The swingers age gap

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Approach The Swingers Age Gap

We hope that by reading this section on the Age Gap, that your concept and preconceived ideas about swinging with couples your own age will be broadened a little. Too many new couples put restrictions on themselves about matching up with a couple that are the same age as themselves. You will discover over time that age is not a critical factor in swinging. There are limits of course, you must still feel comfortable.
Looking for sex with couples your own age? How would you feel if the age gap was 5 years, maybe 10 years or even 20 years? How would you feel having sex with couples your own age, but a couple beside you were the same ages as your kids? Many new couples to the lifestyle are very focused on finding a couple their own age and would feel very uncomfortable seeing much younger couples or much older couples playing in the same room.
Many couples feel comfortable playing with a younger male or female, but many younger couples would feel uncomfortable playing with someone much older. Couples who are very open and sexually experimental in swinging find that age is not a critical factor in sexual relations, but attitude and sex appeal are! Some people prefer older men and women for maturity and sexual play. Some people prefer a much younger man or woman for excitement or virility.
Some younger swingers will only play at clubs specializing in younger couples, similarly, older couples do the same with their choice in clubs. We have been with new partners or couples that are much younger and older than ourselves. In each case, their was something that attracted an interaction and sexual play with that person or couple. You have to admit that there are some couples your own age you would not give the time of day to. If you feel a sexual attraction to an individual because of looks, attitude, deportment, sex appeal or just gut feeling that it is erotic and sexy, trust your feelings and experiment. Remember that the feeling must be mutual from both new partners, regardless of age. You will get a feeling or signs that someone likes or wants your horny body, if the feeling is mutual, let them know!
Many ladies that have given child birth are very sensitive to the idea of young couples playing in the lifestyle. With children at home, many ladies feel that playing in the lifestyle is out of place or childish. Remember that the swinging lifestyle is not for everyone and some people discuss the subject for years before taking the first steps into it. Never rush into anything you are not sure of or feel uncomfortable about.
We are seeing more and more couples joining the lifestyle that have many years difference between each other. Lifestyle couples are very accepting of age differences between couples. Many relationships today have age differences of 10, 20 or more years between partners. Sometimes these couples feel uncomfortable at their work office parties or get togethers with family, because too many people are quick to judge them. In the swinging lifestyle, these differences between couples are celebrated, not frowned upon. If you and your partner have a big difference in age, you will truly enjoy how open the lifestyle will be with both of you.
When you see an add for sexy couple, early 30’s looking for the same. These couples don’t realize that some couples in their 20’s or 35 plus might not answer the add. If you do place adds, which we do not recommend, at least keep open the idea of playing with couples within a wider age group. You will be very surprised how many younger and older couples find that age is not the most important factor in matching up with a new couple for sexual play. Couples who are in search of the perfect match, will be looking for a long, long time. It is very hard in life to find two people who match well with each other, try and find four that match!

Do you truly want to know their age?
Or are you willing to play sexually with any one of them?

We have hundreds of couples in our club and they range in age from 20-61 years old. We have a number couples who have a difference of 10-20 years between their partner. The majority of our members are between 30 and 45 years old. Young couples who feel uncomfortable in the same room with couples in their fifties, or older couples who feel uncomfortable with young couples in their twenties are actually turned down for membership in our club. You must be 18 years or older to join our club and most swing clubs for that matter, but apart from this requirement, age is not a factor for accepting or rejecting a member couple for membership in our club. If you have a hang up or prejudice about the age of our members, you will be turned down for membership in our club.
Our member couples will only play with a partner or couple they feel sexy and attracted to, but have no hang ups or prejudice with age. Many of our couples prefer in matching up with someone who is close to their own age, but you will never see couples asking someone they are attracted to, if they are 33 or 38. We see many couples in their late forties, who look like they are in their early thirties!
When you put many horny couples in the same room together, sexual attraction is the driving force between couples matching up, not their age. Most of our couples just match up with a partner that they find sexually attractive. Many couples will match up with two different partners from two different couples and go play in one of the bedrooms as a foursome. We never recommend that couples find a matching couple! This is one of the hardest things to do in swinging. We only recommend that each partner find a matching partner and go play in foursomes. Over the course of the evening, couples will match up with one or many different partners and you will find that some of your partners were actually a couple. This is your opportunity to get the couples names and info for future get togethers.

Which one is older?
Would you believe this is mother & daughter!
Would you say no to either one if they wanted to play with you?


The hardest transition for most couples with regards to age is in the early 20’s or the late 50’s if you are new to swinging. Both of these groups of couples feel more comfortable with people close to their own age. The biggest problem, is that these are the two smallest groups of couples in many swing clubs, unless the club is located in a heavily populated city. The couples who feel the most comfortable are in the ages of 35-45. This comfort level has a great deal to do with the ability to meet and play with other couples plus or minus 10-15 years different and still feel very comfortable. The 35-45 year old swinger is the largest group of swingers in the CCC and is the most common age of entry into swinging for most couples who have been married for a number of years and want to explore their sexuality with other couples.
Many younger and older couples tell us the same thing, where are all the other couples our age. Since couples in their early 20’s and late 50’s are the lowest number of club members, you must assume that you will not see larger numbers in your age group unless you help co-ordinate these members in attending with you. As directors of the club, there is only so much that we can do on our end, but with your help in encouraging other couples your age to attend at the same time you are attending can greatly help the turnout in your age group.
In time and with experience in the swinging lifestyle, you will feel much more comfortable about age and you will focus on playing with partners that turn you on and get you hot. There are always limits, as some older people will remind you of your parents or younger couples can remind you of your children.
There is no set pattern or mold when it comes to the average swinger, because there is no such thing as an average swinger. This is what makes swinging so much fun! All of us are different and our sexual appetite is different and every couple progresses at different rates and comfort levels. Some young couples in their early 20’s can have as much experience and comfort with swinging as someone in their mid forties who has been swinging for 20 years. Maturity also comes in different ages, unfortunately so does immaturity.
We do our best to make new couples in every age group feel at home and help introduce new couples to other members that are into the same sexual interests first. A young couple who has an interest in full intercourse with other couples is not going to feel too comfortable being introduced to another couple who only has an interest in voyeurism. This does help avoid clicks, because we help all couples meet members with similar interests as well as introducing and encouraging people to meet all members at every function. All of our members are very sensitive to the feelings of new couples and we work very hard to make you feel part of our family very quickly. Let’s face it, we are all sharing some of our most intimate sexual fantasies and getting very intimate with new playmates who are playing with all of our sexual parts in front of other people. We are a real swingers-clubs/">swingers club and if you have little or no sexual interest in watching, showing off or playing with other sexually active couples, you are in the wrong club. You will see bowlers in a bowling alley, so don’t get upset if you see sexually active people at a swingers club. We have been to a number of clubs and overheard upset people telling the owners that they did not know their would be nude people or people playing sexually in the swing club. People will probably let you play with their balls at a swing club if you ask nicely.