Kenya K Stevens & Dr. Saida Désilets on Ethical Relationships

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Kenya K Stevens & Dr. Saida Désilets on Ethical Relationships

Kenya K. Stevens and Dr. Saida Désilets discuss the challenges within and similarities between ethical monogamy & ethical non-monogamy.

This episode is so full of gems centered around ethical monogamy and ethical non-monogamy and how couples and singles can learn to express their true eros, recognize and put a stop to their egos, understand that humans are naturally non-monogamous, and design a relationship that best suits you and your beloved. We dove straight into the deep end as Kenya K. Stevens of Progressive Love Academy and Dr. Saida Désilets of Dare Your Desire expounded upon Kenya’s post regarding sensual variety and stimulation amongst monogamous couples. You don’t want to miss this episode with these two amazing women who are both on the same side of love, desire, communication, honesty, and respect but expressed differently.

About Kenya K. Stevens

Kenya K. Stevens is a relationships expert, love coach, best-selling author, wife, and mother of three. Kenya attended Howard University in Washington, D.C., where she graduated in 1997 with a degree in Education / Child Psychology. Not only did she scoop up a degree, but she also met and married a fellow Howard student Carl Stevens. Together, for the past 12 years, this power couple has built JujuMama LLC, now known as Progressive Love Academy, into a worldwide love coaching conglomerate and online Love Academy. 

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About Dr. Saida Désilets

Dr. Saida Désilets wants to live in a world filled with audacious, sexually sovereign people living life on their own terms. As a TEDx speaker, researcher, counter-culture creatrix, body-philosopher, and author, her work has touched the lives of millions globally. Dr. Saida’s innovative approach to PsychoSexuality, desire, and pleasure invites both the public and professionals to better understand the importance of accessing their erotic genius. Her medically-endorsed method integrates somatic awareness, neural and cellular re-patterning, and robust reframes of sensuality and sex, which all work in harmony to support the erotic individuation process. When not researching or creating transformational programs, Dr. Saida enjoys leading Wilderness Safaris in South Africa and dancing Kizomba.

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