Hot Day on the Beach

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This ’80s beachside gangbang is as hot as these summer days.

There is a beach near Cape Town called Sandy Bay. It has a long history of being a nudist spot, being secluded and only accessible via a footpath. The authorities tried to ban the immoral activities that went on there, with frequent police raids in the 1970s and protests with people allowing themselves to be arrested in large groups to clog up the courts until, eventually, the law agreed to turn a blind eye to nature. Interesting days. Anyway, I was on the beach with my girlfriend one day in the early ’80s. We had nothing particular in mind that day but were enjoying the view — and being viewed. At one point, as we were walking along, we stopped to talk to a group of five guys who were sitting on their towels.

Dripping with Anticipation

I can’t remember what started the conversation, but they were clearly enjoying the sight of my girlfriend’s body, and I could see their dicks weren’t lying quite as passively as they had been a few minutes earlier. My girlfriend was clearly enjoying the attention, and her nipples were sticking straight out despite the lovely warm day. At one point, she moved her feet about shoulder width apart so the guys could get a good view of her pussy from where they were sitting. It was pretty clear which direction things were headed when I noticed that her pussy was literally dripping on the ground, leaving long, wet strings as the drips fell to the sand. The guys couldn’t help but notice, and by now, their dicks were as rock solid as mine. I suggested that we move out of the other beach-goers’ general view and stroll amongst the rocks.

Getting Things Started

Now, despite the fact that my girlfriend was happy to hang out nude and enjoyed the attention, she was pretty slow to get moving with “non-vanilla” activities, so I motioned to the guys to play it cool and let me get things started. As soon as we were more or less out of sight, she turned to rest her hands on a large rock and smiled at me. I didn’t need any encouragement and plugged my dick straight in. She was so wet that I was balls-deep with the first thrust. I started fucking her from behind slowly while the guys watched and stroked their dicks. She was really worked up from the earlier show, and it didn’t take long before she had the first orgasm… At this point, I invited the guys closer, and they started to touch her all over as I fucked her to a second orgasm — still standing, leaning on the rock. Now it was time for our new friends to have some fun.

A Full Gangbang

I moved aside so that the first could take my spot. He was pretty worked up and lasted about ten strokes before he shot his load in her. Her orgasms were getting more intense now, and she almost fell when he came in her, but she recovered quickly and now demanded the next dick. It was now a full gangbang, with each guy coming deep inside her fantastic pussy — oh, the days before safe sex was a thing! After all five were done, it was finally my turn to finish up… I pushed my dick into her beautiful flooded pussy, and it wasn’t long before I added to the mixture of hot, creamy sperm. I think the whole episode only took about 20 minutes, but it felt like hours. She turned and sat on the warm rocks with her legs open and all of our cum just flowing out of her body, making a slick pool on the rock.

A Loaded Afternoon

We sat around amongst the rocks and joked about the crazy, hot thing we had just done. One of the guys asked if she was up for round number two, and she said maybe after a swim. She jumped up and dived off the rocks into the freezing cold Atlantic Ocean. We all followed, but it was less than a minute or two before we agreed it was time to go warm up on the rocks again. One of the guys headed off to fetch their towels to make things a little more comfortable. And by the time he got back to us, we were all touching and massaging her body — with her first orgasm already done.

We laid out the towels and paid her good attention for the rest of the afternoon, with each of the guys cumming at least twice more. Now, it may be good for the story, but my girlfriend wasn’t into anal, and sucking dick wasn’t her favourite thing, so it was just breeding the way it was meant to be — load after load of cum flooding her gorgeous pussy. By the end of the afternoon, we were all literally fucked, and it was time to go. We said goodbye to our new friends (we never saw any of them ever again) and headed off to the car park. She was happy but exhausted and fell asleep in the car on the way home. So you may wonder what happened to this treasure of a woman? Well, I eventually married her.

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