Swinging and Internet? Watch out!

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Sailing on the internet


The Internet has opened up the swingers lifestyle on a large scale in the last 5 years alone! Along with every new method of meeting couples, there are people you should pay attention to. Most problems on the internet have to do with lies or misinformation from another person or couple.

It’s great to meet a lot of new singles or couples on the internet, but take measures to swing safely! Meet new people in swingers-clubs/">swingers clubs or neutral locations like a restaurant or public space. Most couples who are banned from a lifestyle club will resort to meeting people through the net or adult friend locator etc. Predators will also use the net to lure unsuspecting people to their hidden agendas. If new playmates refuse to meet you in a lifestyle club, chances are they have been banished from the club or they have a hidden agenda to worry about.

We still have several banned couples and singles from our club who cause a lot of trouble and inconvenience to other couples. We have some of these couples here every month! We don’t publish the names of these banned couples, due to legal problems with our word against theirs etc, but we will help our members avoid these banned couples. If you are an active member of our club and attending our events, we will help you if you are not sure if you want to meet a new couple or a new partner. If you are considering meeting a new couple and don’t know them, we will notify you if they have been banned from our clubs. Most swingers-clubs/">swingers clubs offer this help to avoid dangerous situations, but only if you are a known member of their club. Some exiled couples are very aggressive or have orders against them to name but a few.

I only drink one beer a night!

What people tell you on the internet and what happens in real life can be a completely different matter. Meet people first if you want to meet people through the internet. Meet them in a social club and see their attitudes and ways first in a public place.

I have a very big dick!

I have a medium sized body, or I have a very big dick, or I can perform for a very long time. What people think or say about themselves can be true in their eyes, but completely different. Seeing people perform in a club is proof of what they look like and what equipment they really own and know how to work. Don’t be fooled by what people say online. Many married men try to turn themselves in as a single or with a consenting partner, which in reality can be their girlfriend, mistress or even an escort or a prostitute. Some people also send you pictures that are very old or not even themselves.

We have personally seen men in other clubs with prostitutes or escorts constantly watching the clock while their employer tries to find his way in other panties for the evening. Clubs do their best to keep this kind of couple out. It is very rare, but it does happen.

View the validations!

It’s very important to look at all the stories before you make a decision. Many people are very disappointed to discover that things were not as advertised on the net. Be honest with people on the internet. Take the time to feel comfortable and safe. Never jump into a situation at short notice, even if you are both horny little devils. Predators know that new couples like to try a sexual encounter as soon as possible. If a new couple is too excited to get together with them, take this as a warning! Couples with experienced swingers take the time to meet you and are willing to follow the pace of the slowest partner.

Always make sure you meet a new couple in a swingers-clubs/">swingers club or a public place, your safety is very important! Never meet a new couple in a hotel or motel before your first date, no matter what they tell you about privacy or people at a club or a public place may know them. There is always security in numbers.

Can’t come to the phone, I’m all tied up right now!

People are all different. Make sure you have the same interests in all levels of the sex game. There are a few people who like to tell lies to meet an unsuspecting partner or couple for their own gain.

If someone says they are a member of a certain club, don’t hesitate to check it out. There are even a few couples who are not members of our club and other couples tell that they are active members in our club. All information at clubs is kept strictly confidential, but if a couple misrepresents to be a member and you ask a club about the couple, most clubs will quickly let you know that the couple is not a member or that they have been excluded from the club, etc.

It is important that you join a swingers-clubs/">swingers club for useful tips and information like this. Your safety when swinging is very important to the owners of clubs and should be of the utmost importance to you. Some couples are very aggressive and don’t know how to take no for an answer, or they are more interested in SM than real swinging. Take your time and date safely! Joining the good reputation of a lifestyle club will come with the privileges to protect you from predators and forbidden couples to name but a few.

If you don’t know a couple very well and they ask you to get together quickly or if they seem pushy to get things going A.S.A.P., don’t take them up on this invitation! Couples that are well adapted to the lifestyle and that many other couples like will never have a reason to push you and your partner, they will be comfortable and give you all the time you need. Trust your feelings, if something doesn’t feel right, SINGLE NO! Remember, you don’t have to give a reason. It’s actually rude to ask this question in the lifestyle. If a couple asks you why, they’ve just let you know they’re very new to the lifestyle or an intrusive couple.

On-Line Clubs can be fun or dangerous!

There are many online clubs that advertise as swingers or lifestyle clubs. Many of them are very legitimate and help curious couples to meet each other and talk about lifestyle online. However, many singles find this an excellent way to meet a group of singles and couples at private parties organized by them.

Singles have a hard time getting into lifestyle clubs at their best. The majority of these singles are men who can’t find a willing female partner to swing with or cheat on their married partner.

Some of these single men try to start swinger clubs for couples and certain singles. They will seriously advertise that they are really interested in helping couples get together, but at the same time help secure their own agenda to become sexually active in the mix of things.

If you go to a pizza restaurant, you hope the owner can cook pizza! When attending a swingers club, your comfort level and enjoyment will be best served by a person or couple who have a lot of first-hand experience in the lifestyle. Most people like to try a restaurant when it is referred by other customers or friends. Don’t be shy to do your own research and get referrals before going to a new club or private party. Experienced singles or couples will have numerous references to give you. If you are unsure of a new club, or if the club owner(s) appear to be intrusive, DO NOT!

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