Questions to Ask a New Couple

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The Sparks Couple shares their ten questions that help get to know new couples during a first date.

By Sonny & Ashlyn Sparks for ASN Lifestyle Magazine

Hooray, you have made it to the point of meeting a new couple and are ready to see where things go! Assuming you’ve exchanged pleasantries on the basics, what does your quality time together consist of, or how do you make sure you are on the same page?

10 Questions for New Couples

Here are the ten questions we cover with new couples we are meeting. Generally, for us, we prefer to have this conversation in person as there is a lot that can be inferred from body language, answers, and the ability to clarify items if needed. 

  1. What is your communication style and preference?
  2. How long have you been in the lifestyle, and have you had other experiences?
  3. Are you full swap, soft swap, bisexual? What best describes each of you and your situation?
  4. What are your rules?
  5. When was your last STI testing? Protected play?
  6. How do you handle jealousy or issues?
  7. What is on your swing bucket list?
  8. What makes an experience next level for you?
  9. Have you ever had an ‘I wish we didn’t do that’ experience? 
  10. What is the next stage or step for you?

An In-Depth but Worthwhile Conversation

These questions can be quite in-depth, but getting them out of the way allows us to progress in a positive manner or decide early on if this is not a match between either couple. Whenever we ask a question, we also share the answer, since the transparency that stems from this kind of communication can have a great impact on the relationship with the other couple(s). 
In addition, ask these questions of your relationship. Can you answer them all? Are you both on the same page? How would you answer them if another couple asked you? 

Swinger couple Ashlyn and Sonny Sparks of Lifestyle Life

By Sonny & Ashlyn Sparks
Lifestyle Life

ASN Lifestyle Magazine Cover March 2022

This article originally appeared in the March 2022 issue of ASN Lifestyle Magazine

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