Birthday Surprise

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Birthday gangbang in a luxury hotel? You don’t have to ask this lucky lady twice…

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I had fantasized about a gangbang for a while. I worried, though… would I be able to please so many guys, would it hurt, get out of control, would my husband think I was a slut? My husband Bob booked a suite at a luxury hotel near our town for my birthday. When we arrived, he told me he had a surprise and asked me to take off my clothes. By the time I’d done so, there was a knock on the door.

Guest Arrive, Knock by Knock

I opened the door, wearing just a garter belt, hose, and my 6″ stripper heels greeting a distinguished-looking black gentleman in his 50s. The heels made me so tall that my bare 38D tits were poking right in his face. He came in, sat down in the suite’s living room, and made small talk when there was another knock on the door. 

This time it was a tall, muscular white guy with brown hair, appearing about 30. No sooner than he came in and sat down was there another knock. I looked at Bob with a ‘WTF’ look on my face and answered the door. 

Another black gentleman was there, and this man was a bit younger than the first — perhaps 40. 

Finally, another knock on the door revealed two blonde white guys who I think were brothers and about 25. 

Here I was, nude, in a hotel with five guys I had never met, and I did not even know their names. I was anxious, scared, excited, and aroused all at the same time. I whispered to Bob, “Do you really want me to fuck all of them?” He said, “Hell yes. I’m dying to see.”

She Gets the Party Started

Bob suggested I dance for the guys to start things off, so I danced, gradually getting a bit more flirty, as the guys got a bit more handsy, until I was grinding away giving lap dances. I could tell even through his pants that the older black gentleman was huge and that the others were varying degrees of large to very large. 

From the dancing, we moved into the suite’s bedroom, and the guys undressed. I was not wrong about the older black gentleman — he had to be at least 11″ and as thick as my wrist. The younger black gentleman was also very impressive, but every other cock in the room looked a bit small in comparison, even my husband’s 9″ cock. I motioned for the two black gentlemen to join me on the bed.

Ride ‘em, Cowgirl!

I got on top of the bigger one. I wanted to control how fast and how deep that monster cock thrust into me. While I rode him cowgirl, I began fondling and sucking the other black guy. I slowly worked all of the monster cock in my pussy until it was fully in, and we built up gradually to faster, deeper strokes until he was pounding me with his big dick. It took only a few minutes to reach my first orgasm of the evening. As I rode the big cock, I was working on getting the other beautiful BBC as far in my mouth as possible. I almost had him deep-throated before it was time to move on.

Owning Her Assets

The younger guy asked Bob if he could do my ass. Before Bob could answer, I said, “Hey, it’s my ass — why are you asking him?” but then laughed and told him to go for it. He moved around behind, rubbed a generous amount of lube on my butt, and then I felt the pressure of his cock rubbing on my ass and pushing against my asshole. He then pushed through my sphincter, and I felt his huge cock sliding into my ass. At first, there was a surge of pain, but that subsided and gave way to pleasure as I relaxed. 

The two BBC filled me up as I’d never been filled before. As they got their stroking coordinated and really got to fucking me, I was screaming with pleasure and came several more times. While the black guys were DPing me, the brown-haired guy stuck his dick in my mouth to render me properly air-tight. Shortly after that, the three of them came, took a break, and left me to the blonde brothers.

One of them started kissing me and playing with my breasts, and the other went down between my legs. He was a consummate pussy eater for a young guy, leading to yet another orgasm. Their thing was doing women together and wanted to do DVP. They were both reasonably long but not terribly thick, so both of them in my pussy together was manageable and led to another screaming orgasm.

Hours of Pleasure… Almost Interrupted

We went on like that for several hours (although I did have to take two breaks to recover), exploring about every combination of fucking, sucking, titty-fucking, mouth-fucking, anal, etc., that six people can do. I had all five engaged at the high point — one in my pussy, one in my ass, one in my mouth, and jacking off one with each hand. 

Unfortunately, I must have been a bit too loud because the hotel manager came to the room and said there had been noise complaints and a concern about a woman’s safety. He insisted on speaking to me alone to assure that I was safe, and this was voluntary. I went into the bedroom alone with him and told him it was all fine. He said that, nonetheless, the party should end. I asked him if I could change his mind and rubbed my hand on his crotch. He smiled, and I opened his pants, revealing a small little cock, already hard. I gave him a blow job, taking all of his little cock, and even one of his balls, in my mouth. He exploded in no time. He then said we could continue but to keep down the noise, so we continued to party after he left.

Five Guys, Five Hours, and a Beautiful Reclamation

After a total of about five hours, with the breaks, the guys had all cum multiple times and were satiated. So, one-by-one, they dressed and left. I was a cum-covered mess. After they were all gone, Bob went down on me, licking my now-swollen, sore pussy. His tongue cleaning me felt so good. Then he gently fucked me for the best fuck of the night as we recalled the action, and I had my final and best orgasm. When we were done, I kind of panicked over what I had just done. I didn’t even know these guys — what about STDs?! Bob reassured me that he had carefully vetted, he met with each of the guys before selecting them, and they all had negative tests. I felt much better, with my last question being, “I hope you kept the phone number for the older black gentleman!”

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This story was submitted by one of our members to the Hottest Gangbang Erotic Writing Contest. Our editor made minor adjustments to this story for length and clarity.

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