Swingers and Polyamory

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Humans are very complex creatures. The swingers lifestyle includes many different levels of play and types of relationships, from swinging to exhibitionism and much more. Polyamory is a love relationship that can pass on many levels of the swingers lifestyle. Polyamorists can be male, female, bi, heterosexual, gay or swingers, exhibitionists, voyeurs, naturists etc.
Polyamory means “to love more than one”. This love is mainly emotional, not sexual, but this love can be sexual, emotional, spiritual or a combination thereof, depending on the desires and agreements of the individuals or groups involved.

“Polyamorous” is also used as a descriptive term for people who are open to more than one emotional relationship, even if they are not currently involved in more than one.

Polyamory in its most elementary sense is responsible, honest non-monogamy, as opposed to what society often calls ‘cheating’. In a polyamorous relationship, the partners involved know and agree with each other. The most important elements in most polyamorous relationships are: honesty, openness and a lot of communication.

Polyamorists believe that the addition of a new partner does not detract from the love given to the first partner, nor does it in any case imply that the first partner is in any way inadequate. Much time and effort is spent in a polyamorous relationship to ensure that all those involved are comfortable and safe and that all their needs are met.

Polyamory has a lot to do with your personal feelings and emotions. Most couples of swingers lifestyle have an emotional bond with their primary partner and experiment in the swingers lifestyle for the excitement of the game. A polyamorous person may or may not experiment with the swingers lifestyle, but is open to multiple emotional ties with more than one life partner. Because we are dealing with feelings and emotions, there are literally thousands of different combinations that can connect people in Polyamory.

A poly-flag of the internet.
A red stripe to represent love and passion: a purple stripe to represent the spiritual and visionary nature of poly people: a blue stripe to represent openness and honesty in poly relationships. A black circle to represent the unity of the poly people, and the “solidarity with those who, while being open and honest with all participants in their relationships, have to hide these relationships from the outside world because of social pressure”. A gold ring to represent the “marriage” between loving partners: the color gold that “represents the value that poly people place on emotional attachment for others, be relationship friendly or romantic in nature, as opposed to purely physical relationships. “In the center of the flag stands an infinite heart, to represent the infinite capacity for love in a lat relationship.

Polyamory is called the new relationship paradigm.
Many people question the ancient idea that love should be limited to one person. Is it possible to be successful with more than one person?
Many people ask this question, and some are pleasantly surprised to discover that it is feasible.

This is not to say that polyamory will work for everyone, but there are many people in the world who simply aren’t formed for a monogamous swingers lifestyle. The members of that small group of people are starting to reach out to each other and are looking for support, friendship and love. In the polyamorous community you will find a variety of people and relationships, all with one thing in common: an agreement that non-monogamy is natural and acceptable, if done in an open and honest way.

Are you polyamorous?
Well, we can’t answer that question for you, only you can, but perhaps as you continue your research and learn more about what polyamory means, how polyamory is applied and even communicate with other polyamorists, you will find that answer in yourself.

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