Sharing My Wife for the First Time Part 3: She Becomes a Hotwife

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Find out how far this newbie couple goes with their first bull here in the finale of this three-part story!

The following story was submitted by an SDC member to the “My First Big Cock” Erotic Writing Contest.

This is the third part of a three-part story. Catch up with Part 1: Meeting Their Bull and Part 2: Wet With Anticipation!

I watched as the head of his cock disappeared between my wife’s lips as she went down on him. I was surprised that she was able to take nearly all of his large cock into her mouth! She began the up-and-down motion of sucking his cock, and she seemed to love it! I know he loved it because I know what it feels like when Hina gives a blow job! She gives the best head I have ever had, and she can often make me cum before I want to!

She Gives Great Head

Shaan was moaning and obviously enjoying her mouth on his cock. He had his left hand on the back of her head and neck and played with her hair as she sucked him. He didn’t know it, but he was doing something that my wife really loves. She loves to have a man grab a handful of her hair and kind of gently force her head up and down on his cock as she sucks him

At one point, he leaned to the side so he could see me around her and said, “Man! She gives an incredible blow job!” I said, “Yeah, I know. Ya like that, huh?” He said, “Oh yeah, I like it! Damn! She’s a great cock sucker!” Then he put his head back down and moaned as he pushed my wife’s head down a bit and thrust his ass upward, forcing his cock deeper into her mouth. I loved watching her suck his cock! It was so erotic watching “my wife” sucking this other man’s cock and knowing how good it was feeling to him! And knowing that she was enjoying it! I was enjoying watching, but I wanted to get into some of the action.

He Joins the Action

I got up and went around to the right side of the bed so that I was behind Hina. I reached over and slid my hand between her legs. Knowing what I wanted, she lifted her left leg up, and I easily slid a couple of my fingers into her soaking wet snatch! I looked over at Shaan and said, “Man! You have really got her excited! Her pussy is soaked! She’s got juices running all over the place.” And she did! The whole area on the inside of her thighs and crotch was wet from her juices! He looked at me and said, “She’s got me pretty damn excited, too!” 

For the next several minutes, I fingered my wife’s pussy while she continued to suck Shaan’s cock. I marveled at how wet and warm her cunt was! The feeling of those slick juices, her hot slippery cunt, and the sight of her sucking another man’s cock, was almost more than I could stand! I thought that I might shoot my wad at any minute! My fingers were obviously making my wife very hot, as she was moaning with Shaan’s cock in her mouth and wiggled her ass on my fingers. I knew I had her near orgasm, but I didn’t want to make her cum yet. When she had her first orgasm tonight, I wanted to see Shaan make her do it! Finally, I stopped, went back to my chair, and sat down to watch some more. I sipped some more of my beer and avoided touching my cock, trying to let my physical feelings subside a bit so that I could enjoy the show without cumming too soon. 

Hina stopped sucking Shaan and slid back up on the bed next to him. I thought to myself, “The slut doesn’t want to make him cum with her mouth — she wants his load up her cunt!” And “that” she did!

She is Ready to Fuck

They began to kiss a little more, and then my wife gave Shaan a “pull” that told him she wanted him to get on top of her and fuck her. So, she rolled onto her back, and Shaan got up on his knees between her legs. I got up and moved around to the side of the bed so that I could look right down between her legs and see everything he was doing. Hina reached out, took my cock in her hand, and slowly pulled and squeezed on it. Shaan took his large cock in his hand and slid the head of it up and down my wife’s slit. This brought forth moans of pleasure from her, and each time he would hit a special spot, she would tighten her grip on my cock! 

Shaan looked at me, standing next to the bed as Hina stroked my cock and, as he was rubbing her pussy with his cock, said, “Man! Your wife is so sexy! She’s HOT! I think she wants to fuck — what do you think?” I said, “Yeah. I think she does. I’ve never seen her sexier and hotter than she is right now! This is one hell of a show!” I realized that I liked talking to this man, whom we had just met, while he and I were sexually pleasing my wife, and we were talking “about her” without including her in the conversation. There was something wicked, kinky, and sexy about that, and Shaan obviously knew that as he had done this before. Then, Shaan said to me, “Well, you ready for this?” I said, “Sure. Give her what she wants.”

Shaan Gives Her What She Wants

I watched as he pushed a little harder, and the head of his cock went between my wife’s pussy lips. Again, he rubbed it up and down her slit, but this time inside her lips, and he was really driving her crazy! She was moaning and trying to grind her ass up toward him to encourage him to slide his cock into her cunt, and all the while, she was gripping my cock! Suddenly, Shaan stopped his teasing, positioned his cock head right at my wife’s waiting fuck hole opening, looked at me with a grin, and said, “Here we go.” Then he pushed slowly forward, and I watched as his cock disappeared up my wife’s cunt!

His Fantasy Comes True!

By now, my wife was as hot as I had ever seen her! She was ready for this! She wanted to fuck this guy, and she didn’t care that I was standing there watching. By this point, she was so fucking HOT that all she wanted was to fuck! If she had any reservations at all about this, they were all gone now! As Shaan’s cock slid up my wife’s hot, slick cunt, she let out a long, guttural moan of pleasure and squeezed hard on my cock. Then, she arched her back and shuddered through her first orgasm of the night! I couldn’t believe it! All he did was slide his cock into her, and my wife was cumming like a wanton slut! I LOVED IT! This was EXACTLY what I wanted to see, “my wife,” HOTTER than hell itself and wanting to FUCK! 

As Shaan’s cock sank into my wife’s cunt and she shuddered through her orgasm, she tightly gripped and squeezed my cock. Watching my wife have her first-ever orgasm from another man while I watched and her pulling on my cock at the same time, was nearly more than I could take! I stepped back from the bed again, as I was afraid if I let her keep squeezing and pulling on my cock, I was going to cum too soon. 

I went back to my chair again and, from this vantage point, with the light from the TV screen putting a glow on the scene before me, I could plainly see Shaan’s cock as it stretched my wife’s pussy lips around his shaft and while he slid in and out of her! It was such an erotic scene! I had fantasized about seeing this for many years, and now, right here, just inches in front of me (I was so close that I could smell her juicy cunt and HEAR the squishing sounds of their actions!), was another man filling my wife’s cunt with his cock! I nearly lost it and almost busted a nut without even touching my cock! I sat in the chair and watched this other man fuck my wife as I sipped my beer and tried to soak in every sensation — the sights, sounds, and smells of the action in front of me. I wanted to remember it ALL!

She is LOVING It!

My wife seemed to love it as she wrapped her arms around Shaan, occasionally kissing him and moaning with every stroke of his cock in and out of her. I watched as she wrapped her legs over the backs of his knees, just as she does when I fuck her so that she has better leverage and can grind her pelvis against his the way she does me. I was fascinated as I watched her actions! She was HOT! Fucking just for the thrill of fucking! Grinding her ass up at him, pressing her belly against his, moaning and enjoying this fuck! She was a “hotwife!” A “slut!” And I loved every minute of it! 

Unlike me, Shaan was able to fuck for a very long time. I’m a 5-, maybe 10-minute, man, myself. But Shaan seemed to be able to control himself and fuck as long as he wanted. I was glad about that. Some guys might be jealous to think that another guy could “outperform” them. Not me! I was glad that he could give Hina all the fucking that she could handle. This was one of the reasons I wanted to do this. I wanted her to enjoy it and have a good time. I know that she enjoys it when we have sex, and I usually tried to make sure she was satisfied before I started to fuck her. But, I always felt that maybe, sometimes, she wanted to fuck more than what I could give her. So, this was one way “I” could give it to her! 

After several minutes of traditional fucking, Shaan got up on his knees and put my wife’s legs up over his shoulders. I guessed that he was getting in even deeper this way, and it brought forth some even deeper moans from Hina! Shortly after starting this, my wife started to moan and act in a way that I knew she was about to have another orgasm. I watched as she shuddered and ground her pelvis upwards to push against him as she went through her orgasm! It was SOOOOOOO erotic! He knew she was cumming, too, and did everything he could to maximize it for her, pushing his cock in deep, grinding his pelvis against hers. When she was done, he put her legs down. I knew he was going to fuck for himself now instead of trying so hard just to please her.

Shaan Fills Her Up with Cum

I watched between their legs as his cock worked in and out of my wife’s cunt. I could see the wet, white, and creamy-looking foam of her cum all around his cock and running down the crack of her ass! Shaan began to pick up speed, and soon I knew he was close to his orgasm. He gave a few more deep strokes, and then he pushed in as deep as he could get while letting out a deep moan. He held it there as he dumped his load of cum up my wife’s cunt! I saw his asshole pucker and his nut sack twitch as he filled my wife’s cunt with his load. I watched as his cum overflowed and seeped out around his cock to run down her crack and drip onto the bed! My cock twitched and jumped, and I was horrified to think that I might cum now before I got a chance to get into my wife’s cum-filled cunt! I roughly grabbed my cock and worked to hold the feelings back. 

Shaan laid on top of my wife for a few minutes, savoring the feeling of her hot, cum-filled pussy around his cock, as he told her how much he had enjoyed that, and they kissed a couple of times. Then he pulled out of her and got up off the bed. As his cock slid out of my wife’s pussy, I saw a thread of cum juices (a combination of his and hers) that stretched from her pussy to the tip of his cock, and it stretched longer until it finally broke off. It was as if their sexual “connection” to each other was symbolically breaking off. My wife’s fuck hole was slightly open, and cum was oozing out, running down her crack and dripping on the bed.

She Never Looked Hotter

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing before me! There laid “my wife” on the bed, freshly fucked by another man, her pussy swollen and partially open, cum oozing out and running down her ass, and she NEVER LOOKED HOTTER! I was so turned on and so in love with this “slut” on the bed! She looked at me, held out her hand to motion me to the bed, and said, “Come on. It’s your turn!”

He Gets to Fuck Her Cum-Filled Pussy

I took her hand and got on the bed between her legs. She grabbed my cock and guided it to her pussy. She was already well-fucked, so her pussy lips were partially open, her fuck hole full of another man’s cum, and I easily slid all the way in! I rested there a second, savoring the feeling of her well-fucked cunt full of another man’s cum, now with my cock buried deep in it! 

I began to stroke in and out of her. I was vaguely aware of Shaan moving around behind us to occupy the chair I had been in before so that he could have the same vantage point that I had had. I couldn’t believe how hot her cunt felt! How slick and gooey it felt from the mixture of her and another man’s cum! This was the first time I had ever experienced “sloppy seconds” from my own wife, and I was hoping it wouldn’t be the last. 

As I fucked her and looked into her face, I thought about how lovely she was, how much I loved her, and what a “slut” she was! We kissed passionately, seemingly trying to swallow each other! When we broke from our kiss, I said to her, “You know this isn’t going to take long. I can hardly hold it back now!” She said to me, “That’s OK. Come on, Baby! Fuck me! Let it feel good for yourself!” That was all I needed or could stand! I shoved in as far as I could go and added my load of cum up her cunt to mix with her and Shaan’s! 

After a minute or two of “recovery,” I got up and took one last look at my wife lying there on the bed, cum oozing from her pussy, freshly fucked by another man AND ME! I couldn’t believe she had really done it! But there it was! All of the evidence seeping out of her!

The Guys Celebrate His Messy, Slutty Hotwife

Hina got up from the bed and went into the bathroom to clean up. As she sat up to get off the bed, I saw some globs of the mixture of her juices, and Shaan and my loads of cum spurt out of her pussy and onto the bed. Shaan and I, being “guys,” just sat around naked, cum dripping from our cocks, and drank beer while we talked about how much fun that had been! He told me what a great fuck my wife had been and thanked me for the opportunity. I felt a bit of inner pride that this other man had found “my wife” so erotic and sexually appealing! I thanked him for his compliments, and we drank some more beer. Hina came out of the bathroom, grabbed her soda, and sat back on the bed just like she had been earlier in the night, with her back against the headboard, left foot hanging off the bed, and right foot curled up under her. 

We all sat around talking and drinking for several more minutes, and then the porno video ended for the second time. Shaan went to the bathroom while I rewound the tape and disconnected the VCR. When he came out, he was dressed and ready to go. He put the VCR and tape under one arm, and Hina walked him to the door. I watched as they kissed goodbye, and he reached under the tail of her shirt to rub her bare ass. As I watched them, I was thinking that I hoped this wouldn’t be the last time we would ever get together with him or that this wouldn’t be a “one-time” event for my wife and me.

They Keep Going!

After he left, Hina and I lay on the bed, talking excitedly about what had happened. Both of us had LOVED it, and we relived every moment! Hina mentioned that she had thought that Shaan would eat her pussy, but he never did. I told her I thought he was in a hurry to get his cock into her. She said that once things got going, she kind of wanted that, “in a hurry,” too! I didn’t want her to be disappointed about not getting something she wanted that night, so I slid down the bed and joyfully buried my face between her legs. 

She moaned as I slipped my tongue between her pussy lips and began to lick her. She had cleaned up when she went into the bathroom, but it had only been 30-45 minutes since she had fucked another man and me, and I could still smell the mixture of all of our juices, and she was still swollen and wet, and tender from all the cock she had had in her cunt tonight! I took my time, making sure that she enjoyed it, and ate her to at least two orgasms before I ended up fucking her again!

They Now Live the Swinging Lifestyle

As it turned out, this wasn’t the last time we were with Shaan or the last time I ever shared my wife with another man. However, this was the first time, and it happened several years ago. Since then, we have had many swinging experiences and have enjoyed our newfound lifestyle. My wife has turned out to be the “HOTwife” I always knew she could be, and our marriage has become stronger, and we have grown closer as a result of our sexual escapades.

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This story was submitted by one of our members to the “My First Big Cock” Erotic Writing Contest.
Our editor made minor adjustments to this story for length and clarity.

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