Jump a hole in the air with the air pressure vibrators

luchtdruk vibrator

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luchtdruk vibrator

Jump a hole in the air with the air pressure vibrators

What Charlotte from ‘Sex and the city’ did for the rabbit vibrators, Heleen van Royen did for the Womanizer. Since she expressed herself lyrically in her ‘Sex diary’, the air pressure vibes are more popular than ever.

Pioneering technology
In 2014 the German Michael Lenke launched his first model of the Womanizer. How he came up with the idea is unknown. However, we do know that he tried out different prototypes on his wife for years, until both were completely satisfied and the Womanizer was ready for the general public. The couple applied for a patent on their air pressure technology. But due to the enormous success, it didn’t take long for other manufacturers to look for similar applications. Just a little bit different. You can therefore not speak of the air pressure vibrators, because each brand has its own stamp. So go and (s)experiment with the different types and experience for yourself the sensation that is so different than the vibrators we know.

Success story
The love for the sexy toy is so great that women feel comfortable enough to talk and write about it. Experiences and opinions about it are shared massively. And that openness about the use of a sextoy is perhaps even more remarkable than the groundbreaking technology itself. Women all over the world air their hearts and share their experiences on forums and in reviews, coming up with tips and advice to women who have not (yet) reached a climax within seconds. This openness has contributed to the success and the air pressure vibrators were labeled as the best rated sex toys. And that’s amazing considering the novelty of the technology to say the least.

The big ‘O
Getting to a climax quickly sounds delicious, but it gets even better. Many women claim that their orgasm since the use of the air pressure vibrators is so intense that they never want anything else. Of course, the use of any sextoy remains a very intimate and personal matter. Not all women swear by the almost licking stimulation. And not all women come in ecstasy either. But it’s definitely worth a try, and if you don’t manage to get the job done right away, then lubricant seems to be the trick to get to the big ‘o’.

How to do that?
Studies of sexual behavior have shown that the majority of women need extra stimulation of the clitoris to reach a climax. It also appeared that 35% of women in a heterosexual relationship have no experience with consistent orgasms. Lesbian women do that better, 86% of them come regularly. The air pressure vibrators has been able to change those figures significantly. Precisely because of the indirect stimulation of the clitoris, women achieve faster and more intense orgasms.

The air pressure vibrator is really different, the appearance is different, they do not vibrate and there is no direct contact between the vibrator and the skin. Because with the air pressure vibrators you place the clitoris in front of the opening of the suction cup, then it is gently pulled inwards and massaged by air pressure movements in combination with ‘pulsating’ and sonic waves. So without direct contact.

For some women, direct clitoral stimulation can feel too intense, the vibrations that a ‘normal’ vibrator induces on the clitoris can be narcotic and that can get in the way of an orgasm. So if you’re not a fan of the classic vibrator, try this variant, who knows, maybe a world will open up for you.

This ‘indirect’ stimulation can best be described as a sucking sensation. The exact feeling is difficult to put into words, air pressure vibrators are one of those things you shouldn’t read about, but just experience. But with a word of warning, because if we are to believe the women of the reviews and the forums, you can’t get enough of it.

The Womanizer was the first and is extremely popular all over the world. But the competition hasn’t been idle, as the Satisfyer Pro 2 claims first place week after week as the best-selling sextoy. And it doesn’t stop with those two brands. Many other sextoy makers came on the market with their own air pressure vibrators. All with their own twist, just a little bit different. So it’s up to you which one of the many types you prefer, or maybe you belong to the minority that doesn’t get hot or cold. Of course you can, but you only know that when you’ve tried it yourself.


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