Which is More Intimate: Sleeping Together OR Oral Sex?

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Which is More Intimate: Sleeping Together OR Oral Sex?

In this Ask a Sex Goddess video, Taylor discusses the nuances of intimacy and sex.

This is not a question that comes up too much amongst monogamous individuals, but if you are in an ethically non-monogamous relationship and you have a new partner, how does your initial partner feel about you having sleepovers? So let’s discuss.

Intimacy can be defined as a close and personal connection between two people or 3 or 4. What is considered more intimate can vary depending on the individuals involved and their personal preferences. Sleeping together can involve physical closeness and vulnerability, as well as the potential for emotional intimacy through sharing a space and time together. It can be a way for partners to feel close and connected to each other.

Oral sex, on the other hand, involves a more explicit and focused form of physical intimacy. It can be a very intimate act between partners and can involve a high level of trust and vulnerability.

Ultimately, what is considered more intimate can vary depending on the individuals and the context of the situation. It’s important for partners to communicate with each other about their boundaries, preferences, and comfort levels in order to create a safe and fulfilling sexual relationship.

Personally, I believe that oral sex is way more intimate than sleeping together. Because in my opinion… it’s just sleep. It doesn’t make it right or the other way wrong… just different. This topic has come up with partners of mine as we have built our relationship, and they have primary partners, and their partners were not ready for us to sleep together because, in their opinion, it was too intimate. Eventually, after some time, an agreement was made for an overnight. But this does give you a great opportunity to have a conversation with your partner about these feelings, vulnerability, etc.  

What do you think? Which is more intimate, in your opinion? Sleeping together or oral sex?


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