Baby Bull

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Baby Bull

Read V*’s cuckold fantasy, which will appear in René Moon’s upcoming book, Guilty Pleasures.

Cuckold differs from the Hotwife fetish and is wildly popular with couples and swingers. Being part of a Cuckold relationship is actually a Dominant wife and a sub-husband or partner concept. The wife tends to have sexual and psychological dominance over her husband. She is sexually desirable to both, having him comply with her wants and needs accordingly and giving her power to exert her dominance — whether it be making her husband watch her have sex with another man and not be permitted to participate or being forbidden to pleasure himself or pushing his comfort zone for gratification. Here is one of my lady’s, V*’s, fantasies that she has kindly chosen to share with you.

This is one of the fantasies in my book, Guilty Pleasures, to be released in late 2023.

I have been clucking like a broody hen; lately, my maternal clock is going mad, and I crave having a baby. A lot of my friends have had babies of late, and I feel now is right for us. S* is very keen on us getting pregnant. The fact that I was not on the pill when we first started dating has led me to make S* pull out to cum whenever we are having sex. This, in turn, led to some frustration on his end, as this is the only way I would allow him to ejaculate, yet it somehow led to this situation where I started to get turned on by “THE POWER” that it gave me over him.


My partner has older children almost my age from a previous relationship. With his ex, He offered her as a “HOTWIFE” to other guys. She enjoyed being fucked by other men, often “BBC,” but from what I understand, this was not a “CUCKOLD” relationship where she had the upper hand in the bedroom. She was actually the “SUB” (or SLUT, as he called her), acting out being a slut in front of him. He confesses he was always completely comfortable with his ex having sex with younger, fitter, more muscular guys.

I felt I could combine his interest in watching his partner having sex with other men with my interest as a DOMINANT, but for this, I had to find an element that would make him envious.

I’m a 22-year-old 5’5″, petite brunette with small but very pert breasts and a fantastic derriere. S* is a good 20 years my senior with grown-up kids. He’s a tall, slim silver fox — a handsome older man with the most amazing physique, no end of stamina, charm, a very playful brain, and a very dirty mind, indeed, with an uncanny skill for reading women’s minds and desires.


If I were going to make him envious, I would have to play differently. Firstly, I would decide when to have sex with other guys, select, and invite them, making it much more of a cuckolding situation. As I got into this, the first guys having sex with me were wearing condoms. S* would encourage me to seduce and undress for the guys. I personally tend to dress to provoke, i.e., leather, PVC, high PVC boots, leather miniskirts — a kind of “FUCK ME” look to accentuate or unmask as opposed to wearing next to nothing, choosing to tease and tantalise as I remove items of clothing as if unwrapping a magical gift. As my game got going over time, I liked to take control and make S* sit patiently, watching and listening. As things progressed further, I would have him tied firstly by myself and, on occasion, by my visiting bull and made to watch us, restrained to a chair. I love to expose his cock to see if he is getting hard, as I’m passionately taken by the bull. There have been sessions where I put his cock in a cage to stop him from getting an erection whilst watching us.

S* is 100% straight, but I start to push his boundaries, making him clean the bull’s cock after sex with me. Later, I moved on to demanding him to make the bull hard for me while wearing a collar and leash, licking and sucking the bull hard and introducing my bull’s cock to my aching wet pussy before moving his attention to my pussy, working and sucking my engorged clit.

The play always happens at our place, where I find it most comfortable and safe, not only because it adds kink and spice to fuck on the conjugal bed but also because I sometimes only allow him to listen by blindfolding him.


My girlfriends are all having or got kids, and I felt I wanted to get pregnant, too. So far, I have not allowed S* to cum inside of me, even after 18 months together. He already has kids, so this is where I decided I wanted to show that I was the one dominating. I wanted to take it a step further and make him watch another man fuck me and allow him to cum inside of me, completing the concept of Cuckolding him by showing him that the other guy is allowed to do something he is not permitted to do. Making him suck the bull before and clean me off the bull after tops my fantasy. S* must watch me being fucked and sexually ravaged by other big strong guys or BULLS — whether he’s into it or not.

Arrangements had been made, and I kept S* in the dark about the proceedings, if I’m totally honest. I had to be ready by 6 pm, as the bull was due to arrive at 7 pm. I had a glorious bubble bath and shaved my legs and pussy as, to me, that’s manners; you wouldn’t dine from a dirty plate, now would you?!

A couple of bottles of bubbly on ice and three flutes, accompanied by a huge bowl of succulent red strawberries, sat on the marble table, awaiting our guest. 7 pm arrived, as did a prompt tap at the door. Upon opening the door, I was greeted by a gorgeous, caramel-coloured man with green eyes and rose-pink lips framing his perfect teeth. He licked his lips as he grinned at me, then greeted me with, “Hey, I’m Joel from the ad; you are expecting me.” I responded, “Hi there, lovely to meet you; do come in. My partner is just through there if you care to go on through.” I watched our handsome guest as he walked past me wearing fitted trousers, tan pointed loafers, and a casual t-shirt under a suit jacket. He was clean-shaven and wearing Creed Aventus, which is one of my favorite men’s fragrances that I bought S* for Christmas. On entering the room, I was amazed by how well the two men got on. I turned to S* and ordered him to sit on a chair as I removed my red PVC dress. Underneath, I wore black suspenders and matching crotchless panties, black stockings, and PVC high-heeled boots, accentuating my toned legs and pert bum. I kept my hair loose; I know S* likes it tied back! 

I approached S*, who sat obediently on the chair, and took him by surprise as I grabbed him by the hair, giving him a sadistic smile as I yanked his head back and said, “I want a child, so we are going to get one — on my terms…,” gesturing to our new friend, who was aware of his job as he was already half-naked with only his trousers left hugging his finely-tuned legs and arse, unzipping as he strode over. I lay on my back across the bed, knowing I was going to be deep-throated by a very enthusiastic man. S* was clearly immersed in desire, lust, and frustration with slight disdain, as it should be him impregnating his bitch. S* was giving me what I wanted, and he knew he had no choice but to pander. But there was a natural element of resentment in his actions and expression; I could feel it… Oooh, and did I feel it, but it gave me power.


I whispered to the bull to present his flaccid cock to S* to suck to magnificence before presenting it to me, which he willingly did so, much to S*’s initial discomfort, as he was a straight man.

I lulled my head back over the edge of the bed as my new friend stood above me. What a sight I had as his big meaty weapon got released from the restraint of his hand, and it hit me in the mouth with some force. I opened my mouth and started to greedily suck him until I could feel his proud and menacing manliness as he introduced it to my restricted throat with a low growl. S* knew his place and sat back obediently. Deep-throat was one of my favourite sexploits, and knowing how big this bull was, I was gagging as it found its happy place with each thrust… a fullness so intense that I tried to scream out but was not able to due to my flesh gag. Both men were lost in their own sexual motives — one not giving me a thought but fulfilling his primal needs, and the other could do nothing other than think of me with another man’s sweet treat buried deep to the root. As I gagged stomach juices over my new friend’s cock with each thrust, it encouraged him as he gripped one of my tits firmly as an anchor point, tears streaming down my face as I retched and gasped for air stolen where possible. S* was not permitted to show any emotion, only allowing himself to just be; after all, bittersweet is always the best. My bull pulled out and picked me up, so I was straddling him.

My bull conquests usually wear a condom, but on this occasion, I wanted maximum impact, so bareback it was. Oh, and how divine it felt, wrapping my toned legs tightly around his solid torso, sliding his mammoth weapon between my untainted pussy lips. I absorbed him into me, letting gravity do its magic. He felt so good as I slowly became impaled on him. My bull used his brute strength to lift me to meet his thrusts effortlessly, and I was in heaven as I felt my pussy gripping him so tightly as a limpet would clasp a rock in heavy seas, terrified of losing him at that moment in time. That was our bonding moment, just he and I staring into each others’ eyes as we got lost in our delectable feelings and time. Stepping back, he lowered himself back onto the bed with me firmly seated on his glorious cock. I felt so wholly full as he was pounding me ferociously. After a few minutes of getting used to the intense sensations, rivers of static charge undulated over my body time and time again into orgasm after glorious orgasm, each one building to a new high and level of gratification as wave after wave over-rode my every sense, peaking in a screaming glory of juice as I squirted all over my bull’s impressive cock. He was still battering my pussy, and I was riding on once more, savouring the delirious waves of fulfillment. I and my bull thrust together for that one life-changing, ultimate conclusion, which I so deserved but had not been permitted, as I insisted on condoms.


The orgasm was like none I had ever experienced. My pussy knew precisely what was needed of her as I relished the sensations of every last thrust until my bull released his man milk deep within my convulsive warm wet walls. S*’s facial expression told a thousand tales, and I loved it. I told my bull to withdraw from me, release S*, and allow him to impale my vulnerable pussy, allowing him to feel what my bull had felt, impregnating me but not allowing him to ejaculate inside of me — he knew the rules.

Before I allowed S* to relax, he was ordered to clean my bull baby-daddy’s cock clean with his tongue, licking every trace from his now semi-flaccid cock; only then could he relax.

Minutes later, I was cradled by both men as we let Mother Nature work her wonders, drifting off into a content slumber, surrounded by my protective man flesh.


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