Sharing My Wife for the First Time Part 1: Meeting Their Bull

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Dive into this immersive story about a husband’s first experience sharing his wife with another man.

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This is the story of the first time my wife ever had sex with another man while I watched and joined in. I know the story is a bit long, but I wanted to give you the sense that “you were there.” I also hope that many people, who are just thinking about trying something like this, might be able to relate to how we felt as we went through this, and maybe they can gain some courage from our experience to try this for themselves. 

Immerse yourself in Part 2: Wet With Anticipation, and the finale, Part 3: She Becomes a Hotwife.

Meeting Their Bull

My wife, Hina, and I had discussed the possibility of having a threesome with another man for quite a long time. The thought of sharing her with another man turned me on and was just about the only sexual fantasy that I ever had! She finally agreed to try it, and so we set about trying to find the right guy. We posted ads on a couple of swinger websites and got dozens of replies. Of course, many of them were from married guys wanting us to meet them for a quick fuck in the middle of the afternoon so they could do it without their wives finding out about it. That, of course, wasn’t what we were looking for. We wanted a man who could take the time to spend the evening with us getting to know each other and spending the time to ease everyone into this “first time.” One of the responses we got to our ads was from a guy named Shaan.

A Guy Named Shaan

Shaan was in his mid-30s, and when Hina saw his picture, her initial reaction was, “Wow!” He was a good-looking man with black hair and a hairy chest. He had also sent a picture of his erect cock, and, from the pic, you could tell it was above average in size but not huge. After swapping e-mails and chatting with him on the computer, we both felt pretty comfortable with him. We also found out that he and his ex-wife had been swingers and had attended a local swing club that my wife and I had recently started attending but hadn’t really gotten into anything there yet. So, we felt like this was the guy to meet. 

We agreed to meet Shaan for dinner at a restaurant in downtown Nashville, which is about 45 minutes from our hometown in TN. We were supposed to meet him there at 7 pm on a Saturday night. So, Hina and I made the trip to Nashville earlier in the afternoon and got a hotel room.

Oh, What to Wear?!

The afternoon passed slowly, and the only topic of conversation was about what would happen tonight! We were both excited about it, but my wife was really nervous! As the afternoon passed into evening, we started to get ready to go out. Hina had brought several different sets of clothing with her so she could decide what to wear as she was getting dressed. After several changes of her mind, she finally settled on the following: 

She wore a short black skirt, a white blouse that was sheer see-through all across her chest, a white lace bra, a black g-string panty, a black garter belt, and very sheer black stockings with seams up the back. The shoes she wore were black satin pumps with little rhinestone decorations on the back of them above the heel. My wife is not a skinny woman, but not overly large, either. Most of her excess weight is in her midsection. So, she has very sexy long legs, a pretty face, and big tits that display plenty of cleavage when she wants to. The outfit she had chosen for the evening accentuated every one of her best features! The short skirt, sheer black stockings, and black satin pumps showcased her gorgeous legs and almost seemed to beg a man to get between them. The blouse and bra she wore showed plenty of cleavage and showed a lot of the lace of her bra. She was very sexy! I kept thinking about how exciting it was, knowing that she was dressing this way in order to impress a man she was about to meet for the first time and to entice him to want to fuck her! 

As she was getting dressed and I helped her, I also kept thinking about how “if I was lucky” I might get to see another man undress her in a couple of hours! My cock was hard all afternoon as we were getting ready. As she had done with her clothes, Hina had brought several different choices of evening wear with her as well. Since she was unsure how things would work out after we met this guy and how she would feel after he had come to the hotel room with us, she had brought everything from sweatpants and denim shirts to sexy lingerie. I told her to put it all in the bathroom, and then at some point after we came back from dinner, she could go in there and change into whatever she was comfortable with. After tidying the room up a bit, we were ready to leave and go meet Shaan.

Meeting Shaan

When we got to the restaurant, he apparently wasn’t there yet, so we gave the hostess a brief description of Shaan and told her that we were expecting him. We sat down at a table with our backs to the wall. Hina was so nervous I thought she might hyperventilate if she didn’t settle down! We ordered a couple of drinks and tried to relax. 

Shaan showed up about 10 minutes later. As he approached our table, it was obvious that he was much more handsome than his pictures had shown. He introduced himself, he and I shook hands, then he sat down, and we started small talk. We became very comfortable with him almost right away because he took control of the conversation and kept the talk general — and off from sex! After all, we were in a public restaurant where it was hard to talk without being overheard. 

At one point during dinner, Hina got up and went to the ladies’ room. While she was gone, Shaan took the opportunity to tell me that he thought she was very sexy. But, he also understood that she was very nervous about this whole thing. I told him that yes, she was, but that I thought he was doing a great job of putting her at ease. After dinner, and just before we were about to get up to leave, Shaan excused himself to go to the men’s room. I took that chance to ask Hina what she thought.

She Likes Him!

She told me that she really liked him. He was quite handsome, and she felt comfortable with him. I asked her if she wanted him to come to the hotel with us. She said, “Sure. He can come to the room, and we’ll just see how it goes from there.” When Shaan came back to the table, we got up to leave. As we started toward the door, Shaan stepped back and motioned for me to go ahead. I instantly knew what he wanted! He wanted me to go first, then Hina, so he could walk behind Hina and look at her legs and ass, which he hadn’t seen except for the fleeting glimpse he got when she walked from the table to the ladies’ room. 

After we stepped outside onto the sidewalk, Shaan took the opportunity to, for the first time, say something sexual to Hina. He said, “You are a very sexy woman, and you’ve got a fantastic pair of legs and a very nice ass.” Hina gave a nervous laugh and said, “Well, thank you.” Then I told Shaan, “Hey, why don’t you come to our hotel room with us, where we can have a few more drinks and talk a little more openly without anyone else around?” He said, “OK.” He agreed to follow us to the hotel, but I told him where it was and the room number in case we got separated in traffic. Then he went to his car, and we headed to ours. 

After getting in the car and starting for the hotel, I asked Hina how she felt about Shaan. She told me she thought he was very nice and very good-looking! I asked her if she thought she would fuck him. She said, “He certainly is good-looking enough to fuck him! But I’m really nervous about doing this with you! We’ll just have to see what happens when we get to the room.” I assured her that whatever she did, or didn’t do, was OK with me. I told her that the decision about what to do was entirely up to her!

She Wants to Fuck Him

I reached over and touched her stocking-clad thigh and ran my hand up under her short skirt so that I was touching the bare skin of her inner thigh above her stocking. I ran the tip of my fingers up and down the g-string covering her pussy, and I said, “However, I sure would like to watch you fuck this guy tonight!” She smiled at me, then spread her legs and let me reach my fingers around the g-string so that I could slip my fingers in between her pussy lips. To my surprise, her cunt was as wet as if I had been playing with it before having sex! I looked at her and, in “mock surprise,” asked, “You WANT to fuck him, too! Don’t you?” She admitted that the idea of fucking him while I watched and joined in was exciting her! For the rest of the 15-minute trip to the hotel, we talked about what might happen in the room and how everything would get started. We agreed not to push, or rush anything, just play it by ear and see what happens. 

Read what happens next in Part 2: Wet With Anticipation!

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This story was submitted by one of our members to the “My First Big Cock” Erotic Writing Contest.
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