Ladies First! Checkmate Beverly Hills Coming Soon!

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Lexi Sylver interviews Checkmate NYC swinger club owner Gianni for insider info on this swanky lifestyle destination and its expansion into LA.

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As someone who’s active in the swinging lifestyle, I know from personal experience that there are many factors that go into deciding on which swingers club we want to attend. 

And there are extra things to consider when you’re a unicorn (single woman) going to a lifestyle club or swinging with your partner. 

My unicorn girlfriends and I often talk about how challenging it can be to find a swingers club that makes us feel comfortable, where we can just dress sexy and get the respect we deserve, and where — no offense, guys — there aren’t always a ton of single men who are just vying for our attention all night long. We just want to have fun when we go out and be our sexy, seductive unicorn selves! 

That’s one major reason why it’s so refreshing to have a club like Checkmate, who specifically caters to our needs and lets us feel like the sexy, liberated ladies we are. 

Checkmate is a private, safe, and fun swingers club that’s been established in New York City since they opened over twenty-five years ago. West-Coasters will also soon be able to enjoy the same luxurious experience when Checkmate opens their new Beverly Hills location later this year! If you’re as excited about it as I am, you can apply for your membership to the new LA club on Checkmate’s website in advance!

I had the pleasure of chatting with Gianni, the owner of Checkmate (and also previously the owner of Le Trapeze in NYC), to discover more about his vision of quality swingers club experiences and what the future holds for Checkmate.

How has the swinging lifestyle evolved since the time Checkmate first opened in New York City over twenty-five years ago?

After seeing many clubs and private parties appear and disappear over the years in New York City, I have definitely observed an increase in the number of younger couples who practice or are curious about the lifestyle. The lifestyle has definitely become more mainstream and more open than before, thanks to how easy it is for couples and singles to find each other all over the world and find clubs and parties locally and globally. It’s less secretive than it used to be.

What makes Checkmate different from other swingers clubs?

Our main focus is women. We have a lifestyle concept mixed with a fashionably chic concept for the club, where women are our main priority. We want to make the women who come to our club feel welcome, sexy, and comfortable. Checkmate is a club where women can come dance, wear their sexy outfits and lingerie, designer shoes, and have a great night out. We are way more than a place where people can come and have sex, swap, or just watch… but those elements are options, too, of course. Whatever she wants to do on a night out, she can do at Checkmate.

How would you describe the ambiance at Checkmate? (e.g. lighting, décor, music, etc.?)

We worked with different famous interior club designers to bring a fusion of a dance club and swingers club to NYC. The concept is a very European swanky club with a LED and video dance floor, video walls in almost every room, a mirrored ceiling, and a live DJ every night we’re open. Checkmate has a clean, modern feel, and our clientele is sophisticated, attractive, and fashionable.

SDC Checkmate NYC Swinger Club Dance Floor

Swingers clubs usually have a bar and dancing area for people to socialize and interact, as well as one or more play areas. How is Checkmate set up on the inside to accommodate the needs and desires of your patrons?

We feature a newly installed LED and video dance floor, the type you find in resorts around the world. We also have a sexy “skin lounge,” aka the “foreplay room,” where people can get intimate before going to the back rooms. Part of the “Checkmate Experience” is the fact that we provide private tended lockers and complimentary towel and robe service for the convenience and comfort of all our guests. We’re also B.Y.O.B, but our bartenders will be more than happy to serve you. We have private security in all areas of the club as well as fabulous hostesses, who, upon your arrival, will give first-time visitors a tour of the club. The playrooms are all mirrored — perfect for watching yourselves and others — and each room features a different ambiance, with stylized themes and music. We also have a designated smoking area for those who still want to feel connected to the club as they smoke.

Women in the lifestyle sometimes feel like the swingers clubs don’t cater to their needs and desires and can be a turn-off for them to attend. What does Checkmate do to make women feel comfortable and prioritized?

Our main features are the NO SINGLE MEN rule and SINGLE WOMEN ARE ALWAYS ALLOWED IN FREE. These make couples and single women feel more comfortable and safe. We also have private security all over the club, who are in charge of protecting our clients and their privacy. We also only allowed pre-screened attractive lifestyle couples and single women to maintain an exclusive, top-quality membership to our clubs.

What kinds of theme nights, parties, and events can swingers look forward to attending at Checkmate?

We feature different theme parties every weekend, according to season, holidays, and fashion. If you want to know what to wear and expect beforehand, you can check out our website and see our upcoming events at the club.

If I’m a single woman or couple going to NYC for the weekend and looking for a swinging good time, what would entice me to come to Checkmate instead of a different swingers club?

We’ll make sure your night at Checkmate will be a unique, unforgettable experience. Once you get our invitation to our club — after being pre-screened — you’ll party and play with the sexiest, most fashionable lifestyle people in NYC. And don’t be surprised if you encounter celebrities on any given night!

SDC Checkmate NYC Swinger Club Dance Floor

You have a very loyal client base at Checkmate. What do you think keeps your guests coming back for more?

We have an incredible staff who are very professional and hospitable, ready to make you feel welcome and treat you like royalty. Also, because of our prime NYC location in the Upper East Side, we have many couples who travel from all over the world to come to Checkmate.

The swinger lifestyle is often hidden and secret, especially for those who have never been to a swinger club before. What advice / tips do you have for a first-time couple or single individual going to a swinger’s club?

Definitely do your research before going into a swingers club to make sure it fits your needs, interests, and fantasies. We all have different preferences, and finding the right party or club is a must for first-timers. Once you go inside the club, go at your own pace and only do what makes you feel happy and comfortable. Also, friendliness and a good attitude towards people go a long way in the lifestyle.

Do you have any exciting plans in store for Checkmate?

In late 2021 / early 2022, we’ll be opening Checkmate Beverly Hills, a swingers club with the same swanky concept as our NYC club, but with an opulent West Coast vibe. Opening Checkmate in the LA / Beverly Hills / Hollywood area will be a perfect fit for the West Coast because the entertainment and adult industries are in the same area. Couples and single women who want to be part of our new West Coast club can now register on our website. Just specify that you would like to register for Checkmate Beverly Hills. Everyone whose registration is approved before we open Checkmate Beverly Hills will have their registration fee waived. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Learn more about Checkmate New York and their upcoming Beverly Hills location!

Checkmate NYC and upcoming Beverly Hills Swinger Club

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