Fetish and SM

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Fetish including S&M

Some fetishes are very tame and others?
Most couples of swingers lifestyle we know have experimented with some form of light S&M. Some swingers do it for sexual pleasure, not for pain, but with most S&M it’s the pain you inflict. Many couples have imposed some form of pain on their partner, but it is important that it is at the right height, consensual, safe and voluntary. Never abuse your partner and stay within their limits.

Fetishes can include simple things like clothing, obsessions of body parts, pain and more. We will try to introduce some of the more general fetishes you may have heard or read during your life. Many people have toe fetishes, crossdressing, gangbangs, pain or humiliation to name but a few. Most fetishes refer to sexual arousal and enjoyment through the use of nonsexual objects, actions, or non-genderly anatomy.

Golden Shower or water sports!

You don’t see this every day!
But for some couples it is very erotic and gives a huge twist to their sex life.
Some people just like to be bothered. Others like to tell their friends at work that they had friends for the weekend and their friends just pissed on them all weekend. Even if you tell the truth, people won’t believe you!

Every couple we’ve ever known has experimented with something, oil, food, sex in the shower and so on. And millions of other people in the world are experimenting with drugs and sex with children.
It is one thing to let consenting adults do something to your body, but when you harm a child’s innocence, you should be locked up!

The pain factor

Some people get very excited in pain!
If they are stuck, submission to a new DOM is all the better in their opinion!
Many endorphins are released when pain is inflicted.

Are you looking at hidden cams?

Some Fetishes include Voyeurism.
Do you have spy cameras in your friends’ bedroom?
A lot of people get excited when they only watch others performing.
The sex industry on the Internet uses this form of sexual gratification.
Every swinger is to some extent a Voyeur, but swingers don’t appreciate it when couples go to swingers events to sit back and watch the show.

Fist Fucking is an erotic treat for some.
Some ladies love the extra pain and pleasure.
Make sure you first remove all jewelry and watches, otherwise it will be quite a search afterwards!

Fetish clothing

Most Fetishes are dressed up and dress up in something HOT!
Some outfits can be very revealing and others not, it all depends on what you wear.
Halloween is a great event for swingers to let their hair down and dress up.

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