Daydreaming of Our Unicorn

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I sit at work, daydreaming about her. I bite my lip and let out a deep sigh. She’s a coworker, so this lust is strictly off-limits. 

She’s So Beautiful

She told me her days with other women were over. But that doesn’t stop me from thinking about her without clothing on. Maybe she would consider a threesome. It’s pure torture when she makes sexual comments about other men and women. I wish she would talk about me in that way. My fiancé and I could really enjoy time with her.

When she talks, I’m undressing her with my eyes. She’s beautiful. And working so close to her is so hard. We are both secretaries and work in a confined space. I wish she’d bend me over the desk and spank me because these thoughts are naughty. She sits at her desk, and you can feel the sexual tension. She’s beautiful, not too thin, but not too thick, with creamy white skin. She has brown eyes and brown hair. She is perfect, and it kills me inside to think it would be impossible to get her into our bed or have a real relationship with her as our third.

She wears tight leggings and basic tees, knowing she teases me. If it were up to me, we would have the clothes on the floor at all times. We would take off each other’s matching lingerie while exploring with our hands up and down. We would make out passionately while he pulled her long brunette hair. I’d be sucking on her large boobs and licking her from head to toe. I would lick her pussy. I’d spank her while my fiancé fucks her brains out as I watch, and my fingers would venture her body. She would cum all over his large shaft, and I would lick it off. We would then spoon while naked and talk about life and different subjects.

It’s too bad we work together, and she isn’t lusting over me. She’s so beautiful and perfect. She would make the perfect unicorn for us. But this is all a daydream — one I wish would come true one day.

Daydreaming of Our Unicorn

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