Mile High Club

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A spontaneous moment of passion helped this couple join the Mile High Club.

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It was a clear Friday night, June 15, 1990, with perfectly smooth air when I was flying the company aircraft. The plane was a six-seat, high-performance, single-engine airplane (Piper PA-32R-301T), on an IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) flight plan, to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) to pick up a company employee that had flown in on a commercial flight. My girlfriend (a blue-eyed blonde with perfect 36D breasts), at the time (that I had only been dating for about six months), was riding along. In a spontaneous moment, as we were talking, we said, “Hey, we should join the Mile High Club since we are flying at 8000 feet.”

The Thrill of Joining the Mile High Club

Without a second thought, and with the autopilot on, she takes off her bottoms unbuttons her blouse (she was not wearing a bra). While she was doing that, I push my pants down and we straddle the center console, with her on top. It was a little awkward because we had to be careful not to bump the throttle, prop, or mixture control levers while getting into “position.” We finally got our positions right, and we started humping away with the sound of the purring engine, the glow of the panel lights in the dark in the background, listening for en-route traffic control center in case they called me — it was awesome!! While we were humping, I did have to communicate with the en-route traffic control center a few times — if those guys only knew… We finished up just as I had to start the descent on the Standard Terminal Arrival Route (STAR) into DFW. It was one of the most exciting sexual experiences I have ever had!

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