English Rose Experiences French BBC

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This cuckold tells the story of his hotwife and her incredible gangbang that took place in France during the Yellow Jacket protests.

One of our SDC members submitted the following story to our “Strangest Place You’ve Ever Had Sex” Erotic Writing Contest.

This is a story that takes place in France during the Yellow Jacket protests. As a hotwife cuckold couple living in France and active on local swinger sites, we tend to get a lot of party invites. We are also frequent visitors to Cap d’Agde. Despite all of this experience, my hotwife is still a little timid. She comes across as sweet and innocent (the butter-wouldn’t-melt type); this night, however, which I am about to converse to you all, is a real reflection of just how horny, sexually capable, and a total slut wife she really can be!

Wait… Where’s Everybody Else?!

We received an invite to a party from another cuckold couple V&J, and they are a delightful couple although slightly older than us; I should say we are in our late 40s and both keep quite fit, and my hotwife is a stair master freak, so she is very strong in the thighs!! V&J told us that there would be themselves, us, and two couples along with right young bull BBCs, a ratio of 2-to-1 minus the husbands.

That evening, we set off on the hour-long journey knowing that we may be held up by the Yellow Jacket protesters blocking the major road routes, which all started due to rising fuel prices here in France. Eventually, after a few hold-ups, we arrived at V&J’s place, a lovely secluded French house on the outskirts of a major city. We were greeted and led into a grand salon where we started to get to know V&J. At this point, no one else had yet arrived. Now, we do speak French, but with a limited vocab — and V&J spoke no English at all! My wife and I kept glancing at each other, wondering where everyone else was.

Then J’s mobile started ringing; J answered, and the couples were informing J that the Yellow Jackets were blocking roads and that, except for us, they had all turned around and were cancelling the night! J explained to us what was going on, but then the gate intercom buzzed. Soon after, six strapping, good-looking BBC studs strolled in. The phone rang once again, and J informed us that more guys were turning up. He then asked me if my wife was going to be OK with a few extra guys turning up — bearing in mind that the other couples had cancelled, which only left the two ladies! Within 20 minutes, twelve black bulls were standing around sipping rum! I asked my wife what she thought, and she blankly looked into my eyes then grinned from ear to ear, stating there was only one way to find out! My cock immediately sprung to life! (I still think it was sheer cock-boggling shock that made her agree!)

English Rose Steals the Spotlight

It wasn’t long until my hottie became the centre of attention, especially as she was the new girl on the block (guys and their bedpost notches…). It was evident that V&J knew the guys well and regularly hooked up for fun. With no time to think, my wife was naked except for her lovely red lingerie and stilettos. The sight of all these black guys around her naked body and her looking totally comfortable got me so hard!! Hands were everywhere, and I could see that she was really enjoying so many guys around her — it was complete and total sensory overload!

She then dropped to her knees and started caressing the multitude of lovely large black cocks, sucking them down deep and then moving to the next impressive one! Thankfully, V was there also, and she had some of the guys working on her, which gave my little rose some manoeuvring space! Bless her; she had never been with more than three guys before, so this was a thrill but also nerve-racking at the same time.

Within an hour, my hottie had taken all twelve cocks, sometimes three at a time, in every position and every hole. She told me she had at least six or seven orgasms in the first twenty minutes! My wife and her young studs were relentless. It was was like watching the Duracell bunny, her arse pounding up and down like a hydraulic piston on those big delicious black cocks! The guys were taking her in every conceivable position; it was completely amazing — unreal even — fantasy turned reality for the pair of us!

The Cum-Filled Finale

After a rest break, nibble, and some mingling, they all set off again — for three more hours!!! During this time, the ladies even found time to do a girl-on-girl show for the boys, and a fabulous show it was! The evening finished with the guys that still had available cum laying the two lucky ladies down and giving them a sperm douche! They took their bukkake in turns, spurting it over their worn-out pussies! I was so proud of my little hotwife as she sat there amongst her lovers covered in sweat and their cum as we chatted and drank until the small hours.

Before leaving, my hottie showered — but I noticed that three of the guys got up and followed her. I gave it five minutes and went to check on her. As I entered the bathroom, I could hear my wife moaning loudly, and then I stood watching one of the biggest guys there fucking her doggy style while she held onto the other two cocks and tried to suck them between pounding strokes! Just after I arrived, he plunged in deep and exploded another load inside her; her legs buckled, and she dropped to her knees as he flopped out with a pop! What a trooper she is!!

When we arrived home, I asked if she could manage taking me in her now very sore and worn out hole, to which she said, “I can try, as you’re at least half the size of the smallest cock I’ve had tonight,” then laughed! So, I climbed on and put my aching cock inside her. She was so stretched out that it was like fucking thin air. I’m sure she never felt me! I can honestly say that it was the best orgasm I’ve had! She is a true hotwife black-cock slut who I love dearly!

SDC Member Stories Erotic Writing Contest

This story was submitted by one of our members to the “Where’s the Strangest Place You’ve Had Sex?” Erotic Writing Contest. Our editor made minor adjustments to this story for length and clarity.


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