like to note that Mr O and I both had condoms on. Brandy and I always use condoms when we play. Mrs O then asked me to lay down, and she started to ride me. She was moving her hips and grinding with my dick inside her. It was incredible. Mr O had Brandy on her back and was fucking her. So, since Brandy and I had both been on our backs, we looked at each other, grabbed each other’s hand, and could see the enjoyment and turn-on in each other’s eyes.

See, Brandy, and I love to grab each other’s hands or touch each other when we are getting fucked by other people. It’s a major turn-on for us watching each other get fucked when we are getting fucked. It is an incredible feeling for us both, and it drives us wild. Looking at Brandy and seeing her face of ecstasy and hearing the noises and moans she gives are just — wow.

I looked back at MrsO, and watching her riding my dick was just making me harder. Then the ladies started kissing and teasing each other, so then MrO started using a few toys on Brandy. Well, after a few minutes, Brandy got the wand that she loves and started using it on Mrs O. She was loving how strong it was on her clit. Brandy was making her go nuts. Well, once again, I still had not cum. It takes me some time and takes even longer with a condom on. Mr O had cum, but I still wanted more. So, I looked at MrsO and said, “I’m not done yet.”

He’s Not Done Yet

I grabbed Mrs O and started fucking her again. Brandy then started grabbing my ass and scratching my back to try and make me cum. After even more time, Mrs O asked to give her a minute. So, I then grabbed Brandy and started fucking her. I pulled my condom off first and just went as deep as I could inside Brandy. Mrs O was right there watching us, and Mr O was watching from a chair. I told Brandy, “babe, I’m going to cum.” Mrs O said, “come here and cum in my mouth, please.” See, MrsO loves cum and she loves to swallow. Before I could cum, I pulled out of Brandy’s pussy and put my dick in Mrs O’s mouth. When I came into her mouth, she was so happy. She loved every drop of it, and she keep sucking to make sure there was nothing left.

After that, we all sat around the room still naked and talking. I was loving the view of Brandy and Mrs O. Somehow, the notion came up of some naked pics I had taken of Brandy. Mrs O said that she never takes naked pics because she thinks they never come out good. Brandy told her, “you should let Allen take a picture. He always finds this natural way of capturing the right moment.” Well, a moment happened and I took a beautiful naked picture of Mrs O. I will say, it was incredible.

We looked at the time and noticed it was two in the morning. Mrs O and Mr O sadly left to go home. So, after their departure, Brandy and I fucked some more. We had been so turned on by what happened that we wanted each other again. After almost an hour, we both finished and laid in bed. We got up in the morning and fucked some more. We just couldn’t fuck enough. We then got packed up and checked out of our room with the memory of a wild, sexual night…

This story originally appeared in the October, November, and December 2020 issues of ASN Lifestyle Magazine.

Allen's Corner for ASN Lifestyle Magazine

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