Do You Condition Your Hair… Down There?

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Do You Condition Your Hair... Down There?

Founders of conditionHer Eugenia Marshall & Wendy Rose Berry discuss why you should!

So many people are shaving, waxing, and sugaring their vulvas within an inch of their pretty little lives but not conditioning HER after the fact! Join me, Taylor Sparks, in this oh-so-lively conversation about the hair… down there with the founders of conditionHer, Eugenia Marshall and Wendy Rose Berry, as they discuss how this amazing product came to fruition — in a hot tub!

About Wendy Rose Berry & Eugenia Marshall

Wendy Rose Berry and Eugenia Marshall are LA-based “employed entrepreneurs,” mothers, and besties both juggling and balancing demanding corporate jobs and running their own intimate skincare brand as co-founders of conditionHER. This natural moisturizing cream is scientifically formulated for your external intimate area. It effectively maintains pH balance, slays in-grown hairs, fights chafing issues, nourishes skin, and softens hair down there! conditionHER is female-owned and -operated, including the biochemist and packaging designer.

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