Jhen, Host of “Monogamish” Podcast, Polyamorous, Pansexual

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Kitty is absolutely thrilled to share her latest podcast interview that she released recently with Jhen of the “Monogamish Podcast.”

Born and raised in Jamaica, Jhen is a pansexual, polyamorous romance novel enthusiast who is passionate about music. She is the creator and host of “Monogamish Pod” and co-host of “The Blachelorettes” and “Stacked” podcasts. She is also a bookstagrammer and a sensitivity reader for Queer, Caribbean, and Polyamorous content.

Jhen of Monogamish on Kitty Chambliss's Podcast

I am absolutely thrilled to share my latest podcast interview that I released recently with Jhen of the “Monogamish Podcast.” Jhen and I met in person at a really fun event on a yacht back in February 2021 through our (then) joint podcast sponsor. The moment I first set eyes on Jhen by the dock and we realized we were both going to the same event, I was SOOO relieved I was in the correct spot! Phew! It is nice to associate Jhen with that feeling of utter calmness, as well as a sense of adventure that we were about to enjoy together with a fun group of like-minded, forward-thinking podcasters! We book-ended the weekend with that initial meeting by the dock at the start of the event, followed by a more in-depth conversation at the closing dinner when we serendipitously sat next to each other. It was such an absolute pleasure to meet her, that I had to invite her to come on the podcast… and I am so glad she did. She is fun, engaging, and, at times, truly hilarious! I also enjoyed getting to know more about her background as well as her perspective on pop culture, polyamory, and podcasting.

In this interview, Jhen and I discuss…

  • Her upbringing in Jamaica with conservative parents and its influence on her life.
  • How she considers herself a big romantic when it comes to books, but not real life.
  • Her realization at age 6 that she wanted a husband… and a wife.
  • How she had her first “V” relationship before the age of 8.
  • Learning the word bisexual (from the “L-Word” television show) and coming out to friends at age 13.
  • The challenges she faced with an eating disorder, anxiety, and understanding herself and her boundaries.
  • Her struggles with jealousy and insecurity in the context of friendships (not romantic relationships).
  • Her current dating status and the labels she presently uses to describe her romantic and sexual preferences.
  • Why she is passionate about representing black female voices in these important conversations.
  • Her surprise at some of the close-mindedness she encountered in the polyamorous community.
  • Her “Monogamish Pod” episode with Kevin Patterson.

Tune in to listen to this fantastic and fascinating podcast episode!


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