Guilty Pleasures of a Hotwife

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Guilty Pleasures of a Hotwife

What happens when an erotica writer gets hot under the collar by reading about the fantasies of real women?

Hotwifing is a very hot concept, as we all know, and has a wide variation of what hotwifing is and the boundaries involved from couple to couple, but it is always a non-monogamous arrangement. Some husbands refer to themselves as having a cuckolding fetish, whereas others don’t and just use the term “hotwife.” This is one of the fantasies sent in for my book by a darling lady from the USA, “B.” She was very frank in explaining her needs, wants, and fantasies, which made the creative writing process a tantalizing roller-coaster of feelings and events that unfolded as I wrote… I felt rather hot under the collar by the end of the fantasy, believe me!

B is an older lady that started swinging later on in her married life. She is married to Jim, who, for all intents and purposes, is the perfect husband, but, as with most long-term relationships and marriages, couples that have been together for so long feel like there isn’t much they haven’t tried together. So, sex gets a bit stale and predictable. To me, that really is true love — to care about every aspect of your partner’s long-term well-being and happiness and finding common ground that you can both indulge in together — that really does make for happy marriages, and hotwifing is a practiced fetish by thousands of couples worldwide.

B’s hotwifing is just one of many fantasies creatively written by me in my book, Her Guilty Pleasures, which features inspirations from ladies across the world. I cover so many various ideas of what a fantasy is from lady to lady, and it shows that we ladies are now very liberated and have full and exciting sex lives to look forward to, especially in comparison to women fifty years ago… We are lucky girls, and the ladies before us missed out having to keep these treasures under lock and key in their minds, as it wasn’t acceptable to discuss such filth. Thankfully, times have changed, and we have the freedom to live, act, and speak as we see fit in our unique lives.

Her Guilty Pleasures will be available for Christmas 2023, so watch this space. It’s smoking hot!

I’m a Hotwife!

Last year, my husband revealed to me his biggest fantasy was me becoming a hotwife and fucking other men. He said it turned him on imagining me with another man’s cock in my holes.

A few months ago, he took me to an upscale five-star hotel in Dallas, and I finally gave him his wants. It was the wildest Saturday of my life so far…

First, he booked an in-room massage for me. The masseur was a beautiful, well-built black man. He slipped out of his clothes as I lay on the massage table covered in a sumptuous Egyptian cotton towel. I swear, his cock hung almost to his knees. After 45 minutes of divine manipulation of my entire body, he started massaging my now-aching clit, slipping two fingers inside of me at the same time. He brought me off several times. Moving around to my head, he then started massaging and rubbing my breasts, gently tweaking my hard pink nipples as he leaned forward. He reached down with his other hand and skillfully flicked the pad of his middle finger over my engorged love bud. His semi-hard weapon was just inches from my eager mouth when I took hold of him, engulfing him between my warm, pouty lips and making him as hard as cold steel. He grasped my head and forced his way into my restricted but willing throat. I savored the glorious sensations as my throat and gag reflex massaged his enormous organ for what seemed like an age. I felt his massive member engorge as he reached his orgasmic heights before exploding glorious salty cum, lining my throat as I accepted his gift with greedy apprehension.

After he departed, I texted my husband, telling him to come up to the room. I thanked him profusely for his treat as I stepped into a refreshing cool shower that brought me to my senses, washing off the lingering hint of my sexy treat. Jim was laying out the outfit he had chosen for me for the evening he had planned; it was a stunning electric-blue silk dress with three chains across the back which would leave my body semi-exposed — obviously meaning that I was going full commando and not wearing panties nor a bra. A sexy new pair of stilettos accompanied my gorgeous dress, which was very short — only three inches below my exhibitionistic pussy (she loves to be peeped on). You could clearly see my proud, erect nipples and areolas straining to be contained by the decadent silk encapsulating them.

Reception belled our room to say there was an Uber patiently waiting to take me to a fancy cocktail bar four blocks away. Jim told me to sit at the bar and order a drink, saying he would catch up in half an hour or so. Nervously, I climbed into the Uber with no clue of what to expect. As I slid into the seat, the doorman got a good view of my pink exposed pussy as my dress rode up my thighs. Our sex life is beginning a new chapter!

The Bar

Apprehensively, I walked into the bar alone and could feel every man’s eyes caressing my every curve. I took a seat and ordered a much-needed Manhattan. It didn’t take long for a guy to take a seat next to me. Within minutes, a stunning, chiseled Hispanic man asked if he could buy me a drink, and I gingerly agreed. As we chatted, he subtly inched his stool ever closer, placing his hand on the naked soft flesh of my thigh. The guy’s name was Jorge. He was making light conversation about being a business owner but, to be totally truthful, I really wasn’t interested. But he really was very handsome with his olive skin, jet-black, well-groomed hair, and the most attractive brown eyes framed by stunning black lashes that any woman would be proud of possessing. He was eyeing my body from head to toe, seducing me with his eyes which spoke without words. The dress was caressing my bare skin underneath and showing my free-swaying, big bouncy breasts and invasive erect nipples. I wore a gold necklace, which nestled just above my cleavage. As Jorge lifted my necklace to look at it, his hand brushed my nipple. As he did so, I knew exactly where this was going as I caught sight of my husband walking through the door.

5-Star Rating

The three of us had a lovely dinner, and we did some drinking and dancing. Jorge asked if we fancied getting out of there, and knowing what was meant, I eagerly agreed and called an Uber. The three of us went back to our hotel room a few blocks away. Jim poured us drinks while Jorge started kissing and caressing my neck. The drapes of our 5th-floor room were open, and I walked over to the highly polished window admiring the Dallas skyline and the lights that illuminated the city. Jorge seductively kissed me and slipped my dress off, letting it float to the floor, but he did request that I keep my beautiful new shoes on, which, of course, I did. I stood in front of the window, totally at ease with my naked, hoping that prying eyes from the onlooking windows were watching. My new friend was trailing soft, moist kisses across my eager body, awakening every nerve within me as I watched the mirror image of us reflecting off the reinforced glass as he pressed me up against the ice-cold glass that sent a shiver down my spine. The cold was counteracted by Jorge’s warm breath and soft, tender kisses; like sweet and salty popcorn, they complemented each other perfectly! I parted my legs in anticipation, knowing what he desired as I felt his throbbing hard cock nudging between my soft peachy cheeks and teasing my moist lips.

Jim escorted me to the huge kingsize bed next to the window; I ushered Jorge to sit on the bed. I got on my knees and started curiously inspecting Jorge’s lovely uncut cock, taking him in my hand and feeding him within my warm, moist mouth, running my tongue over and around his rock-hard throbbing cock and enthusiastically sucking him in front of the window for the world to see. I started off at a slow and methodical pace, but as the rhythm quickened, it hit a feverish pace. He was groaning in sheer indulgent ecstasy at having his life force sucked from him. Jorge grabbed my head with both hands as he thrust to meet me, exclaiming loudly, “Oh baby, you suck cock good and hard; take it right down,” and I took every inch of that cock, occasionally gagging as it hit the back of my throat. My spittle added to his joy. I cast a fleeting glance at Jim, who stood on the other side of the plush bed, tugging purposefully on his beautiful hard cock while admiring the sight he was beholden. I gave both men a cheeky wink as Jorge emptied his salty load against my tonsils. This was my second load today.

Jim seized the opportunity to lean across the bed and beckon me to lie down. Becoming impatient, he literally threw me back onto the plush bed and dove head-first into licking my creamy pussy. He was licking her so intently that I felt a second orgasm building within my wet walls as he expertly tongued my tinder box and asshole to the point of ignition, waves of static euphoria undulating over my hot, sweaty body. Jorge was ripping a condom open with his teeth as Jim moved to my massive tits, sucking and licking them as I recovered from my powerful orgasm. I told Jorge, “Stop. I want to feel your raw cock inside of me!” His hard bare cock started sliding in and out of my precious pussy; the whole time, he was whispering obscenities in my ear as he declared how tight and wet I felt as I absorbed every inch of him with each thrust and what a naughty hotwife I am, taking the cock of a man I have just met. He flipped me onto my hands and knees, slamming in and out and dominating my sopping pussy. “Yes, fuck me, fuck me harder,” I begged as another epic orgasm was building in my pussy. “Don’t stop, give it to me… I’m going to come!” I screamed as I let a momentous orgasm engulf my whole being. Holy shit, how amazing it felt! After one last epic thrust, Jorge came deep within my unprotected hot pussy as I hugged him deep within her spasming embrace. Jorge collapsed on top of me with an animalistic bellow, breathing so labored as if his lungs were on fire, and droplets of saltiness showering my entirety as his full body weight pinning me to the damp mattress. “God, you’re so sexy!” he growled in my ear.

The Finale

We lay together in silence, basking in the afterglow of our epic lovemaking that Jim observed. Climbing onto the bed with us, Jim laid on his back with the most impressive erection. Crawling wearily to him, I took his column of love into my mouth, sucking it like a lollipop. Jim whispered, “Ride me, please.” I straddled Jim gently, absorbing my familiar friend slowly into his rightful place between my thighs and my sticky warm pussy. Beckoning me forward, Jim wrapped his strong arms around my body, pinning me fast and exposing my prone ass. Jorge lubricated a finger with saliva and slid it slowly into my vulnerable, puckered hole. I steadied my pace and slowed my erratic breathing, knowing what was to come next.

Biting my lip, I felt Jorge position himself between my cheeks. I could feel his rock-solid cock nudging my asshole. Then, ever so dubiously, he worked the tip into my puckered hole, drawing a gasp from me as it made its way through that ever-so-familiar barrier. I released an involuntary “FUUUUCK” as he eased it back out, only to work it back in with slightly more vigor. It was a much girthier cock than I was used to; I love anal sex, but this was different. I was so full, but once I was used to the intense, fully-stretched sensation, I held on for the ride of my life — and boi-oh-boi, with both cocks slamming into me, I felt the most historic orgasm of my life building, coming in hot, electrically-charged waves of euphoria as my pussy and ass greedily clamped onto both cocks as I let out a Banshee wail. Jorge and Jim picked up the pace, both really battering my holes and hitting their high in unison, filling me to the hilt with lashings of warm, sticky cum.

It was the best Saturday of my life. Counting the masseur, I took two loads in my mouth, two in my perfect pussy, and one in my shy but accommodating asshole.

After Jorge left, Jim and I contently drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms. I had the sweetest of sleeps…

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