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She gets to be the center of attention in her first gangbang on their visit to the US!

One of our SDC members submitted the following story to our “Hottest Gangbang” Erotic Writing Contest.

My wife Diane is a stunning and pretty Asian woman, and together we have enjoyed lots of hot moments in our open marriage. I introduced her to the joy of being the center of attraction in a gangbang a few years back. During our last trip to the US, she had the best bang ever. Here’s her story:

“In the current world situation, it’s challenging to meet people and so is travelling. For over a year, I didn’t leave my home country in Asia, and then we finally were traveling again — between some business, we had a week for ourselves and traveled up the west coast.

The gangbang I would have during that time is not my first, but definitely the best. Not expecting the gangbang would happen made it more extra erotic for me. On day three of our trip, we arrived in LA, and little did I know my husband was already talking with a group of guys for my big night. Considering we were only in LA for two nights, I could say salute to him organizing this — but then I am used to him coming up with special things for me.

She Likes What She Sees

Upon arriving at the hotel in Hollywood, we got upgraded to an amazing suite. Getting into the room, I was already thinking, “we need to put this room to good use.” And we would! As we settled, my husband showed me pictures of some guys and asked me, “you like any of them?” I knew right away what he planned, and I replied with a big smile, “SURE.” He had found a guy who has organized a few gangbangs, so they were very well set up as a group. That added to my excitement. The party was set the next day — our last night. We did some touristy stuff and, while doing so, I got so turned on by the thought of what would happen later!

Keeping a Hint of Mystery

As soon as we got back to the hotel, I started getting ready. I curled my long hair and wore black lace lingerie that showed my sexy curves, a lace-top robe, and black heels. I wanted the guys to see my body but still leave it in their mind that there’s more behind the lacey, sexy clothing. I was nervous but excited. 

When I was almost ready, my husband told me he would pick up the first guys downstairs. I poured myself a glass of red wine while I sat on the sofa in the room, and when I saw the door open, there was my husband with the first two guys. Trent, the group organizer, introduced himself, and he said, “WOW, you’re very beautiful!” While we were chatting, Hubby went to get the rest of the guys and came back to the room with three of them — making a group of five.

Five Guys

I sat between Hubby and Trent on the sofa while the rest sat across from us, looking at me while talking. I could tell that they couldn’t wait to do things with me. All of them were such nice gentlemen and handsome — a diverse group between 20–50 years old — and ALL were my type of guys. 

We chatted a bit as, “I always like to remember and know the names of people I’m fucking,” hence I like a little small talk while I tease them with what they can have after the talk. I stood up a few times to get something in the room to give them a little peek of my behind. While we were chatting, I told the guys I would like to explore them closer. And with that, I meant going around for them to touch me and for me to touch them.

Exploring Each Other

First, I went to Ray, the black guy; he sat, and I stood next to him. I took his hand, let him touch my ass cheeks, and told him to feel it. He had strong hands and, oh boy… that was, hmmm… intense. We looked at each other, and I felt we also had a passionate connection. A gangbang is way better when you connect with all the guys in the beginning. I do like to get fucked by many guys, but I need the mind connection. 

Next, I went over to Trent on the sofa. I sat on top of him and let him feel my breasts. He uncovered them by slowly taking off my lingerie and massaging my boobs. I closed my eyes as I felt it, and that made my body shiver in a good way. I could also feel him getting excited. I went over to Jose, the Mexican guy, and told him he could suck my breast. I had no chance to move to the other two guys as I was horny by then and told everybody to follow me to the bedroom.

She’s Ready!

Once there, everybody got undressed while Hubby sat on the chair looking like the happiest “Husband of a Hotwife.” Trent wasted no time getting the first taste of my wet pussy, and he licked me so good that I almost came and forgot that I had five cocks to discover! Two guys started to suck my breast, and another one took the position to put his cock in my mouth. That didn’t last long, as I was ready to fuck! 

I asked Ray to put his condom on and lay down. I went on top and slowly lowered myself onto his cock; he was on a bigger side but very manageable, and I enjoyed every inch of it! While fucking Ray, one of the other guys came over and had me suck his cock. After riding for a bit, we changed position, and Ray took me from behind, and I suddenly realized that everybody was ready to take me — they were all around me and holding hard cocks.

She Takes One After the Other

I just kept myself in a doggy position and let them do me one after another. My body kept shivering, and I enjoyed all five of them when I felt the need for a break. After a short round of drinks, Jose started licking me again, and then I asked him to fuck me. I just couldn’t get enough. And when Ray asked if I would like to do a DP, of course, I was ready! I hadn’t done one for so long, and I was so turned on — it was the most amazing highlight of the night!

They Can’t Get Enough!

While doing the DP, Trent got up on the bed and put his cock in my mouth. Two guys left a bit before the others, and I was left with three guys and my husband. While taking a break and chatting a bit, I got in the mood again and sucked my husband. The three guys were hard AGAIN and switched to fucking me in any positions that you could think of. Jose handled me solo while my husband and the other two guys watched. For the grand finale, my husband and the three guys joined together and came all over my body at the same time

After getting back home, my friends and family asked about my US trip and what the highlight was. I always reply that visiting LA was the best and most amazing. None of them have any idea that I am not talking about the touristy things — I am always thinking back to being with my husband and five guys who fucked me for five hours!

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