A Nude Beach ‘Must-Pack’ List for All Occasions

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Nude-beach-bound? Here’s a foolproof checklist to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy sunning your bum!

By David Kriso for ASN Lifestyle Magazine

Summertime is beach time and, of course, naked time! So let’s revisit and examine the arsenal of beach gear and other pertinent necessities. Whether going to Blacks Beach in San Diego, Sandy Hook’s Gunnison Beach in New Jersey, Little Beach on Maui, Orient Beach on St. Maarten, or Haulover Beach in Miami, packing the essentials and going prepared is the name of the game.

Nude beachgoers consist of many age groups. Everyone at a nude beach has a grand old time. It’s old-fashioned fun at its finest. Before slipping on the cover-ups and packing the car and the luggage (if applicable), what are the essential items to be packed for a nude beach? To be guaranteed the best time ever, it pays to have a foolproof checklist for all to follow.

1) Clothing:

Optional, right? Well, that’s a ‘yes’ but everyone has to be somewhat dressed before entering a nude beach. Wearing the proper clothing that can be easily taken off, stowed, and easily put back on is a must. You should wear the kind of clothing that are sure not to get sand in them, creating discomfort at the end, and wear clothing from which sand can be easily shaken out. No one wants to head home with a sand itch! Beach bags with zippers can surely protect clothing from getting coated with sand. Even better, anyone who wishes to go for a stroll up and down the beach while protected from the sun is imperative. Articles of clothing that conveniently cover the upper body, such as a long t-shirt or a buttoned blouse, work wonders.

2) Shelter:

From tents to anti-insect zip-up shelters to wind barriers, nude beachgoers are known to bring these items. Adequate shelter from the sun is a must. The mid-day heat can be brutal at times. Anyone who wishes to play a game of checkers, chess, cards, or just in need of privacy, tents and sun shelters work perfectly for a long day at a nude beach, and wind barriers can be seen everywhere. They protect against the sun, the elements, and worst of all, windblown sand. Further, they protect against unwanted debris. No one needs to have debris of any kind invading their space. Nude beachgoers should purchase quality wind barriers-the type manufactured from high-quality marine fabric.

3) Suntan Lotion:

When any trip involves a beach, suntan lotion is like an American Express card. No one should leave home without it. It’s at the top of the checklist for any beach trip. Gunnison Beach in New Jersey and Miami’s Haulover Beach are well-known for attracting all-day visitors. Both beaches are notorious for their lack of shelter from the sun. All-day visitors undoubtedly pack a suntan lotion with an SPF of 30 or more to provide maximum protection, for both the whole body and in particular, the backside, crevices, and private parts.

4) Headwear / Eyewear:

While out in the sun, protection against the sun’s UV rays is vital. The perfect headwear is a must-have. Ladies are welcome to pack their fancy hats with wide brims. Whatever hats that provide the best coverage are perfect. For men, baseball caps and beach caps with adjustable straps are the most prominently worn. Protecting the eyes from the sun is even more important. Sunglasses that provide the best protection are the most recommended (i.e., Maui Jim’s). Amazon features an extensive selection of men’s and women’s beach hats, as well as sunglasses for all ages.

5) Beach Games / Toys:

At any nude beach, there is surely going to be a beach volleyball net. Undoubtedly, there is going to be plentiful space for other fun activities. Among those activities are tossing a Frisbee, paddleball, or just a friendly game of badminton. No matter who’s playing against whom, beach toys can’t be forgotten. Boogie boarding is popular at Little Beach (Maui), Black’s Beach, and Haulover Beach. For those who have boogie boards, they’re sure to have a blast. There’s nothing wrong with going a bit overboard. Building a sandcastle or sand sculpture adds even more excitement. Sandcastles and sand sculptures are sure to guarantee plenty of sandy bottoms. For that, sand shovels and beach pails are a must. The more people, the more tools, the more creativity, the merrier!

Nude beachgoers are known to have a great sense of ingenuity. One time at Gunnison Beach, a group brought with them an inflatable kiddy pool and filled it with ocean water. Not only is it perfect for everyone to keep their feet wet, but it is definitely safer than contending with occasional rip currents. Keeping the feet wet is better than the feet roasting in the scorching hot sand. Inflatable kiddy pools on the beach are the perfect all-purpose items on the beach, for beachgoers of all ages to mix, mingle, and socialize. Shelter and safety are important, but keeping hydrated is vital. Beachgoers are encouraged to pack plenty of water for everyone in their party. It’s the key to a healthy, natural, and pleasant day in the sun.

Are You Ready?

Summer is one step closer. Everyone’s watching their calendars. Further, young couples are looking forward to taking their relationships to a more adventurous level. Come June, nude beaches will once again be calling and buzzing with action. Whether on the New Jersey Shore, in Miami, Cape Canaveral, or San Diego, nude beaches are the ultimate escape from the stresses of everyday life. At best, nude beaches provide a sense of freedom from the everyday structure and provide the perfect opportunity to have fun in the simplest manner, wearing little to nothing at all. Before heading out the door, getting in the car, or boarding the train or plane, it’s paramount to review the packing list. Does everyone have all the necessities? Did everyone pack the proper articles of clothing? Did everyone buy enough suntan lotion? Does the suntan lotion have an SBF of 30? Is everyone wearing a hat? Lastly, did anyone remember to pack a paddleball set, a Frisbee, or a volleyball? No visit to any nude beach in the United States is complete without the essentials mentioned. Baring all may be fun, healthy, and liberating-however, at a nude beach it is vital to keep all bases “covered.”

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