A Queen’s Buffet

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A Queen's Buffet

I used to be in marketing, so I am very familiar with spin. Also, I like to write and believe strongly that words matter. I have never liked the term gangbang for a bunch of guys doing one woman, but a Queen’s Buffet? Well, this is a story about that.

I was nervous enough to add one guy when we did our first MFM (Male Female Male threesome where no sexual contact happens between the men), let alone wanting a bunch of guys banging me. It sounds… violent. For some, the banging part is exactly the fantasy, so to each one’s own. I think because of the term, though, it was something I never considered for myself. Also because I was already nervous for my first MFM. 

The Goddess Mob

Similarly, I don’t like the term reverse gangbang. Reversing it doesn’t really change the connotation for me. Prior to the lifestyle, my husband’s answer to “What would you like for your birthday?” each year was, “A threesome.” After lifestyle, that didn’t seem sufficient any longer, so I arranged such an event and renamed it to The Goddess Mob — five women and him. We had enough lifestyle friends by this time to pull it off. The very entertaining part about The Goddess Mob is that, as it turns out, when there are that many women and one guy… we don’t really wait around for him to be available. If he was busy, we played with one another, ourselves, and toys no fluffing needed. The classic picture from the evening is four of us in bed, all laughing and smiling, my husband is nowhere to be seen (I think he was in the restroom), and one of the women was taking the picture. It was a very fun evening, but in case you have the idea that five women will fawn over you all night, that expectation MIGHT need to be altered a bit, or very specific instructions might need to be given. Mobs are unpredictable, though, so they might not listen. 

“It’s a Queen’s Buffet.” I smiled. “OK… I’m in.”

Soon after The Goddess Mob, my husband was arranging a gangbang for a friend of ours who had this on her wish list (he’s a very good friend). It has always been counter-intuitive to me and maybe even downright shocking to learn how difficult it is to successfully pull off one of these events. Many men say that this is sexy and exciting, but then, when it comes down to it, they don’t show up. The realities of standing around naked with five (whatever number, I guess, just more than two) guys, waiting for one’s turn or performing in front of others, can override the sexy images they have of watching five OTHER men doing a woman — a perfect example of porn vs. reality. Because we had a lot of reliable lifestyle friends by this time, however, he was able to pull it together. Then she got COVID. 

He asked if I would want to stand in. I did know all the guys (a prerequisite for me), so I was confronted with the option. I mean, it technically had not been one of my fantasies, but on the other hand, this almost seemed an opportunity too unique to pass up. Because he’s a good husband, he knows me, and he at least partially knew what I was thinking, he added, “I have renamed it. It’s a Queen’s Buffet.” I smiled. “OK… I’m in.” He’s also a very good husband because he’s up for all my slutty sexual escapades. All we had to do then was to find a fluffer because I was going to do that for the original event. That we found in a few hours.

This Was Not the Gangbang of Porn Production

The event was sexy as hell with all the things: men standing around me, cocks in each hand, blow jobs galore, and getting fucked in every position while I was doing the other things. The fluffer was generally busy as well. It was mostly four guys: we had one that showed up late and one that non-performed (that happens). I took the opportunity to go airtight with two of the largest cocks in the room (plus another, if you know what airtight is). I guess I’m an overachiever at heart.

There were some photos and videos from the evening, and my very good husband made me a montage. What did I love the most? Watching it afterward, I found it… beautiful. This was not the gangbang of porn production — this was friends having a hell of a sexy time. I loved the videos and the tender moments of men stroking my back and hair. I may not have consciously been aware of that during the event itself, but it certainly contributed to how much I was able to relax and go with the flow.

In the end, I think we may have created a revolution just by changing the name. Often, when we share this story, the reaction is, “Well, I didn’t think I wanted a gangbang, but I DO want a Queen’s Buffet!”

“You do,” I say, “yes, you do.”


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