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This cock huntress of a Vixen teases us with the beginning of her story of highly sensual play with her Stag and new Bull.

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I am a cock huntress. I lurk around dating apps looking for the perfect lover to satisfy my thirst. And every now and then, I find a golden nugget. This time, I found myself a Bull with great banter. As soon as I started to really vibe with this guy, I let my husband know of my excitement. This Bull was sexting me, turning me on, and several times I orgasmed to his words while my husband would lick on my Kitty. My husband said, “OK, do you want to earn a Hall Pass, or do you want to be shared?” I grin as I look up at him in the middle of sucking his cock… I say “shared.” There is nothing like having two big strong men tugging and grabbing at me while they are lusting after my Kitty. Later that night, I told my new Bull that it was game on — I had been granted permission to have him over and meet with my hubby. Little did he suspect I was planning on getting pounded that night…

Swaying with Anticipation

I eagerly awaited for the weekend. Just the thought of it made me clench my thighs together and swish my hips back-and-forth in the middle of working. The day could not come any faster. Finally, the weekend arrived and our meeting day was upon us. 

I got dressed in the sexiest underwear, and I made sure my Kitty was nice and trimmed clean and soft. I put on the perfume that makes me feel oh so sexy. I am a dancer by nature; music flows through me freely, and I use that to my advantage. I made a playlist specifically for sexy time and arranged the living room specifically for lap dances. Everything was nice and prepared. There was a knock at the door — my heart skipped a beat in excitement. “Welcome, welcome! Step into my humble adobe,” I say to my new Bull. I had fixed up some snacks and ordered us some delicious dinner. I wanted to fully focus on dessert and did not bother with the meal… I am that dessert.

Time for Dessert

After some small talk and getting to know how the boys would work together to pleasure me, I felt that it was time to move things to dessert. They sat down on the couch and I turned on the music. I began to slowly sway my hips, turned around so they couldn’t see my facial expression. I was way too excited — as if they were my meal for the night. The music continued to take over my body, my sensual movements growing sharper. I began to raise my sexy cocktail dress just enough for them to see the very bottom of my hips (you know, the under butt), and I swayed my hips in little circles. I crawled my hands down to my knees, arched my back, and swooshed my hair just enough for them to catch a scent of the pheromones I had activated. 

When the timing of the music was right, I turned around as I touched all over my body… slowly, smoothly. I locked eyes with the Bull and I licked my lips. I then turned my eyes to my husband — he knew the pleasure this was bringing to me; he knew every part of me wanted to jump their boners; he knew how much restraint I had to conjure up in order to avoid going too fast. I started to move slowly closer and closer. Right when I was close enough, I opened up my legs and put one leg in between the Bull and one leg in between my husband. I started to raise that little dress over my head and swooshed my hair over them so they could really catch my scent… all of me.

“Take Off Your Pants”

I grinned at Hubby while leaning into the Bull for a long, wet, slow, sensual kiss. I grabbed the back of his head and dug my nails into his hair. I started to grind slowly; I could feel him through his pants, and he was rock hard. I whispered in his ear, “take off your pants.” I left him to carry out his ordered task and leaned in toward my husband. I grabbed him with both hands on his head and was grinding deep onto his boner. I gave a side glance to see the Bull eagerly ready with this rock-hard cock out, throbbing, wishing, and hoping I’d begin to show him some attention. I grind on my Hubby one more time and said, “take off your pants.” I then leaned the top half of my body toward the Bull while my ass was up in the air near Hubby’s face, my back arched like a stretching cat, and crawled over to the Bull. I grabbed the Bull’s shoulders and leaned to his ears. I gave off slow sensual breathing of excitement into his ear as my fingers tipped onto his cock. Kissing his neck, his lips, his chest… I gave his cock a small breath and made my tongue narrow to slide it around and around his head. Meanwhile, Hubby was rubbing my ass and wet, wet pussy…

SDC Member Writing Contest Hottest Hotwife Experience 2020

This story was submitted by one of our members to the My Hottest Hotwife Experience! Erotic Writing Contest. SDC announced the winner of this contest on September 18th, 2020. Our editor made minor adjustments to this story for length and clarity.

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