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Anaal Toys

Do something else, go anal

Shopping for sextoys is a great pleasure for everyone. The offer is huge and there is always something to make your heart beat faster. Precisely because it is a different experience for everyone, there are no rules for it. Just buy what you like. But it can also be a lot of fun, and especially exciting, to put something in your shopping cart that you don’t immediately think about. So do something different and go anal.

Hotspot for stimulation
Anal toys can be an excellent investment, whether you’ve tried it or never tried it before. Why? Anal toys can feel great, really great. That’s because there are a lot of nerve endings in the anus. And many of those nerve endings are super sensitive to physical sensations, the anus actually a hot spot for stimulation.

The entrance door
Anal toys are also the way to finally discover the G-spot and P-spot. The pleasure zones that know how to hide. The G-spot is hidden on the front wall of the vagina. And the P(rostat)-spot, is located between the bladder and the penis. Two very sensitive spots that provide a lot of pleasure when stimulated, but are not always accessible with the naked hand. Anal toys are the key to reach them easily.

Really different
If you’re inexperienced, don’t buy the first best toy right away. Caution is advised, precisely because this is an extremely sensitive area. Also, the anus needs a different treatment than a vagina. Logical when you consider that the vagina ends at the cervix, so sextoys can never get lost. This is different for the anus, which is connected to the colon. When having an orgasm, muscles can contract and then there can be a kind of sucking effect that can cause an anal toy to wander.

Really different
For that reason anal toys also look different and are recognizable by a different base. Anal toys are tapered, and often have a t-bar, a ring on a suction cup as a grip. Vaginal toys don’t have that, which is why you can’t just use a vaginal dildo or vibrator for the back. So buy toys that are only suitable for anal-play, and don’t worry the choice is huge.

What to pay attention to?
Although the purchase of an anal-play toy requires a slightly more targeted approach, its use still opens many doors of pleasure. Just getting started? Start small. Especially the vibrating varieties or the toys with an extra sensation are then recommended to get used to the new sensation.

Spread it in
Never forget the lubricant. The vagina lubricates itself, the anus does not. Whatever toy you use, always use anal lubricant with it. Preferably water based, because most toys are made of silicone and that doesn’t go well with a silicone lubricant. The toy will be affected and become porous, causing bacteria to nest in it.


Butt Plugs
Butt plugs are not only excellent starting toys, advanced users will also find them in their night box. They are characterized by a fairly harmless appearance and a streamlined silhouette. In addition, they have a wide back, which makes it easier to take them in and out. As with all other sextoys , there are many different varieties. From ordinary classic, to glasses, metal, remote controlled, vibrating, inflatable to role-playing buttplugs and many other specific types.

Anal beads
Anal beads are also popular with both beginners and experts. Because the beads are inserted one by one, you give the control out of your hands and you can go as far as you feel comfortable. With the handy lever you can easily pull them out again.

Fist Toys
Certainly not for beginners, but once you have a taste for other toys, there are fist toys to make the experience more intense and extreme. A sextoy that certainly in the world of BDSM increases in popularity, and with the right preparation can lead to a sensational pleasure.

Prostate stimulators
Do you want to reach the P-spot? Then the prostate stimulators are the toy for you. Not only is stimulation of the prostate an intensely exciting experience, there are also health benefits. The prostate can be found under the bladder, at the root of the penis and is the size of a walnut. Precisely because this spot is difficult to access for the human hand, these toys are ideal.

If you are going to try the big A for the first time, it can be quite exciting. Our muscles aren’t that relaxed yet and have to get used to penetration. Then start slowly and with external stimulation. Build it up slowly and start carefully with a small diameter toy. Always use lubricant. Pain is never the intention, so stop in time if it feels uncomfortable. The use of an anal relaxant can help you ease penetration.

And once you’ve discovered the sensation of anal, it’s hard not to include the back in the sex game, because ‘once you go back…’.

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