Science Answers What Penis Size Women Want

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Science Answers What Penis Size Women Want

Have you ever wondered what penis size women prefer… and when? We explore the science behind penis preference.

It is a widely debated topic what size of penis women prefer during sexual intercourse. While some women prefer a larger penis size for increased sensation, others prefer a relatively smaller size. In this article, we will explore the four major factors that contribute to penis size preference in women.

Circumstance-Based Preference

For some women, penis size preference is based on their circumstances. This can include factors such as the level of emotional connection with their partner, the type of sexual activity they engage in, and the frequency of sexual intercourse. In some cases where the emotional connection is low, like during swinging, women may prefer a larger penis size for increased sensation. However, in long-term relationships, women tend to prioritize emotional connection and compatibility over penis size, in which they still receive great satisfaction.

Visual Preference

Another significant factor that contributes to penis size preference in women is visual stimulation. Women tend to be more visually stimulated by a flaccid penis and are less attracted to anything less than 3 inches in size.

Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation is a crucial factor when it comes to penis size preference. Erotic stories can make women more open-minded, where any size seems just right in these spicy novellas.

Genital Physiology

The genital physiology of a woman plays a crucial role in determining their penis size preference. For some women, a larger penis size can feel different due to a larger circumference. The stretching of the vaginal opening results in more stimulation as the penis moves in and out. There is also pressure exerted by the circumference that creates pleasure on the structures of the vulva, the clitoral crura, and vestibular bulbs.

Swinging and Penis Size

Swinging provides novelty to a swinger’s sex life, and penis size is one of those novelties. Some women might prefer a larger penis during a sex play session because the novelty itself contributes to pleasure in such circumstances. However, the lack of or reduced emotional connection to a swing partner can also lead to the preference for a larger penis size to achieve that heightened sensation since pleasure is typically met with the emotional connection to their primary partner.

Disadvantages of a Large Penis

While a larger penis size may provide some advantages during sexual activity, it can also have several disadvantages. For example, a penis that is too long may result in no pelvis-to-vulva contact between partners, which means no grinding sensations and no juicy sex sounds. The size of the woman’s mouth is also a crucial factor to consider, as a smaller mouth may not be able to accommodate a larger girth.


While penis size preference is a topic of interest for many, it is important to note that women generally do not prioritize penis size as much as emotional connection and compatibility with their partner. Long-term relationships and emotional connections provide the most satisfaction for all parties involved. However, factors such as circumstance, visual preference, and genital physiology may contribute to women’s preference for larger or smaller penis sizes in certain situations.


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