Two-for-One Fantasy Flight

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She meets a swoon-worthy Englishman on a trip to Spain and makes two of her fantasies come true on one flight!

One of our SDC members submitted the following story to our “Strangest Place You’ve Ever Had Sex” Erotic Writing Contest. Become a member of SDC today and submit your own swinger stories!

It was 1996. I was crossing the Atlantic on my way to Spain. That was my first transatlantic travel from South America to Europe for my first Hospitality Conference and Trade Show. I clearly remember him sitting on the opposite side of the four seats in the middle of the plane. Luckily, the two seats in the middle of the row were empty. He was reading some novel when he noticed I was staring at him. He was a blonde with reddish hair and blue eyes — a gorgeous man. He was dressed very elegantly. He looked like a Dandy.

He moved toward where I was sitting, and we started talking. He was from England and was in South America for business. I was instantly drawn into his eyes and the way he was looking at me like he wanted to rip my clothes off at that exact moment. I could feel the sexual tension between us, but we had to behave because we were surrounded by people.

A Teasing Dinner

Three hours went by into talking about every topic when the crew start serving the food. He start flirting with me by the way he was eating… I was getting excited at every bite he had. The way he looked at me and that playful smile was driving me crazy. I wanted to eat his mouth at that very moment, but I kept my composure.

We finished dinner and finally, after the crew picked up everything, I went to the bathroom. When I came back, I sat down and I was cold, so I grabbed the little blanket and put it over my legs. I was wearing a short dress, I remember. He looked at me and said, “let me warm you up.”

She Couldn’t Resist

He slid his hand under the blanket and went straight between my legs. I couldn’t resist. I instantly felt my wetness, and he started to reach my underwear and pull it to the side with expertise I had never experienced before. He stared at me and, at that exact moment, I kissed him while he started touching me under my already-wet panties.

He stuck one finger inside me and then took it out and tasted me in his mouth. Then he came back to kiss me and whispered in my ears, “I love your taste.” Then he stuck it back in and tried to reach my G-spot. When he got it, he started massaging it until I couldn’t resist and, with a discreet moan in his ear, I squirted all over the seat under the blanket. Then he grabbed my hand and directed it onto his already-erect missile which, at this point, was throbbed.

He Ignites Her Fire

I could feel every vein under my fingers, and some pre cum started to flow already. I began massaging it gently but firmly, looking straight into his eyes and seeing how much pleasure he was getting out of it. That was my fire.

I made a move and placed myself sideways in a way that left room for him to push himself into me. He started penetrating me slowly, in and out, making me feel every single inch of his delicious hard and veiny cock. He continued to do me slowly, and, at the perfect time, he whispered in my ear, “I will fill you up now,” and we came simultaneously.

I realized at that very moment that I had just scratched two of my fantasies out of my bucket list: To fuck a complete stranger and to become a member of The Mile High Club.

SDC Member Stories Erotic Writing Contest

This story was submitted by one of our members to the “Where’s the Strangest Place You’ve Had Sex?” Erotic Writing Contest. Our editor made minor adjustments to this story for length and clarity.

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