In Search of the Aurora Borealis

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He’s had quite the bucket list of lusty locations, but this one had them both seeing stars.

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On a dark Italian pier with K while three of our teenage female classmates were leaning over the opposite edge watching the moonlit waters. Fingering W, with a wank in return, under a blanket on a busy bus from London to Glasgow, similarly slipping inside C on the backseat of a crowded overnight coach from London to Venice (where I would finger her on a pedalo metres a few hundred yards from shore). A sucking from L on a half-empty plane to Maldives. H bouncing on top of me on a darkened beach next to a taverna full of diners in Rhodes. Taking J anally as she leaned over our Cretan hotel balcony. Fingering M at the top of the Burns Monument beside the Brig o’ Doon Bridge overlooking fellow wedding guests at the hotel across the road. And, of course, fucking my now-wife in the middle of the crowded swingers beach at Cap d’Agde — but what libertine hasn’t done the latter with someone? You can tell I’m getting old to have packed in all those experiences with different partners — and they are probably pretty tame locations to many. As strange as it gets for me? Maybe with another ex after fulfilling a long-held ambition to drive ’round the northern coast of Scotland.

Secret Lovers

A very posh, polite, petite but talkative English university student, she had seduced me — almost 15 years her elder — with her cookie wit, intelligence, and mischievous smile after a chance meeting on the train from London to Edinburgh. Seduced to the extent, she told me her husband was her “flatmate” until revealing the truth a few weeks after we made mad passionate love in my bed for the first time. Having insisted that hubby was cool with it, as their marriage was no longer a sexual one, only to later reveal she had told him I was her gay study friend, we headed on what has since been branded the North Coast 500.

The journey took us to a remote point billed as one of the most northern in the UK — and one of the best to see the famous Northern Lights. I had already found out how adventurous she could be after she allowed me to play with her clit and finger her under the table — and then against the wall — of a secluded alcove in a renowned vegetarian Edinburgh restaurant. Unfortunately, the grey clouds overhead ensured there was little chance of our first sight of that famous astronomical phenomenon. What else to do on an otherwise deserted outcrop with the waves crashing against the rocks about 30 feet below?

North Coast 500

Like a scene from Titanic, I pushed her long, sleek brown hair aside to kiss the back of her neck as we stared far out into the rolling ocean, my hands ’round her waist, travelling slowly up the thick sweater to cup the softness of her small, welcoming breasts. Feeling my erection rise against the small of her back, she reached behind her to stroke me through my jeans before beginning to tug down the zip. The warmth of her hand against my cock was in stark contrast to the cool air beginning to blow through the gap in my jeans as she began to stroke my hardness — and I moved my own hands down to loosen the belt of hers.

Slipping my hands under panties from behind, I could feel how wet she had already become. As she began to moan, she turned, and we began to kiss passionately, one hand behind my neck, running through my hair as the other hand stroked my cock and balls, my right hand now cupping her bum cheeks under her now-loosened jeans and the other under her sweater pushing her bra up to expose breasts with nipples now hard through a combination of cold air and desire.

Exploring More than the Sights

She sat down on the little stone bench at the viewing point, pulled me between her legs, and started to lick the tip of my cock, her hands cupping my bum cheeks before licking and sucking the shaft. I wanted to return the compliment, but kneeling before her was impractical on the muddy, uneven ground below — and the stone seat was poking uncomfortably into that skinny wee bum. I told her to stand, turned her ’round, placed her hands against the wall on either side of the glassless window of the viewing point, and spread her legs.

Talk about mooning (there were now two in my sight as dusk turned to dark)! She had one of those skinny bums that immediately exposes everything when bent over, and I crouched down to savour those gorgeous pouting pussy lips and cute little anus with my tongue. She was so wet, tasted so sweet, I could have stayed there for hours — and in other circumstances, would. But the wind was biting, we didn’t know if and when some other tourist might stumble onto the scene, and it wasn’t the most comfortable love-making position, so time was of the essence.

I stood up and, taking hold of her tiny hips, slipped my hard cock inside her. I reached around to play with her clit as we fucked while looking far out to sea. It wasn’t long before we both reached orgasms as stormy as the ocean — her first, with me following as her legs began to give way, my cum spilling deep inside her.

And so ends my Borealis tale of chasing the Aurora, which I’ve still yet to witness despite living in Scotland almost my whole life. We didn’t get to see the Northern Lights that night, but we did see plenty of metaphorical stars — and, having had her Milky Way with me, my beautiful young lover would soon return to the more cosy world of married life.

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