Lifestyle Parties with a Kandi Twist

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If you take a glamorous swinger lifestyle event and mix it with the insatiable excitement of Las Vegas, what do you get?

You get a deliciously decadent recipe for Kandi, of course! 

That’s exactly the kind of experience that Kandi’s founders, Angel and Ray, have been cooking up for their guests since 1997. While they loved the freedoms of the original swinger subculture that emerged in the 1960s and 1970s, they envisioned a fresher approach to the swinger lifestyle that would be more exclusive and less intimidating for adventurous newcomers. 

With Fight-Club-esque rules, namely the secrecy and exclusivity aspects, Kandi events are at the forefront of high class and style. You’ll only discover the location of the event once you’ve committed to attending. Parties take place in private pools on Vegas hotel rooftops and luxurious and elegant Vegas hotspots like casinos and nightclubs, specially decorated with the glamour one would expect to soak up in the city that never sleeps. 

Kandi isn’t just about spectacular events with high-class guests mingling in an unmatched glamorous ambiance — it’s also about giving women an environment in which they can feel secure and empowered to explore their sexuality. In their own words, Kandi offers “the best of real Vegas with feminine sensibilities and a lifestyle twist.”

Intrigued about the unique ways Kandi has been producing and hosting their events so successfully for well over two decades, I had the pleasure of interviewing the owners of Kandi, Angel, and Ray. I also reached out to two sexy couples who frequently attend Kandi events, Ashley and Gabe from the West Coast, and Ranee and Marco from the East Coast, to get their take on what it’s like to be a lucky guest at Kandi Vegas.

Lexi: What is Kandi’s mission when it comes to throwing lifestyle events? How is Kandi fulfilling this mission?

Angel: We have two missions! The first is to see our guests smiling and having an amazing time at our events. That’s what drives us! The couples who attend our event have taken time off work, spent money, and flown all the way to Vegas to have a big-city experience. They’re preparing their outfits, thinking about the adventures they’re going to have, discussing their boundaries, etc. For us, that’s a really big deal! These aren’t just our guests — they’re real people who are coming to party, have an amazing time in Vegas, and meet new friends. So our first mission is to make sure that their own unique experience is playing out the way that they wanted — from dancing in a Vegas club to splashing around in the pool with other couples. 

Ray: Our second mission is to comb through every detail to make sure that our event executes perfectly. Because we only throw one party a year — and you can imagine that a three-day Vegas event can be chaotic — we do everything humanly possible to make things easier on our guests and have their experience be fluid without any worries. The devil’s in the details!

a photo of three women in bikinis holding pineapples and drinks

Lexi: How do Kandi lifestyle events compare to, for example, going to a regular nightclub or event?

Ashley: When we go to a typical non-lifestyle party, we don’t feel the freedom to dress as sexy as we want and know that the men there aren’t going to paw at us! I feel a lot less safe at a regular club than I do at a Kandi event because I know that their staff and the other couples who are there are going to protect me from getting groped — unless I consent to them touching me. Kandi couples and staff bring a comfortable vibe that just lets me relax and be myself! 

Gabe: From the guy’s side and my perspective, if your woman was dressed incredibly hot at a regular nightclub or party, you’re having to act as a quarterback or a bodyguard all night long to fend for her. Honestly, it’s a lot of work and stress. But at a Kandi event, I can just be laid back and enjoy the company of other people without having to focus on the security of my female partner. She can be talking to another guy, and I know the guy understands that he needs to respect her and take care of her. It’s like in football, where I can hand off the ball to someone else and trust that they’re going to protect it.

Lexi: Why does Kandi enjoy working with lifestylers so much (i.e., versus “vanilla” communities and people)?

Ray: We joke all the time that a really good lifestyle party is like walking through a one-way door. Once you pass through that door, the rest of the vanilla world is just never going to look the same! 

Angel: We love and value working with the lifestyle community because virtually everyone is honest and authentic. In your work life, with your family, and non-lifestyle friends, you usually can’t reveal who you really are because most people want to keep that part of their personal lives and relationship secret. In our lifestyle, nearly every conversation is an honest one because it’s with people who’ve been through the same milestones as you, And you’re here at a lifestyle event to express yourselves erotically without judgment, with the full appreciation and support of everyone else who’s there and sharing in that amazing feeling of freedom!

Lexi: If someone is new to the lifestyle and they’re kind of shy and attending a Kandi event for the first time, how would they go about getting acquainted with other guests?

Ranee: One-night lifestyle parties can be intense and intimidating! People can be shy and afraid to talk to each other. They sit alone or walk by other couples without saying a word, too overwhelmed because it’s too much too fast. There’s no time to rest and just talk to each other, so it’s hard to feel comfortable.

Marco: But that doesn’t happen at Kandi events because we have three days to unwind and get to know each other between the daytime pool parties at club outings at night. It’s so cool to see the dynamic shift between people from the first day to the last!

Ashley: Plus, everyone wears a Kandi event wristband with the words “Kandi… Wanna Play?” printed on them. It may seem silly, but these are the magic words we always remember throughout the event — not only to remind us that you have to say the magic words to have fun but also as a reminder of the importance of asking for consent.

Lexi: What does Kandi do differently from other lifestyle parties and events?

Ashley: There are so many amazing lifestyle parties in the US and Europe that are run by incredible people. Like an ice cream shop, there are so many delicious flavors to try in the lifestyle — but Kandi is my personal favorite.

Ranee: Maybe this sounds cliché, but Kandi really does sweeten our lifestyle experiences because of the VIP touch that each guest receives. No detail is too minor to consider when it means enhancing the experience of every guest at each party. And the friendship and trust that we all establish with each other are really unique.

a photo of two playful women in bikinis holding pineapples in front of a hot pink background

Lexi: What kinds of people (guests and staff) can we find at Kandi events?

Angel: We see the combination of our awesome guests and staff as “cast members” who are all making the party go off the hook. It’s a three-day swirl of people and experiences, and everyone plays a role in making each of our events a fabulous success. 

Ray: Our Kandi team includes seasoned people who we’ve chosen and vetted for being highly competent but super chill people. In the chaos of a big party, it’s our job to be the calm head in the storm, you know? All our staff members are required to remain sober for the entire three days, so they have clear eyes and minds and work as a coordinated team that really focuses on our guests’ experience. It’s our passion and privilege to produce our erotically-charged, female-centric events for you!

Ranee: The Kandi cast member who has the most important responsibility is Allison, an amazing woman whose job for the whole three-day event is simply to make sure that all of the women at the party are happy and comfortable. Female guests know they can go to her with any of their needs, and they’ll be handled with an expert touch and a reassuring smile.

Lexi: How would you describe the Kandi ambiance that people can anticipate experiencing when they come to an event?

Ranee: A really big Vegas party train with sexy lifestylers that runs from noon to 4 AM for three days straight — with some “disco naps” in the middle! We’re NOT trapped inside a generic hotel for three days for a “takeover” like at some other lifestyle events. Why would we come all the way to Vegas for that? Kandi means top-notch Vegas casinos, thumping Vegas pools, heading out at night VIPd into real-deal Vegas nightclubs — all with world-class DJs. There is no other lifestyle event in America, including Vegas, that offers these same experiences.

Marco: Picture this: you’re at a stunning Vegas casino in your beautiful room, getting ready to head to the pool, looking sexy as hell. As you head out with your wrap on as you go through the casino floor, you might find yourself in the elevator with other couples wearing their Kandi wristbands. You’re laughing and joking with them because you all have a shared secret that no one else in Vegas knows about. You head up to the pool where a huge party is ON with hundreds of other lifestylers, all feeling relaxed and in a party mood, with fantastic music being spun by different DJs.

Angel: Last year, eleven DJs worked together with their own music director to craft the story and soundtrack for the event. You can really feel the difference when there’s great music at a lifestyle event — you can even see it with all of us dancing and in a fantastic mood!

Ashley: At night, we’re getting dressed to the nines to head out for an adventure on the town. We get a text message that says exactly where, when, and how to get to the club. You mosey through the casino with your wrap on, hiding your sexy dress underneath, and slide into one of Kandi’s limo buses. As you cruise through the lights of the Vegas strip, there’s something special about knowing that you’re going to a secret spot someplace.

Gabe: And then, after the party, there are private after-parties where things can get really wild. Some guests are Vegas locals and have amazing homes that they offer Kandi for all-night “Afterworld” adventures. There’s something amazing about being in a pool at 3 AM with your new naked friends, looking at the stars in the evening heat of Vegas, all in the privacy of an exceptional private home. It feels exciting and relaxing at the same time. It really feels like anything and everything we want to happen is possible…

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Lexi: What exactly is this mythical “Unicorn Cabana” I’ve been hearing so much about?!

Ashley: Everyone jokingly calls the “Unicorn Cabana” the spot where all the Kandi staff hangs out, and all the guests know that we can always find someone there to help or just talk to us. We can also hang out there if we need a break from partying and know the staff will take care of our comfort and safety.

Lexi: I’ve heard through the grapevine that Angel and Ray actually call each of their guests personally prior to the event. Is that true? Why do you think it’s so important for guests to have that personal touch before attending an event?

Ashley: Yes, they really do call each couple in advance, and this personal contact makes ALL the difference in the world! We’re coming a long way to Vegas to have a great time, and it’s normal to feel excited but also a bit nervous because we don’t know exactly what to expect. 

Marco: Angel and Ray call and answer all the questions each guest has and get to know them better. Once they know the details about the event and are reassured that Kandi has their back, they realize they have nothing to worry about, and they can enjoy themselves.

Ranee: Oh yes, and I love their personal touch! Getting phone calls directly from the hosts of the party I’m going to really makes me feel like a VIP! I’m basically smiling the entire time I’m packing my outfits in my suitcase and on the whole flight out to the West Coast!

Lexi: Ooh! Tell me more about what you’re packing for a Kandi event!

Ranee: For the daytime, I have some sexy and skimpy bikinis for the pool parties and a few different wraps I can wear over it while I walk through the casinos and hotels to get to and from the pool. At night, there are some VERY sexy theme nights, and most of us like to go ALL OUT! We’re talking clubwear and accessories that are glamorous and classy — we’re in Vegas, baby! 

Ashley: Same here, but I think half of my suitcase is just shoes, haha! I also love to go shopping in Vegas because I find lots of cool stuff I would likely never find anywhere else.

Lexi: I’ve attended a variety of lifestyle events and sometimes find it tough to get answers to my questions before deciding to attend a party, or even when I’m en route to one. How does Kandi keep their guests informed so that they know what to bring, wh

Angel: For those considering getting on the plane, we post our cell number on — so you can just call us directly. We reach out and call all of our guests typically a couple of times before the party — once right after the ticket purchase to give a detailed rundown of the event and answer any initial questions that come up — and, of course, there are always questions! Then we call again about a month before the event to chat about the theme nights and unique details about the clubs we’re going to attend during the three days they’ll be with us in Vegas.

Ashley: Plus, throughout the three days of the event, Kandi has a great text messaging system to communicate with all of us. They send very detailed text messages to inform everyone where to go and what’s up… Mornings before daytime pool parties. Evenings with transportation and club details. And again at midnight with the secrets to the Private Kandi Afterworld parties. And with texts, we can reply with questions and get quick answers.

a photo of colorful nightclub Kandi party scene filled with dancing swingers

Lexi: How would you describe the Kandi brand to someone who hasn’t heard of it yet?

Angel: Kandi is not about us! Kandi is about you: the fun and excitement you make happen, your elegant threads, and your smiling, happy faces. 

Ranee: It’s no secret that we women rule the lifestyle community! Kandi empowers women and prioritizes our comfort, safety, and pleasure. Kandi is a community of people who support each other and want to share in the excitement of partying and playing together. 

Marco: Kandi is a short and sweet way to say you’ll be indulging in luxury experiences and places, sexy people, and exciting adventures — all set against the backdrop of Vegas! Glamorous casinos and hotels, nightclub takeovers, secret after-parties… we’re out on the town in all of our sexy “I’m in Vegas!” lifestyle glory.

Ashley: Kandi is all about the ladies! We’re the ones who set the tone with our hot outfits and sexy attitudes! Together, we create a sex-positive energy you won’t find anywhere else.

Gabe: And us guys enjoy watching our women exploring and expressing themselves in a safe space and reap the benefits!

Lexi: What can someone expect to happen at a Kandi event?

Marco: Expect a lot of friendly people looking to have a great time! Great music everywhere you go while we’re all dressed up.

Angel: Most people fly in and arrive Wednesday night, which is when we text to let you know where the meeting place and check-in desk are, and any details you need to know. The next morning, we announce when the pool is waking up and what the theme of the day is. Around 9 PM, after we’ve hydrated, eaten, and had our disco nap, another text message goes out detailing exactly where we’re going and when our limo buses are leaving (or you can grab a Lyft or Uber if you prefer). Later at night, around 12:30 AM, we send a text with details about private after-parties you can attend. And then we rinse and repeat for all three days of fun and excitement!

Ray: Guests can check in and get their wristbands during the day in the Unicorn Cabana at our private pool from noon to 6 PM every day. That’s a good spot to connect with new guests arriving, ask any questions you might have, then stay to hang out if you want.

Lexi: What comfort and security measures are in place to ensure guests’ well-being at Kandi events? Let’s say another guest is rubbing me the wrong way (possibly literally!) — who would I go talk to? How would the staff on-site handle that sort of thing?

Ranee: We folks in the Kandi community (or Kommunity, if you prefer!) really look out for each other during these events. If someone turns to one of us and says, “I need help,” we’re here for each other. Especially for newbies in the lifestyle!

Angel: If you are too shy to ask another couple for help, immediately leave the situation and walk away. Head on over to the Kandi hosting Cabana, and let our staff know. Usually, the problem can be addressed diplomatically, quickly and easily. If it’s something that would get anyone ejected from a normal nightclub, you or we go directly to the venue’s formal security team and have the problem person ejected from the premises.

Ashley: This one’s important: HYDRATE! And don’t forget your sunscreen! The pool is hot AF in Vegas in late Spring. If you begin to feel overheated, just head down the elevator to the six restaurants / bars in our hotel and have some ice water, grab a bite to eat, and cool off ‘til you have goosebumps in that strong Vegas air conditioning. And then head back up when you’re feeling refreshed and ready to party!

a photo of three women in a pool with a unicorn raft

Lexi: Are there policies and guidelines in place for all the guests and staff at Kandi events? Are these rules more “unwritten” than official?

Ray: Apart from the common sense of asking for consent before touching anyone, anywhere, anytime, whether inside or outside of Kandi, there is only one rule, and it’s not a Kandi rule! It’s a Vegas rule. There is no nudity at any of the Kandi commercial venues, meaning the hotel pool, hotel public areas, and out at the nightclubs. Vegas is really strict about that. Nudity only happens in private hotel rooms, private hotel suites, and private homes. We also provide some fun guidelines of acceptable behaviors in our Kandi website FAQ to help you navigate Vegas, and we love to clarify any detailed questions when we call each couple before every event.

Lexi: What events and projects are coming up next for Kandi?

Angel: We would love to host an annual South Florida event! Especially if it could be done with the Kandi vibe and to Kandi standards. Tons of our wonderful Kandi friends want it to happen. We talk about it all the time. So maybe all the amazing Kandi minds will come together to cook up something magic soon!

Lexi: What does the future of Kandi look like?

Angel: We take pleasure in doing just one thing exceptionally, just once a year, in the hometown we love — Las Vegas. We know our little town inside and out, and it’s so much fun to light this fuse every year and invite Kandi couples from all over to experience the Vegas magic with us!

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