Supports the LGBTQIA+ Community

This post is also available in: Nederlands English (Engels) Supports the LGBTQIA+ Community and our team members around the world are proud to support the LGBTQIA+ community!

We are devoted to our members, partners, affiliates, and lifestyle community, and we work hard to support all of our freedoms to express our gender and sexuality.

We believe in equality for all, no matter how you identify. Everyone has the right to have and express their opinions, views, and values, including those relating to gender and sexual orientation. strives to continually foster unity, acceptance, and understanding within our growing community. In this fast-changing world, we recognize the importance of providing updated knowledge and resources to help educate ourselves and others when it comes to learning about gender, sexuality, and relationships.

We care deeply about our members and always want to ensure that everyone feels safe and free to enjoy using as a platform. This is why we’ve created a variety of tools on to reinforce the control that each member has over the way they are using our website and app, with the ability to easily report or block members whose behavior is not aligned with our policies.

We take our members’ feedback very seriously and always do our utmost to listen, understand, and take swift action when needed to protect the members of our community and ensure that using is enjoyable, inclusive, and free of discrimination.

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