How to Party and Be Ready to Play!

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How to Party and Be Ready to Play!

Getting together with swingers is so much fun that it’s easy to forget why we go to lifestyle swinger resorts, hotel events, and cruises. Most of us are there to experience sex with other people. It’s a challenge living your best life with your secret sexual freedom and partying like a rock star in your 20s. But if you’re not careful, you could find yourself dehydrated and exhausted before you even get a chance to hit the sheets.

So, we’ve figured out some key factors to help you reduce dehydration and stay energized. After all, the pool is where all the action is, so you don’t want to miss out!

How Dehydration Sets In

First off, the sun can make you tired. Your body works harder to keep you cool, which increases your metabolism and contributes to feeling tired. Plus, sunburn raises your body temperature and produces more melatonin, making you feel even more tired. This extra exposure can also create more Vitamin D, which is a greater workload on your body. And trust us, no one wants to be red and swollen from sunburn — it’s not a good look!

Dehydration can happen quickly, too. As your body loses water, your blood gets thicker, your heart works harder, and your brain gets fuzzy. So, if you find yourself making dates without consulting your partner, it could be the dehydration talking! Alcohol, sugar, caffeine, sunburn, standing in water, airplane travel, and physical activity like dancing or having sex can all contribute to dehydration. So, think twice before ordering that sugary energy drink with your favorite alcoholic beverage.

Sodium and electrolyte loss are also important to consider. Even if you drink plenty of water, are you replacing the essentials with a sports drink or banana bag? These are both great insurance policies for feeling good while you dehydrate during your swinger vacation!

Physical activity in the sun, like playing a sexy game of naked pool volleyball, can create adenosine which makes us tired. While it’s fun watching all those bouncing boobs, you may want to limit yourself to one pool game.

Different foods can also make you tired if you’re eating outside of your normal diet. Carb-heavy or rich foods can have an impact on your energy levels, too.

Hydration Tips

So, what’s the strategy? Here are some tips:

  • Take a nap every day between 2–4 pm or have some daytime fun in the sheets!
  • Carry your own water bottle everywhere with electrolytes.
  • Wear a sun hat and cover up with long-sleeved clothing. It’s not always necessary to show off your body, and you can save yourself for the playroom later!
  • Take banana bags daily to replenish sodium and electrolytes.
  • Find more shade and avoid too much sun exposure.
  • Drink less alcohol (if possible) and consider edibles as an alternative.
  • Snack on some food to keep your energy levels up.
  • Invite others out of the pool for some conversations in the shade.
  • Sit or lay on the side of the hot tub or pool.
  • Share a lounge chair to take a break from the water.
  • Hang out at the bar on a cruise for some sexy conversation in the shade.
  • There’s no doubt that the pool is the best place to meet people, but if you’re not a sun worshipper, you’ll have to make some concessions and have a plan to maximize your energy levels. We try to limit our sun and pool time and take a nap or rest in between. When we’re on a cruise, we hang out at the pool but not in it, and we don’t spend too much time in the hot tub either.

As one of our good swinger friends said, “You have to train for this!”

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