Swinging and meeting acquaintances?

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What if we meet someone we know during swinging?

In thousands of emails we have received over the years, the number one fear about joining the swinging lifestyle is not contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD), it is the fear of meeting someone they know.

STD’s are rare in swinging, but they are out there.

Many people will meet a friend or two over the years at different swing clubs. We do remember a new member couple last year on our Valentines dance. They were at our club for their first lifestyle experience and were nervous of meeting someone they knew. As luck would have it on their first night out at a lifestyle club, they met their aunt and uncle at our club. Their aunt and uncle had been in the lifestyle for many years. It was a surprise for all concerned, but it went really well.

We have never seen any meeting between friends or family go bad. In fact the opposite is true. Most couples have a great deal of fun and opening up a new type of dialogue with their friends.

We have bumped into a few people we knew over the years and it is always fun. We certainly understand the fear, but your friends or family are in the lifestyle for the same reasons you are.