Newbie Guide: What a Lifestyle Club Is — & Isn’t

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First off, let’s clear any crazy preconceived ideas about a lifestyle club. Are you going to be dropped into the center of a porn movie? Don’t expect that to happen. (I mean, unless that’s something you’re wanting to create… then, by all means, have at it.)

What to Expect

No, what you can expect is to enter a club in which couples and singles meet and mingle in a sexy environment. Notice I said sexy environment, not sex environment. Just because you’re in a lifestyle club doesn’t mean you have to do anything sexual. 

Consent is a STRONG theme in lifestyle clubs. In fact, it’s MUCH more emphasized at a “sex” club than a typical night club. That’s actually a big reason why a lot of (single) women enjoy attending — they can dance, drink, and have a great time with less worry about being harassed. 

If you want to just hang out and be in a fun and sexy environment (without having to do anything sexual), you can do that at a lifestyle club. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, if you want to meet other couples and fool around with them, that’s possible too, along with everything else in between. It’s your choice.

The club members at colette are very respectful to one another and not aggressive or pushy. As an added safety feature, anyone with inappropriate behavior will be asked by security to leave the club (just let the staff or management know).

Who Goes to Lifestyle Clubs

Openlove 101 SDC Newbie Lifestyle Guide AttendeesColette isn’t just for swingers. We lovingly welcome all different types of people: 

  • Bisexual (yes both men & women)
  • Pansexual
  • BDSM
  • Kink
  • Trans
  • Open
  • Poly
  • Consensual non-monogamy
  • Or just anyone curious and open-minded

It has always been our belief at colette, that the expression of sexual freedom is paramount. We (colette clubs) like to think of ourselves as a safe space for those who want to explore themselves as much as exploring the boundaries of their relationships. Sexuality is a huge part of who we are as humans… let’s focus less on labels and more on acceptance of each other.

The Full Newbie Lifestyle Club Guide

There are four parts to our Newbie Lifestyle Club Guide here on SDC. Click here for the introduction. You can find the rest of the links below:

1. What a Lifestyle Club Is — & Isn’t (you’re here)

2. The Pre-Club Talk & Prep

3. Lifestyle Club Etiquette

4. You’re at the Club. Now What?

By taking these steps in this guide, you can have an incredible first time (or anytime) experience at a lifestyle club that will keep you cumming back for more! (I couldn’t resist!)

Happy swinging!


Openlove 101 SDC Newbie Lifestyle Club Guide

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