Learning What Big Really Is

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She thought her husband’s thick nine inches was big — until he found her a truly massive cock!

One of our SDC members submitted the following story to the “My First Big Cock” Erotic Writing Contest.

I thought I knew what a big cock was — after all, my husband Bob is a thick 9 inches. Then I met David. Bob told me that he wanted to watch me with a really hung guy. I have to admit that the idea excited me. I was a bit worried, though… could I handle it? Would Bob be upset if I liked it too much? Bob kept bringing up the idea, and I finally told him, “Find me an attractive, really hung black guy, and I’ll do it.” So we went on the Dark Caverns website and found David — a beautiful black gentleman, 30 years old, 6-foot-3-inches, muscular 240lbs, and with an insanely large cock. We contacted David, chatted on the phone, and arranged to meet in the bar at a local hotel that weekend.

Tall, Dark, and Handsome David

Seeing David at the bar in person, he was every bit as handsome in person as in his profile pics. Midway through the drink, I slipped my hand under the table onto his crotch. I could tell immediately that he was huge, even just slightly hard. Bob looked at me and said, “Well?” I just said, “We need to go upstairs now.”

In the room, I stripped down to just a garter, heels, and hose. My pussy was wet with anticipation. I undid David’s jeans and revealed the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. Even just partially hard, it was hugely long (turns out, it was 11.5 inches!) and so thick that I could not close my fingers fully around it. It was easily as thick as a beer bottle. The veins on his cock were practically as big as a small cock, and he had a beautiful mushroom head that was thicker than the shaft itself. There was already a tiny glistening of precum on the tip.

She’s Up for the Challenge

I stroked the shaft and licked the precum off the tip. David was fully erect and hard as a rock in no time. I’m a good cocksucker and can deepthroat Bob’s 9 inches with ease, but David was going to be a challenge. Just getting the bulbous head in my mouth required me to extend my jaw fully. I worked his massive cock into my mouth and down my throat slowly. I got all but 2 inches in and thought I was done when David put his hands on the back of my head and pulled me gently down. I thought I was going to suffocate, but Bob was cheering me on, and I was determined. I got it all in, and David began to literally fuck my throat. I could feel his cock begin to throb, his body tense, and felt his warm, salty cum spew into my mouth. With half of a mouthful, I reached over, kissed Bob, and whispered, “Thank you.” I was a bit disappointed, though, thinking it was over without me getting fucked. However, we were just getting started.

He’s Ready to Go Again

By the time David had given me my first orgasm by licking my pussy, he was hard and ready to go again. I pulled out a Trojan Magnum to put on David. It was a stretch getting it over the head. Fully unrolled, there was still at least 5 inches of uncovered cock at the base. I have a tight pussy and worried whether this was going to be painful. I asked David to lie on his back, and I straddled him cowgirl so I could control how deep he went into me.

David Hit Spots She Didn’t Know She Had

The instant I lowered my pussy lips onto his massive cock head, I knew this was going to be different. I could feel him stretching my pussy wide. I told Bob how amazing it felt and began moaning with pleasure. I worked his cock all the way into my pussy as David laid still. I could feel his cock pressing on my cervix. I started bobbing on his cock, and David began slowly thrusting. I told Bob how fucking good it felt. As David went faster, my narration devolved into just wild moans and screaming. He was stretching me like never before, hitting spots I didn’t know I had. I swear, it felt like he penetrated my cervix into my womb. I came twice riding cowgirl before David came again. Then Bob licked my fully-used pussy for a bit while David recovered for round 3. A little rim job got David hard again, and this time, we did it doggy.

Doggy for Round Three

Fucking me from behind, David could go harder and deeper. My 38DD tits were flapping wildly as he fucked me, and I was reduced to a quivering, screaming, orgasmic mess. When Bob slid under us and licked my clit as David pounded me, I exploded in the most intense orgasm of my life. After 2 hours of fucking, I was ready to call it quits. Bob and David had a different plan. 

Bob said, “Let him do your ass.” I said, “Are you crazy?!” He convinced me that I might not get another cock as amazing as David’s and that I should get the full experience. I agreed with some trepidation.

She Gets the Full Experience with David’s Gorgeous Cock

David rimmed me first, applied a generous amount of KY, and put on a fresh Magnum. As he slid around behind me and pressed that big mushroom head against my asshole, I thought, ‘Oh shit, this is going to hurt.’ Bob was holding my hand and stroking my hair. David slowly pressed harder until his cock spread my sphincter open. A wave of electric pain and pleasure shot through my body like a lightning bolt as his massive black cock violated my ass. 

David started slowly fucking my ass in very short strokes. I was crying and shaking. He asked me if he should stop, and I told him, “Don’t stop; I want your big black cock deep in my tight white ass.” I couldn’t stop crying or shaking as he gradually fucked me harder and deeper, but the pain subsided, and the stimulation turned to pleasure. By the time he was all the way in, I came again. As he began pounding me hard, deep, and fast, and his body smacked off my buttcheeks, I was just delirious, reduced to mumbling, sweating, crying, and cumming. Finally, David came one last time in my ass, and this time, we really were done as I collapsed on the bed.

A Whole New World of Huge

I thought I knew what big was, being married to a husband with a very thick 9-inch cock. But David showed me there’s a whole ‘nother world. He stretched me like never before. He hit spots Bob can’t go. He (along with Bob’s tongue) gave me the most powerful orgasm of my life and made me cum twice just from fucking my ass. It was my first time with a monster cock, but not the last time with David — or BBC.

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This story was submitted by one of our members to the “My First Big Cock” Erotic Writing Contest.
Our editor made minor adjustments to this story for length and clarity.


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