Sexy Lingerie

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Sexy Lingerie


You don’t buy lingerie for someone else, you buy it for yourself, after all, you’re the one who wears it. Even if no one else would see the seduction you’re wearing under your outfit, you know it, you feel it, you wear it and it gets noticed. So enough reasons to hang the cotton underpants on the willows and dress up in sexy lingerie, here are 5 very good reasons to always wear sexy lingerie from now on:

1. Mirror, mirror
If you ever put on lingerie to seduce your partner, you probably would have looked at yourself in the mirror and thought: ‘Wow, I look fantastic’. So what if you didn’t keep it for someone else or just for special occasions, but to put on your best set every day? Because even if you have a bad day, once at home, before you change into your home suit, you remember how sexy you felt in your lingerie .

2. Special of the day
Actually, every day is special. Especially in these bizarre corona times, we have to take good care of ourselves and therefore do everything we can to avoid devouring. Keeping sexy lingerie for that one special occasion would be a shame. Especially now, when every day is special.

3. Investment for every day
Wearing it more often also means that you have more ‘value for money’. Not that beautiful lingerie needs to be expensive, certainly not. But if you don’t wear it much, if you keep it for Sundays and holidays, it’s quite an investment. While lingerie makes you feel better in your skin. Because no matter what kind of outerwear you wear, with lingerie you can have an alter-ego under your outfit. How exciting is that?!

4. You 4 you
Wearing lingerie is for yourself, not to impress anyone. In that sense, you can look at lingerie just like make-up, you put it on for yourself, to feel more confident and beautiful. Of course you can also wear lingerie to seduce, but that only works if you also feel sexy and confident in it. Because that’s what really attracts men.

5. Superwoman
Lingerie is not about sex, it’s not about doing something for your partner, it’s really just about you. The goal is to impress yourself, then you automatically impress others as well. Research has been done on the effect in men of wearing a Superman T-shirt underneath their clothes, and it turned out that it gave the wearers much more self-confidence. So claim yourself, claim your body. Sexy lingerie makes powerful. It affects your self-confidence and self-esteem.


  • Buy a variety of colors and styles. So that every day you can choose a color that represents your mood of the day.
  • If you feel feminine, use that magnetic feminine power and it has a positive effect on others.
  • Lace bras are easy to wash and last longer than preformed bras. So make sure you have a varied assortment in your lingerie drawer.
  • A pair of briefs that fits your bra is a secret that only you know. Because we wear underwear so close to the skin, it gives a powerful signal to the brain.
  • With three panties per bra, you’ll never go wrong.
  • Also try stockings in the style of your lingerie .
  • By choosing your lingerie carefully every day, you live more consciously and start the day more positive.
  • Lingerie should be a gift that you give yourself.

Lingerie is a collective name for all kinds of underwear, the diversity is immense. From different kinds of bras with a wide choice of panties, thong and shorts. From matching sets with and without suspenders, from exciting or innocent babydolls to corsets and bustiers. Not to mention the body’s and catsuits that you can also wear as clothing. Try something out, buy something other than what you already have in your lingerie drawer, surprise yourself and, if that’s your intention, your partner as well.

In short, you don’t need someone else who loves you before you can love yourself. Just like you don’t need a man to see your lingerie , you don’t need one to buy lingerie . You don’t need someone else to see you as beautiful, when you start to see yourself as beautiful. Lingerie is about seeing yourself as sexy; it’s the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off.


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