Sharing My Wife for the First Time Part 2: Wet With Anticipation

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Things simmer into a boil once this ménage à trois makes it to the hotel.

The following story was submitted by an SDC member to the “My First Big Cock” Erotic Writing Contest.

This is a three-part story. Catch up with Part 1: Meeting Their Bull, here. Don’t miss the finale, Part 3: She Becomes a Hotwife!


When we arrived at the hotel, we all went inside, and I offered Shaan a beer from a cooler I had in the room. Hina had a soda. I sat down in a chair that was next to the bed, by the window, near the head of the bed. Shaan sat on the foot of the bed facing the TV. Hina had kicked her shoes off as soon as we walked in the door and was standing in front of Shaan taking her necklace off, with her back to him. She didn’t know that he was sitting right behind her! As she reached up behind her neck to take off her necklace, her already-short skirt rode up even further, exposing the tops of her stockings. Shaan turned around and made motions to me that said he liked what he saw! I thought he would turn around and take the opportunity to get something going by running his hands up her legs and onto her ass. But he didn’t. Like me, he just enjoyed the little impromptu “show” that Hina was giving us without even knowing she was doing it!

She Puts on a Show

After getting her necklace off, she laid it on top of the TV, took her soda around to the other side of the bed, and sat down against the headboard. The way my wife sat on the bed made her very short skirt ride even higher, exposing the tops of her stockings and the straps of the garter belt. When I saw that, I knew Shaan could see it, and it excited me to know that my wife was showing this much sexy flesh, stockings, and garter belt with a strange man in the room. 

As Hina had moved around the side of the bed and sat down, Shaan stood up, turned around, and got the same sexy view of my wife that I did as she sat down on the bed. I saw him looking at the same thing I was looking at — my wife’s sexy legs, thighs, stocking tops, garter straps, and knowing that a wet, willing pussy lay between those legs, just inches up under that skirt! Then Shaan looked at me and told us both that he had brought a VCR with an adult movie video and asked if we would mind if he went out to get it and hooked it up. Thinking it would be a good icebreaker, we said, “Sure!”

Shaan’s Ice-Breaker

He was only gone a couple of minutes, and while he was out of the room, I reassured Hina that whatever she did, it would be OK with me and that all of the decisions were up to her. Shaan returned with the VCR, and we hooked it up. Then he put the tape in, and we started the movie. As it came on, he adjusted the volume down to nearly nothing so that we could talk without all the phony noises from the video disturbing us. We turned off most of the lights in the room so that most of the light around the bed area was coming from the TV. Once everything was set, Shaan began talking to both of us about his past experiences swinging with his ex. 

For the next hour or so, the three of us talked about sex, the action on the TV, swinging, and what we (my wife and I) were looking to get into. At one point, Shaan told Hina, “I wish I could tell you that I had a twelve-inch cock! But, I can’t.” We all got a big laugh out of that. 

A little while later, Hina got up and went into the bathroom. Since we had gotten into the room, I had been excitedly waiting for one of these two to make some sort of “move” and get things going! When Hina went into the bathroom, I thought that maybe she would come out with one of her sexy nighties on, and maybe we would get some action started! To my dismay, she came out wearing a pair of sweatpants and a blue denim shirt. It was obvious that she had taken off her bra as her big tits swung back and forth under her shirt. I thought to myself, “Oh fuck! She’s not going to do it!” I figured she must have chickened out and that this was her way of telling me she wasn’t going to do it. 

Shaan and I had been drinking plenty of beer since we had come in, and so he needed to go to the bathroom. While he was in there, I whispered to Hina, “So, you’re not going to do it?” She said, “What makes you think that?” I said, “The way you’re dressed.” She then went on to tell me that she was just still a little nervous and didn’t know how to get it started, so she just put that on to be comfortable. But that she still might do it if things just happened. So, I held out hope that maybe the night wasn’t shot yet! 

When Shaan came out of the bathroom, the video was over, so he rewound it and started it over. (We had been sitting around just talking about sex for nearly two hours!) Then, it was my turn to go to the bathroom. As I went in, Hina was sitting on the bed with her back against the headboard and her left foot hanging down off the side of the bed. Shaan was sitting on the other side of the bed from her, and they were talking. I took my time in the bathroom, thinking that maybe if I left them alone for a few minutes, they both might feel a bit more at ease, and maybe something would get going. I took a piss but didn’t flush the toilet. I listened, and I could still hear them talking. Then I sat down on the counter and thought I would stay in here a couple of more minutes. Suddenly, I realized that I couldn’t hear them talking! My heart began to race! My mind began to go wild! I thought, “Man! I can’t hear them talking! I wonder what they’re doing. Are they kissing? Is he fucking her already? Should I stay in here? Or should I go out and see what’s going on?” After five minutes, which seemed like hours, I flushed the toilet and opened the bathroom door.

Do They Make Their Move?

As I stepped out into the room, I could see Hina sitting much as she was when I left the room, but now Shaan was sitting in front of her. They were kissing. He had her shirt unbuttoned to her waist, and his right hand was inside her shirt, playing with her tits! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! After all the years of fantasizing about watching my wife with another man, finally, here she was making out with Shaan, and he was playing with her tits! The scene only lasted a few seconds because as I stepped out of the bathroom, Shaan started to break it off with my wife, but I saw her reach up and grab him by the back of his head and hold him to her so that they could kiss a little more. (She later told me that she did that to let him know that it was OK if I saw them doing that. She didn’t want him to think that it was only OK to do that when I was out of the room). He took the hint and went back to kissing her and playing with her tits. I stood there and watched for a couple of minutes, with my cock as hard as a rock! 

When they came up for air and broke it off, Hina, still looking at Shaan, said to me, “You going to get those sodas out of the car?” She had finished the last soda a while ago, and we had talked about me going to get them, but I hadn’t yet. I thought that she was trying to get me out of the room so that she and Shaan could really get going! But then she laughed and told me, “I didn’t mean that the way it sounded. I’m not trying to get rid of you!” Shaan chimed in with, “Yeah, man. We’ll be good while you’re gone and wait for you to get back.” I said, “OK. I’ll go get them.”

They Wait for Him

I didn’t believe that they weren’t trying to get me out of the room, so I took a leisurely walk to the car and back, trying to give them time to really get going. When I got back to the room, I listened from outside the door and was surprised to hear them talking. So, I opened the door and went in. True to their word, they hadn’t been doing anything while I was gone. 

I gave Hina a new soda, which she opened, took a couple of sips from, and then she got up and went to the bathroom. I gave Shaan a fresh beer. He was sitting on the right side of the bed against the headboard. I got a fresh beer and sat down in a chair against the wall next to the TV so that I was at the foot of the bed, looking up the bed at him. We made small talk. Then Hina opened the door of the bathroom and stepped out. 

This time, she only had the denim shirt on, still unbuttoned to the waist, but she had taken her sweatpants off! This was it! She was going to do it! My heart began to race! Hina walked back over to the bed and sat down on it in the same manner that she had sat on it most of the night, with her back to the headboard and her left foot hanging off the bed, her right foot curled up under her. From my vantage point, at the foot of the bed, looking up the bed at my wife, as she sat down, I could see her bare pussy under the tail of her shirt. Shaan was sitting on the other side of the bed, and so he hadn’t gotten the flash that I had. I surmised that he might have gotten a glimpse of her bare ass as she sat down, but whether he had or not, he could obviously tell that my wife was naked, except for the denim shirt.

Shaan Makes His Move

As I watched, and no one said a thing, Shaan slid across the bed so that he was in front of Hina, the same way he was when I had come out of the bathroom earlier and seen them kissing. Then he put his mouth on my wife’s mouth and started to kiss her. His right hand slid inside her shirt, and he started playing with her tits again. My cock was instantly as hard as a rock! It was exciting to watch this other man, whom we had just met, kiss my wife, and she was obviously enjoying it! I watched as their lips parted, their mouths pressed together, and their tongues slipped into each other’s mouths. I had kissed my wife many times in the heat of passion just like this, but it was so much different to watch her doing it with another man and to see her in a way that I could never see her if it was us doing it. I would find out as the evening went on that “this” (watching her and seeing her in a way that I could never see her when we do it) was going to be the real thrill of sharing her with another man

Shaan had his hand on my wife’s right tit, playing with her nipple. With the back of his hand, he pushed her shirt open, and I could see his fingers with my wife’s nipple between them. He was squeezing and rolling her nipple between his fingers, and it was obviously exciting Hina. She has very large nipples, and they stand up hard when she is aroused. I could see the hard brown lump of her nipple between his fingers!

The Thrill of Her Desire

I love the thought of my wife being a “slut!” The thought of her being an easy, loose woman, who gets turned on by just the sexual act and, therefore, has to fuck to put the fire out, is exciting to me! All the years before we had gotten to this point, she was a “proper woman.” She had sex with me because “she loved me.” I liked to think she had sex just because she was horny and wanted to fuck! I know that when we had sex, we were making love. But I wanted to see her horny and fucking just because she was horny! 

Well, now, on the bed in front of me was my wife, kissing another man while he played with her tits. She obviously liked it because I could see how passionately she was kissing him back and how hard her nipple was as he played with it. She was HOT! She was turned on! She wanted to fuck, and it obviously wasn’t because she “loved this guy!” She was a “slut,” and I loved it!

Shaan Wants Her Swollen, Eager Pussy

Shaan took his right hand off her tit and reached down to lift her leg and kind of guide her down onto the bed, so she was lying on her back. Then he stretched out on his left side beside her and continued kissing her. Now he had his hand on the inside of her right thigh, and he pulled her leg toward him to spread her legs and get better access to what waited between them. 

The lights in the room were almost all off except for one over near the bathroom. But, the light from the porno movie on the TV screen, which was right next to me, put out a perfect glow on the scene before me, and I could see every detail! 

As Shaan pulled my wife’s legs apart, I could see her pussy lips were already swollen and slightly parted as they get when she is aroused, and I swear that I could see moisture on her slit! All this, and the guy hadn’t even touched her pussy yet! The “slut” was HOT! 

I watched as Shaan ran his hand up the inside of my wife’s thigh and slid his hand onto her pussy. As soon as he touched her, “there,” I heard her let out a loud sigh and saw her sort of shudder as if she had caught a chill. I saw Shaan’s fingers begin to rub up and down her pussy lips and confirm what I had thought I saw earlier. It was plainly visible now, as he rubbed her pussy lips that they were already moist! I could see the shiny wetness in the light from the TV! He slipped a finger or two in between her pussy lips, spreading them and teasing her by running his fingers up and down between them but not yet pushing them in any farther. I could hear my wife moan, and I saw her thrusting her hips and ass toward his fingers, trying to get him to finger-fuck her! She was HOT! The “slut” wanted him to slide his fingers up her cunt!

She Wants More

He obliged her, and I watched as two of his fingers slipped between her pussy lips and up her cunt as far as they would go. She let out a loud moan and wiggled her ass as she obviously enjoyed the feeling of his fingers buried in her hot snatch! He worked his fingers in and out, slowly beginning to finger-fuck her. I know how much my wife loves this. When she is really HOT, it usually doesn’t take much of this to make her cum! 

All the while that Shaan was doing this, they continued to kiss, and Hina was rubbing Shaan’s hairy chest. At some point, she had gotten his shirt open, and he had slipped it off. I had been so engrossed in watching his hands that I hadn’t even noticed! Hina was HOT and wanted more. With her right hand, she started undoing Shaan’s belt and pants. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Here was my wife, making out with this other guy while he had a couple of his fingers up her cunt, and she was trying to undo his pants! What a HOT, fucking “slut” she was! I loved it!

Shaan’s Big Cock Enters the Scene

Shaan helped her, and they got his pants undone, and he started to slip them off. As soon as he opened them up, his cock sprang out. It was (as in the pictures we had seen) bigger and huge. He was semi-hard, and I guessed when hard, he was maybe 9 or 10 inches long and very fat — cock that I wish I had! I am in that 6-inch but meaty, average category. Shaan kicked his pants off to the floor, and so he was now completely naked. Hina had his cock in her hand and was rubbing it. He was now completely hard, and her hand seemed to cover only a small portion of it. When she rubs my hard cock, only an inch or two sticks up above her hand. It looked like she could only cover half of his cock with her hand! As she was rubbing his cock, Shaan opened her shirt and started sucking on her tits.

While they were doing all this, I had been sitting in my chair, sipping on my beer and watching the show. By now, they were naked (except Hina still had her shirt on, buttoned across her waist), and they were very involved with each other. I stood up and quickly stripped my clothes off so that I was naked. I went to the bathroom and got a towel to keep handy in case I couldn’t hold my orgasm until it was my turn. After all, this was the first time I had ever watched my wife with another man, and I was at the very edge of cumming already!

He Enjoys the Show

I sat back down in the chair and started rubbing my hard cock with one hand and occasionally sipping my beer with the other. Hina pushed Shaan onto his back. She moved down his body so that she was laying on her right side across his waist, and she had his erect cock in her hand. She looked at me, and we both knew what she was about to do! From the look on her face, I could tell that she wanted me to say something and let her know that I was OK with all of this. While looking my wife right in her face, I said, “I’m loving this show, baby!” That was all she needed. She smiled at me, and as she kept her eyes locked on mine, she parted her lips, and there, just a few inches in front of me, took this other man’s cock into her mouth

Find out how far this newbie couple goes with their first bull here in Part 3: She Becomes a Hotwife!

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This story was submitted by one of our members to the “My First Big Cock” Erotic Writing Contest.
Our editor made minor adjustments to this story for length and clarity.

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