Sexy Swapping at Whispers: Allen’s Corner

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Allen tells all about the sexy full swap that kicked off their 25th Anniversary Party weekend at Whispers.

Brandy and I were at our home-away-from-home, Whispers Las Vegas. We had been talking to so many sexy people, it was turning out to be an incredible night, and we had only been there almost an hour. When we had a moment when no one was talking to us, an extremely sexy couple walked up to us and said hi. So, we all started talking, and it was amazing because the conversation was about everything from what each other did for a living to how the couple got to Vegas and the sexual encounters we all have had.

When we all were talking, MrsA started rubbing my back, which was nice. So, I started rubbing hers back, then Brandy started rubbing MrA’s back, and he returned the favor. MrsA and I kissed a little, and then she asked us if we would like to play. We said absolutely, so the three of them went to go find a room as I went to the locker to get our pineapple play bag (it has our condoms, lube, wipes, and Brandy’s favorite clit toy in it).

Couldn’t Get Naked Fast Enough

When I got to the room, MrA and Brandy were kissing, and MrsA was fully naked, enjoying the show and waiting for me. I walked up to MrsA and started kissing her, so then she started to rub on my already hard cock under my slacks. Brandy, once again, like she always does, looked at me and said, “why are you still dressed?” I laughed and said, “I had to get the bag, babe.” I then started to get undressed as fast as I could. After I got undressed, I went back to kissing MrsA so that I could feel her naked skin on mine.

When I looked over, MrA was going down on Brandy, and I could tell that he was doing what she liked because she was making her amazing sounds when she gets off. Those sounds were making MrsA and I so hot and bothered that I had to taste her pussy, and she wanted me to taste it. So, I started licking her clit, and the taste was something out of a fairytale book. I know that sounds strange, but just let your fantasy take over your tastebuds, and you will know what I mean. MrsA then looked me dead in the eyes and said, “fuck me, and fuck me hard.”


So, I lifted my head up from inside her thighs and put my dick as deep into her wet pussy as I could. There was no problem at all getting inside because she was so wet, but she also felt extremely tight. After MrsA and I started fucking, MrA started to fuck Brandy, and she was telling him, “harder!” You have no idea how much of a turn-on it is to be fucking a lady and hear your wife getting fucked just as hard and begging the person she is with to fuck her harder.

MrsA then said that she wanted to suck my cock. So, she moved, laid me down on my back, and put my cock deep in her mouth. She started wrapping her tongue around me, using it to stroke my cock. I will say, what a sensation it was! She brought me to the point where I wanted to cum straight down her throat, but I did not. I wanted more of her mouth and her tight, wet pussy. So, I grabbed MrsA and put her on her knees, ass-up, so that I could fuck her from behind and get even deeper.

After I did, I then looked over and saw Brandy’s ass in the air, with MrA deep inside her pussy and pulling her hair (which totally gets Brandy off — she loves her hair pulled). I then gripped onto MrsA’s hips and started pounding harder and deeper to the point when I could feel my balls hitting her with every fast thrust. I cannot say enough how incredible it is to watch my wife get fucked at the same time I get to fuck another man’s wife.

Making the Ladies Cum

I always tell people that I live most men’s fantasies, and my wife lives most women’s fantasies. After almost two hours of fucking like crazy, we all started getting so extremely hot and sweaty that we all had to stop. To let you all know, the ladies had cum a few times. MrA was able to keep up with Brandy and not cum, which has never happened. He fucked her so good that she wanted more. Plus, MrsA fucked me so good that I wanted more, but, as usual, I did not cum (those of you who read my stories know that I go a long time before I cum; it is a blessing and a curse all in one). After we all decided that we needed to stop because we got too hot, we agreed that the fuck session between the four of us was far from over, and we need to do it again. We all got dressed the best we could because we were all soaking wet from sweating so much from fucking each other for so long and so hard.

Brandy and I would like to thank you all that were able to join us at Whispers for our 25th-anniversary parties. It was an incredible weekend.

Allen's Corner for ASN Lifestyle Magazine

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Until next time… Life is short. Live it to the MAX.

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This story originally appeared in the February 2023 issue of ASN Lifestyle Magazine.

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