Condoms and swinging

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Using condoms

Condoms will not protect you against every STD or pregnancy in every situation. Some women are very allergic to a lot of sperm or latex. Some men have penises that are so small that no condom stays on them. Some men are unable to keep an erection while using a condom. Some women don’t like the feeling of the latex in their body.
Some couples will not have intercourse unless you use a condom. Some couples will not have oral sex without a condom or latex barrier. Some women will not be able to use any other form of contraception.

Many couples who have known other couples for a long time will have unprotected sex, but may ask you to put a condom on because you are a new partner to them. Usually we have seen that 50% of couples use condoms and 50% do not. Whatever your preference is, make sure BOTH of you as a couple agree on the same choice, if you’re not sure “play safe”. If you prefer condoms or don’t want to use them, at least be prepared to use them for other couples who ask for them! If you are not prepared to use condoms for another partner who asks for them, you must find another willing partner.

How to ask couples about safe sex

Swingers are not shy to talk about sex and safe sex is no different. It is important that you both discuss your safe sex practices before you go to a club. Suppose simply that you and your partner believe that the use of condoms is a must for couples of swingers lifestyle. Ask how they think about the subject. You will be surprised that many couples don’t agree on the subject when they are a new couple. All experienced couples will tell you whether they use condoms or not. If you have both made a commitment to use condoms, don’t break this commitment to people who hate your choice.

Safe sex is a personal choice, but if it concerns you and your partner, you have to agree before you participate in the swingers lifestyle. Many couples prefer not to use condoms because they enjoy the sensation of all natural skin and body fluids and for other reasons, including allergies to lubricants and some latex products, but will respect your choice over theirs if your choice is safer! Always be prepared with condoms. If you want to have safe sex and your new partner claims they forgot a condom, you are prepared. They always do their best to have a lot of condoms available for you at the various clubs, but we do ask you to bring your own condoms or donate extra condoms to our candy jars.

In the end it’s your decision to pack or not to pack!
It never hurts to play safely!

Maybe you feel crazy wearing one, but always respect the wishes of your partner and new partners!

If you prefer not to use condoms, don’t forget to clean up after different partners. If you can get pregnant and prefer not to use condoms, make sure that you only have sexual contact with men who have had a vasectomy and make sure that your partner has washed himself thoroughly after having been with another lady. If your male partner has just had sexual intercourse with another lady and this lady still carries some active sperm from a previous partner at the same party, it can pass through you to your partner’s penis if he hasn’t cleaned himself.

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