Het geheim voor een perfect trio: tips van een escort

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Het geheim voor een perfect trio: tips van een escort

Have you ever thought about inviting a third person into your bed? A threesome can be very exciting and the highlight of all your sexual experiences. How do you experience a perfect threesome? With these tips provided by an escort, you can hardly go wrong!

A perfect threesome: advice from an expert

Who better to give you advice about having the perfect threesome than an expert who has had at least fifteen to twenty of them? She has experienced the most popular version of a threesome (two women, one man) not only during her professional career as an escort but also with her boyfriends. These are her tips for having an unforgettable evening!

1. Only if you really want to

Are you about to experience a threesome because your partner wants to do it? Are you afraid he might run off if you don’t go along with his plan? Never be tempted into having a threesome (or any other sexual deed) solely because your partner wants to do it. If you are completely into it as well, by all means, go for it! But do keep on reading for the other tips.

2. Talk about your boundaries

It is essential to set your boundaries so that it really can be the perfect threesome. For instance, is it acceptable for two people to continue with each other while the third person has gone to the toilet? Are there sexual acts you’re uncomfortable with, but your partner is allowed to perform them on the other woman? Set up some ground rules about, for instance, kissing, anal, and oral sex and how far the two of you can take things with the other woman. That way you won’t have to make the tough decisions in the heat of the moment and regret them afterwards. For instance, is he is allowed to cum in her mouth? Be smart and decide on these things beforehand.

3. Consider the effect it will have on your relationship

This one is important. Having a threesome can have a huge impact on your relationship. Often it’s the man who would like to meet the other woman one-on-one again afterwards, but it could be you. Of course, this is not okay: this damages the trust between partnersand this was not why you had the threesome in the first place. Before considering a threesome, you need to consider the risk of one of you developing feelings for the third person. It would also help if you consider whom you would want to have your threesome with. It is often best to pick someone neither of you knows, maybe someone you meet in a pub, on a dating app, or a professional escort. It’s best not to pick a friend: it will feel awkward when it’s time to go back to ‘normal’ afterwards.

4. Be realistic about your threesome

A threesome can be fun if you keep your expectations realistic. We can already tell you that it will most likely not be the same as you have seen in porn movies. And it doesn’t have to be! Discuss whether it is mainly about him (for instance, as a present), about you (to explore your sexual feelings towards women), or about the three of you. Be aware that it can be an awkward situation, the first time with a third person present. It can be helpful to take your time and relax by having a drink together first.

5. Make sure the third person knows what kind of sex you both enjoy

If the two of you are into heavy or kinky sex or if you want to explore your feelings towards women, then it’s advisable to notify the other woman of this beforehand. Maybe she is not into spankings or she doesn’t want to go all the way with another woman. She deserves to know what she is getting herself into.

6. Don’t forget about your partner!

This one is for the guy in the relationship: if you ever get the pleasure of sharing the bed with two women, do not forget about your leading lady. Obviously, it’s nice and exciting to discover another body, but try to prevent giving her all of your attention. Try to divide your time equally between both women and, in the meantime, keep eye contact with your partner. Give her the confidence of being your number one and let her know this threesome does not represent a threat to your relationship.

7. “See you soon, right?!”

Be honest when saying goodbye. Thank the other person but don’t shout out “See you soon, right?!” if you don’t mean it. In any case, it is best not to make a commitment like that for a possible next time before you and your partner have had time to discuss what the experience was like for you both. And it is only fair that you let the other person know it was only a one-time thing for you if that is how you both feel about it.

8. A perfect threesome: once or multiple times?

To continue where the previous section left off, you will undoubtedly discuss whether you want to have a threesome like this again. And if so, how many times you would like to do it. Will it remain something for special occasions, maybe something you do once a year? And would you then want to share the bed with the same person or a new person each time? Also, discuss whether it is okay for one of you to see that person for a non-sexual date, like shopping or going out for lunch, without your partner present.

9. Use protection

Last but not least: use protection! This means the man should use condoms and change them when he is done penetrating one woman and switches to the other. Similarly, sex toys are best not used by more than one person without using a condom. Use a condom on your vibrator or dildo when sharing them with another person.


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