Russ Haywood, Co-Founder of Dating Guidance App CanWe

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Russ Haywood, Co-Founder of Dating Guidance App CanWe

Kitty is delighted to share her latest podcast interview that she released recently with Russ Haywood of the newly-launched CanWe app.

Russ Haywood is a social systems innovator and has a Philosophy BA and Political Theory BA from the University of Minnesota and an MBA from Hamline University. Russ is also co-founder of Unveil Social, a Minneapolis B-corp that just launched CanWe – Your Dating Guidance App. CanWe’s mission is to help daters cut out the frustration of modern dating with researched guidance.

I am delighted to share my latest podcast interview that I released recently with Russ Haywood of the newly-launched CanWe app. I received an email from CanWe introducing this new startup that has built not a dating app, but rather a dating guide that is focused on helping people date more intentionally. I was especially interested in learning more when they advised me that the LGBTQ+ community is finding the app particularly useful because it was giving them more clarity around whether or not they were in sync with their partner(s). Although we didn’t get to talk about this aspect during our interview, I was really impressed with the types of conversations that Russ is hoping people have as a result of putting their intentions first and then determining other characteristics such as attraction second.

In this episode, Russ and I discuss…

  • How being a struggling actor in NYC initially turned him onto the problem of how to bring the right people together.
  • How dabbling with feminism as a young man was very confusing for him with respect to dating.
  • Why so many people are frustrated with dating and dating apps.
  • How and why it is challenging for people to be really honest with their dating profiles.
  • What he feels is the critical stuff to evaluate when meeting/dating someone.
  • Why CanWe is distinctly different than dating apps, which are all about seeking.
  • How the CanWe app works and can be utilized on your own and then eventually with a potential partner.

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