Amy Bond, Studio Founder, Pole Dancer, & Documentary Co-Star

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Amy Bond, Studio Founder, Pole Dancer, & Documentary Co-Star

Kitty is excited to share her latest podcast interview that she released recently with superstar pole dancer Amy Bond.

Amy Bond is the founder of Pole & Dance Studios, a network of pole dance studios across the Pacific NW. She is the co-star of the recently released Netflix documentary “Strip Down, Rise Up” and author of a memoir called Becoming California about leaving the Mormon church and the porn industry.

I am so dang excited to share my latest podcast interview that I released recently with superstar pole dancer Amy Bond. My amazing assistant, Tracy, had been fangirling Amy after seeing her in the documentary “Strip Down, Rise Up” and had been suggesting that I watch the movie since Tracy and I are both pole dancers. Then, Tracy was super excited when Amy reached out to inquire about being a guest on the podcast, which was just the push I needed to watch the movie, which I very much enjoyed! Wow, pole dancing has had a powerful and spectacular impact on my life, which I describe in this revealing post written years ago, yet still relevant today: “Pole Dancing, Polyamory, and Perceptions.” Thus, it was so much fun to meet the inspiring Amy Bond, get to more about her remarkable journey, talk about all things pole dancing, and learn about her early foray into ethical non-monogamy. Plus, knowing how eager Tracy was to meet Amy, I invited Tracy to act as my co-host for this exciting podcast episode for the first time.

In this interview, Amy and I discuss…

  • What first attracted her to pole dancing, and the first pole trick she ever learned.
  • The impact pole dancing had on her sense of empowerment and overall emotional well-being.
  • The stigmas surrounding pole dancing in our society.
  • Why she competes, and what she enjoys the most about competing in pole competitions.
  • Her experience in being a part of the “Strip Down, Rise Up documentary.
  • Why she is writing a book.
  • Her own experiences with ethical non-monogamy.

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