Tim and the Stranger

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Sue honed in on Tim, a hot 26-year-old, at the sex party. She didn’t expect a second unknown man to join them in their pleasure.

Getting ready for a swinger party is always a hot affair. Sue always tries on several outfits before choosing the right one for the evening. That night, she selected a white lace set that was almost transparent with knickers, a belt, lace stockings, and a bra. The short mini dress was also white, and as she stood before me, I wanted to take her then and there.

Sue let the dress ride right up as we drove to the party. I was stroking her thighs and touching her through her panties, so she reclined her seat a little and spread her legs to give my hand better access to her pussy. As we drove along, we passed several trucks, and I made a point of passing slowly so each driver could get a clear view of her delicious body. A few gave her a blast on their horns to show how much they had enjoyed the scene. Sue was hot and horny and enjoying all the drivers seeing her. After 45 minutes, we arrived at Bill and Carol’s house. Sue got really excited when she saw the number of cars parked outside. She told me the drive over had made her hot and horny, and she wanted a cock inside her.

Sue Chooses Tim

Carol met us at the door. Her face was flushed, and she only wore her panties. Her hair told us she had started early and already enjoyed some of the delights on offer. Carol led us to the patio area, and there were about thirty people there, mostly couples, but almost immediately, Sue pointed out a young man wearing only shorts. He was about 26 years old, slim, and lightly tanned with blond hair — just Sue’s type. We wandered over to where he was and introduced ourselves; Tim told us this was his first lifestyle party, and he was unsure what was expected. Sue’s smile widened when she heard that, as she likes to be the first of the night.

Liberating Sue of Her Very Wet Panties

The three of us made our way into the lounge, where soft music was playing. Sue took Tim’s hand and led him to the dance floor area. The slow music meant they were soon holding each other really tightly. I saw Tim’s hands exploring Sue’s body, and one hand was between them; he already had his hand up the front of her dress and was touching her pussy through her panties. As they kissed, his other hand pushed her closer to him. They held this position for about 5 minutes, and then Sue led the way back to me. Tim had left her white mini dress up, so her lace-topped stockings, suspender belt, and panties were on view to everyone in the room.

Sue came to where I was sitting, and I could see her panties were already very wet. Tim had his arm around her waist, and I ran my hand up both sides of her thighs and under her dress; I took hold of her panties, slowly pulled them down, and made her step out of them. I handed her panties to Tim and told him only to give them back to her if he wanted to at the end of the night. Tim placed them in his pocket with a huge smile. He took Sue back to the dance floor. Now he had full access to her pussy, and after only a few short minutes, Sue’s head went back, and I knew she had enjoyed her first cum of the evening. Before I could get to her, another guy had seen her enjoyment and joined them in the dance.

The Stranger Joins Them in the Dance

Sue was now sandwiched between them, and I saw her hand go inside Tim’s shorts to take hold of his very stiff cock. He was kissing her, and the new partner had replaced Tim’s fingers. Sue was then fingered from behind by a guy she had not seen. The stranger was rubbing his cock against her rear and fingering her hard and fast while Tim was squeezing her right breast and holding her close to his bare chest. Sue was obviously enjoying herself a lot. The stranger was being very bold now, lifting her dress higher and higher. Sue surprised me because she usually likes a bit of privacy at these events, and here she was, allowing these two to fondle and reveal her cute body to everyone there.

A small group had gathered around them, and as Sue had not stopped them, the stranger lifted off her dress. She then lost her bra, and now both guys had unhindered access to my wife’s sexy body. She had four strong hands fondling all her intimate areas, and a crowd watched her every move. After a few minutes, Sue came again — this time, courtesy of the stranger’s fingers. Sue was still stroking Tim’s cock, and when he pushed his shorts to the ground, Sue bent over in front of him, slowly took his cock in her mouth, and sucked him while fondling his balls. Tim started slowly pumping his cock into her mouth while holding her head. The stranger was now presented with a really cute bum and a very wet pussy. Sue’s only reaction to him sliding his cock into her pussy was to push back hard onto him and to take every inch of his cock inside her. I watched my beautiful wife taking two cocks in a room full of people.

Tim and the Stranger’s Filling Finale

After about two minutes, the stranger sped up, and Sue’s head went back again. He suddenly grabbed her hips, pushed into her hard and deep, and emptied his cum inside her as she came for the third time. The stranger pulled out, and Sue stood up, led Tim across to me, and made him sit down. She mounted his rock-hard cock and was taking him deep and long. I was fondling her breasts, and she told me she wanted my cock in her mouth now. I stood up, dropped my pants, and she took me deep into her mouth. I watched Tim cum inside her twice that night.

When it came time to go home, we could only find her dress. Tim wanted her panties, and we think the stranger took her bra. When we got home, I laid her on the bed, and we spent an hour enjoying a long slow session while Sue told me all the parts she had enjoyed. Sadly we had forgotten to get Tim’s number, and the stranger was never seen by Sue, so both are lost forever.

Tim and the Stranger

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