SDC Swingers Vacation in Ibiza

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Julieta dishes the sexy details of her luxurious swinger vacation at Ibiza’s SDC Takeover.

Swingers resorts? Yes, they exist, and they are fucking awesome. I had the pleasure of joining, “the world’s largest erotic dating and lifestyle community for open-minded couples and singles, swingers, and kinksters,” in Ibiza last week. Hot Ibiza sun and even hotter events and people can only be described as… luxurious? It was, and more.

SDC Ibiza Entertainment Swingers Vacation Photo by Ressan


About SDC

While SDC caters to a large community of swingers, it’s truly for everyone who’s looking to explore alternatives to good ol’ monogamy. This network has been around for decades and is only growing stronger (with SDC having usually having 20,000+ members active at any given time on the website). The reach is worldwide, all ages, all genders & sexualities, and really lets you get honest & clear on what you want. Whether you’re looking to slip some casual fun with others or are seeking things like dating other couples, it can be done on SDC.

My favorite part of SDC is being able to set up a super in-depth profile where you can clearly state what you are looking for with your interactions and sexual preferences. It’s super easy to connect with people worldwide, nearby, get access to lifestyle events, and meet others when traveling anywhere in the world. Plus, they have chatrooms & livestreams for those who may not be able to meet with others but still want to have some fun.


Swinging in Ibiza

SDC now hosts three hotel takeovers per year in the most beautiful locations on earth: Ibiza, Crete, and Cancun. This year’s hotel takeover in Ibiza was located the luxurious ME Ibiza hotel, which is by far one of the nicest hotels I’ve been to.

I know what you’re thinking… if it’s a hotel, how can swingers take over? For the duration of the takeover, the only people allowed to stay at the hotel have to be registered for SDC’s event. Yes, that way, you can avoid having naked people and fucking around your family members & children, LOL.

This place doesn’t fuck around: IT’S IMMACULATE. They have three restaurants, a pool on the main floor and rooftop, exceptional service, spa, gym, and private beach area. I was in heaven — then you add people being able to be naked and sexual… sign me up.


Sex at a Swingers Resort

A common misconception about swinger takeovers is that you MUST have sex with others while you are there. However, after having a lovely conversation with the company’s CEO, Dave, he opened my eyes to the other possibilities. “Many couples join these takeovers simply to be around an erotic, flirty environment,” he said, and it’s true — couples can mingle with each other, and you can have fun freely.

SDC Ibiza Playroom Swingers Vacation Photo by Julieta Chiara

During the day, SDC hosted a pool party with a DJ and entertainment. Around the pool areas, you are more than welcome to be naked and party. If you felt inclined to have sex, you could take it back to your room or visit the rooftop playroom area and have sex with a killer view. At night, we enjoyed different themes and entertainment by erotic performers — it didn’t disappoint. The themes made people bring out their A-game, and the outfits (or lack thereof) were immaculate: It’s the perfect environment to feel comfortable in your body and sexuality. At night, there was an additional playroom opened up equipped with mattresses, glory holes, fuck machines, and an orgy bed.

Each playroom came equipped with condoms, lube, fresh towels, and refreshments — lord knows you get tired after an orgy!


What are Swingers Like?

So, what are swingers like? Well, they are just like you and me — swingers aren’t a different breed or caliber of people. They are everyday people who have opened up their relationships to enjoy fun, dating, and sexual play with other couples or singles. It’s one of the most respectful sexual environments I’ve ever been to, with all attendees having a heavy emphasis on consent and kindness. I was propositioned to play many times that were kind, playful, and respectful when I declined (I chose not to participate in this event since I was working).

I met couples from all over the world and of all ages. From young couples there on their first vacation together to couples who have been together for 30+ years and swinging for half of it — the place radiated love, play, and good energy. There wasn’t even a pinch of unpleasantness in this event and environment.

SDC Ibiza Entertainment Swingers Vacation Photo by Ressan



I want to emphasize that I think this magical, wholesome, and fun week is heavily accredited to the fabulous SDC team.

This small team that runs the world’s largest lifestyle network was dedicated to every detail of the care, service, and experience we had. They were familiar faces that people had come to love over years and years of doing events together all over the world — truly, a family!


This is Your Sign

While I can’t promise you that other swinger resorts and events will be good, I can promise you that any SDC-run or sponsored event will satisfy your every need. Thank you so much to the SDC team for inviting me over and making me feel at home!

Photos by RESSAN and Julieta Chiara

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